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Period; Service - RCA Lyra2 RD 2209 User Manual

Rca mp3 player user's guide
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Limited Warranty (For US)
Only ship the defective portion of your
Player. In all cases retain the compact flash-
card. TCE will not be responsible for any
software you have returned with your prod-
uct and there is a good chance it will not be
returned to you.
Option II:
* Write the RA number on the outside of
the carton used to return the unit. Make
sure you insure your shipment in case of
damage or loss.
* Carefully pack the unit using the original
box and packing material if possible. Please
retain all non-defective accessories that were
included with your unit such as the head-
phones. Under no circumstances return the
compact flashcard. TCE will not be responsi-
ble for lost software.
*Include with the shipment:
1. Evidence of purchase date such as a bill of
2. A brief note describing your Player prob-
3 Your name, address and phone number.
* After we receive your product, a new, or
at our option, refurbished unit will be
shipped to you.
What your warranty does not
* Acts of nature, such as but not limited to
lightning damage.
* Adjustment of customer controls.
* Damage from misuse or neglect.
* A unit that has been modified or incor-
porated into other products or is used
for institutional or other commercial pur-
* Batteries.
* Units purchased, serviced or operated
outside the U.S.A.
* Loss of software, programming.
* Installation.
*Shipping damage if the unit was not
packed and shipped in the manner pre-
scribed by Thomson.
Product Registration:
* Please complete and mail the Product
Registration Card packed with your
Player. It will make it easier to contact
you should it ever be necessary. The
return of the card is not required for
warranty coverage.
How state law relates to
* This warranty gives you specific legal
rights and you may have other rights
that vary from state to state.
If you purchased your product
outside the United States:
*This warranty does not apply. See your
dealer for warranty information.
Limited Warranty (For Canada)
Thomson Consumer Electronics Canada, Inc. warrants to the purchaser or gift recipient
that if any manufacturing defect becomes apparent in this product within 1 year from
the original date of purchase, it will be replaced free of charge, including return trans-
This warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accidents, misuse or
leaking batteries.
Should your product not perform properly during the warranty period, either:
1. Return it to the selling dealer with proof of purchase for replacement,
2. Remove the batteries (where applicable), and pack product complete with accessories
in the original carton (or equivalent).
— Mail prepaid (with proof of purchase) and insured to:
Thomson multimedia Ltd.
6200 Edwards Blvd.,
Mississauga, Ontario,
L5T 2V7
The provisions of this written warranty are in addition to and not a modification of or
subtraction from the statutory warranties and other rights and remedies contained in any
applicable legislation, and to the extent that any such provisions purport to disclaim,
exclude or limit any such statutory warranties and other rights and remedies, such
provisions shall be deemed to be amended to the extent necessary to comply therewith.
If you are unable to find a qualified servicer for out of warranty service, you may write
Thomson Multimedia Inc.
P.O. Box 0944
Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A., 46206-0944
Attach your sales receipt to this booklet for future reference. This information is required
if service is needed during the warranty period.



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