RCA CTM-980723-KS5 User Manual

RCA CTM-980723-KS5 User Manual

Digital audio player


Digital Audio
User's Guide
Changing Entertainment. Again.
It is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the first time.


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  • Page 1 H100/H104/H106 H116/HC100/HC106 Digital Audio Player User’s Guide Changing Entertainment. Again. www.rca.com It is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the first time.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Table of Contents ... 2 Important Information ... 4 End User License Agreement ... 6 Before You Begin ... 8 Unpacking Your Unit ... 8 Things to consider before you get started..9 Computer System Requirements ... 9 Secure Music Download Requirements ...
  • Page 3 My Selections ... 28 Adding Items to My Selections ... 28 Playing My Selections ... 28 Clearing My Selections ... 29 Player’s Menus ... 30 Accessing the Player’s Menus ... 30 Navigation and Selections ... 30 Shuffle ... 31 Repeat ... 31 DSP ...
  • Page 4: Important Information

    DC : 3.7 V Li-polymer battery (built -in) Importer Comercializadora Thomson de México, S.A. de C.V. Álvaro Obregón No. 151. Piso 13. Col. Roma. Delegación Cuauhtémoc C.P. 06700. México, D.F. Telefono: 52-55-11-020360 RFC: CTM-980723-KS5 H100 Equipment tested for compliance as a complete unit H116 Equipment tested for...
  • Page 5 FCC Regulations state that unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment may void the user’s authority to operate it. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION INFORMATION This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of FCC Rules.
  • Page 6: End User License Agreement

    End User License Agreement End User License Agreement IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY: This End User License Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you and Thomson Inc. (“Thomson”) for the RCA Player, Device application/driver software program and associated documentation, if any (“Program”). ACKNOWLEDGMENT...
  • Page 7: Governing Law

    RESULTS, AND FOR THE INSTALLATION, USE, AND RESULTS OBTAINED. WINDOWS MEDIA This version of the RCA Player (the Player) contains software licensed from Microsoft that enables you to play Windows Media Audio (WMA) files (“WMA Software”).The WMA Software is licensed to you for use with the RCA/THOMSON Portable Audio Device digital music player under the following conditions.
  • Page 8: Before You Begin

    USB port. Go to page 13 for connection details. Headphones Explore a world of accessories! Jump on the Internet and go to www.rca.com to discover the additional accessories that are available for your player. Illustrations contained within this publication are for representation only and subject to change.
  • Page 9: Things To Consider Before You Get Started

    Things to consider before you get started... Computer System Requirements • Pentium III 500MHz or higher recommended, running Windows ® 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP SP1 (SP= Service Pack). • Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher • Internet access (broadband recommended) •...
  • Page 10: Caution

    Back up your data As with any portable device that has a hard drive, you must back up the drive regularly. RCA and Thomson are not responsible for lost data. Product Registration Please fill out the product registration card and return it immediately. Returning this card...
  • Page 11: Software Setup

    The Music Management CD that comes with your player contains all of the necessary software components you need to make your player work properly. These components do the following: • enable you to transfer files from your computer to your player •...
  • Page 12: Auto Updater

    Software Setup Auto Updater To keep your player up to date with the latest software available for your device you can use the Auto Updater application that was installed during the software installation. To update your device, double-click on the icon in the taskbar while your device is connected to your computer.
  • Page 13: Connecting To The Computer

    Connecting the Player to the Computer Connect the digital audio player to your computer with the mini USB cable provided. The unit will turn on automatically. The player will appear as a removable drive (Windows 98SE, ME and 2000) or a Windows portable device (Windows XP) using the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP).
  • Page 14: Charging The Battery

    Connecting to the Computer Charging the Battery Your RCA digital audio player is charged through the USB connection when it is connected to your computer. To fully charge the player, make sure your computer is on and the device is connected for at least 3 hours.
  • Page 15: Transferring Files To The Player

    Transferring Files to the Player You may select one of the methods to transfer music contents to your player: 1) Yahoo! Music Engine, 2) Windows Media Player and 3) drag-and-drop via Windows Explorer. For method 1 and 2, you first need to have successfully installed the software packages included in the Music Management CD (refer to “Inserting the Included CD-ROM into CD- ROM Drive).
  • Page 16: Transferring Files Via Yahoo! Music Engine (Windows Xp Only)

    Transferring Files to the Player Transferring Files via Yahoo! Music Engine (Windows XP only) Yahoo! Music Engine lets you manage your music easily and organize like a pro. Create your own playlists: music for work, the gym, or even dinner. You can also buy download music and transfer to your player in seconds.
  • Page 17: Yahoo! Music Unlimited: Supercharge The Engine

    Yahoo! Music Unlimited: Supercharge the Engine Yahoo! Music Unlimited is a subscription service with access to over 1 million songs, plus much more. For a low monthly price, you can: • add any of those million songs to your personal music library to listen, •...
  • Page 18: Transferring Files Via Windows Media Player 9

    Transferring Files to the Player Transferring Files via Windows Media Player 9 If you want to take your music collection with you, you can easily transfer items from your library to your portable device. For complete details, see related topic in the Windows Media Player 9 help documentation.
  • Page 19: Transferring Files Via Windows Explorer (Drag-And-Drop)

    Transferring Files via Windows Explorer (Drag and Drop) (Windows XP only) In the Windows Explorer, when the device is opened, the “Data” and “Media” views will be displayed for the device. The Data View is used to manage data content on the device, such as text files. The Media View is used to manage media content supported by the device for playback, such as mp3 and wma.
  • Page 20: Disconnecting Your Player From The Computer

    Transferring Files to the Player Disconnecting Your Player from the Computer Note: Before disconnecting the USB cable from the computer or the player, be sure the “Safe to Remove Hardware” message is displayed. Tip: You can also stop your player by left clicking on the tray and selecting the drive corresponding to your player.
  • Page 21: General Controls

    Before You Begin The following example illustrates what you should do before operating your player. These instructions presume you’ve already done the followings: • Installed all necessary applications. • Transferred music from your computer to the player. • Allowed your device to charge for at least 3 hours while connected to the computer.
  • Page 22: Overview Of The General Controls

    General Controls Overview of General Controls Front view Front View The display Navigation control / Volume control - During menu navigation, rotate clockwise to select next option or anti-clockwise to select previous option. During playback, rotate clockwise to increase or anti-clockwise to decrease the volume. Backward - a) During menu navigation, press to go back one level.
  • Page 23: Top View

    Top View USB connector - Attach the small end (Type mini-B) of the mini-USB cable here. Attach the large end (Type A) to your computer’s USB port. The player will enter USB mode automatically, and you can transfer files to and from the computer. The player’s battery will also be charged when connected to the computer.
  • Page 24: Navigation Display

    General Controls Navigation Display Indicates whether the device is playing or paused. Indicates the shuffle mode. Indicates the repeat mode. Indicates that the key lock function is activated. Indicates the battery level of the unit. When charging, the icon will animate. Indicates that the item can be entered by pressing...
  • Page 25: Music / Audible Playback Display

    Music / Audible Playback Display Current file number / total number of file Song name Singer name Album name Genre type Elapsed playback time Indicates whether the device is playing or paused. Indicates the shuffle function is activated. Indicates the repeat function is activated.
  • Page 26: The Navigation Menus

    General Controls The Navigation Menus Music files are sorted according to several parameters for quick search of your favourite music. Once your player is turned on, you will see the file menus as below: Music Audiobooks MySelections Selecting What You Want to Play The following example illustrates steps to select and play songs in the Artists category.
  • Page 27 Artists Artist 1 Artist 2 Artist 3 Artist 4 Artist 5 Albums Album 1 Album 2 Album 3 Album 4 Album 5 Album 1 Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 Song 4 Song 5 Tips: the item that you can select for playback does not limit to a single file, you may select an artist, an album, a playlist or a folder and then press playback of all files within your selected item.
  • Page 28: My Selections

    My Selections Adding Items to My Selections You can select your favorite songs, albums, artists as MySelections. Album 1 Song1 Song 2 Added to My Sel Song 3 Song 4 Song 5 Playing My Selections Music Audiobooks My Selections • Highlight the desired song, artist, album, folder etc.
  • Page 29: Clearing My Selections

    Clearing My Selections Music Audiobooks My Selections Menu Clear Playlist Shuffle Repeat My Selections In the navigation menu, select “My Selections” and then press m. “Clear Playlist” is already selected, press to confirm deletion.
  • Page 30: Player's Menus

    Player’s Menus Accessing the Player’s Menus Press m in any mode to access the player’s menu. Note: during playback m has to be pressed twice to display the player’s menu. Player’s menus Navigation and Selection Player’s Menu items To scroll up or down and highlight items on the screen, rotate the navigation control. To enter and view the submenu, press To go back to the previous menu level, press Press...
  • Page 31: Shuffle

    Shuffle Press repeatedly to select shuffle on or off. Files will be played randomly when shuffle is activated. Repeat Press repeatedly to select a repeat mode. Repeat One - Repeat the current item Repeat All - Repeat all items. Repeat Off - Repeat is Off. Note: Repeat and shuffle will work differently, depending your cursor is on a song or a set (albums, genres, etc.).
  • Page 32: Settings

    Player’s Menus Settings Press to enter the Settings menu and rotate the navigation control to select an item. Refer to the player for options available within each item. Press settings. Customize Menu: to customize the music menu to show and hide certain menu items.
  • Page 33: Additional Information

    Format your unit by right-clicking on the drive letter or icon of your device and select FORMAT. • Please go to http://www.rca.com/digitalaudiodownloads for more details. Problem: Player does not respond to key presses. • If your player stops responding to key presses, you can reset it by pressing ON/OFF for more than 10 seconds.
  • Page 34: Check For Updates

    You have filled the capacity of the internal hard disc drive • You have exceeded the maximum number of items that this device supports. Your RCA player can only support up to 2000 files and folders on the device” What are MTP and MSC modes? •...
  • Page 35: Specifications

    Specifications Hardware • Dimensions: 92 mm H, 52 mm W, 16 mm D • Unit Weight: 75 g • Stereo Headphones Jack • Mini USB Connection Jack • Battery Operated: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Hard Drive • External Hard Drive: When connected to a computer via USB, the player is capable of storing any file type allowing the user a fast, convenient method of storing, retrieving, and transferring files.
  • Page 36: Limited Warranty (U.s.)

    Your serial number is located on the back of the unit. How you get service: • Contact us on the Internet at www.rca.com and have your unit’s date of purchase and model/serial number ready. The model/serial number information is on your unit.
  • Page 37 • Write the SR number on the outside of the carton used to return the unit. Make sure you insure your shipment in case of damage or loss. • Carefully pack the unit using the original box and packing material if possible. Please retain all non-defective accessories that were included with your unit such as the headphones.
  • Page 39: Limited Warranty (Canada)

    Limited Warranty (Canada) Thomson multimedia Ltd. warrants to the purchaser or gift recipient that if any manufacturing defect becomes apparent in this product within 1 year from the original date of purchase, it will be replaced free of charge, including return transportation. This warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accidents, misuse or leaking batteries.
  • Page 40 Additional Information visit us at www.rca.com Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. EXPORTER Thomson Inc. Importador P.O. Box 1976 Comercializadora Thomson de México, S.A.

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