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Water Connection; Temperature Mixing Device (Not Supplied With The Appliance); Gas Connection; Altitude Of Installation Site - Bosch Optiflow GWH16 3 CT E23 F6 L S2405 Installation Manual

Gas continuous flow water heaters
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12 | Installation (only by authorised technicians)
▶ Never support or balance the water
heater on the water and gas
Packaging materials can be recycled.
Fixing the appliance to the wall
Before fixing the appliance to the wall,
ensure that the water and gas connections
can be installed in this area.
Fire protection for the installation surface is not required with
this appliance. The wall has to be capable of supporting the
weight of the appliance.
▶ Mark the position of the fixing holes.
1 2 0
Fig. 6
▶ Drill holes to match the selected wall fixings (Ø 13 mm
▶ Fix the appliance to the wall using appropriate fixings (not
The top bracket must be used when fixing the
appliance to the wall. For extra stability the
appliance can also be fixed at the bottom
6 720 817 545 (2016/02)

Water connection

▶ Identify the cold and hot water pipe to avoid possible cross
▶ Install a pressure reducing valve if required. It's preferable
to install this valve close to the water meter.
▶ Complete the cold (fig. 2. [9]) and hot (fig. 2, [8])
water connections.
Only for 50 °C preset appliances - The hot water line must
have a minimum length of 2 meters with a ½ " pipe.
4.4.1 Temperature mixing device (not supplied with the
This water heater can heat water to
temperatures which cause scalding.
Only for 55 °C preset appliances - It is recommended that for
sanitary fixtures use primarily for the purpose of personal
hygiene, that a temperature control device be fitted (such as a
tempering valve) as per AS3498.

Gas connection

Non-compliance with applicable legal
standards may cause, material damage,
personal injury, or even death.
The gas connection to the water heater must comply with AS/
▶ First ensure that the water heater corresponds to the gas
type available.
▶ Fit a gas isolation valve on the gas supply line as close as
possible to the appliance.
▶ After installation of the gas supply line, thorough purging
and tightness test must be carried out.
Size gas supply as per AS/NZS5601.
Incorrect gas pipe sizing will not be covered
by the warranty.

Altitude of installation site

To ensure correct operation of the appliance at altitudes above
500m, the altitude setting must be adjusted.
▶ Enter the Service function (section 5.2).
Display will show "P2".
▶ Press
until the display shows "P4".
▶ Press the button
Display will show "E".



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