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Regulations; Installation (Only By Authorised Technicians); Choice Of Installation Site; 4.1.1 Regulations Concerning The Installation Site - Bosch Optiflow GWH16 3 CT E23 F6 L S2405 Installation Manual

Gas continuous flow water heaters
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10 | Regulations

Any local by-laws and regulations pertaining to installation and
use of gas-fired appliances must be observed.
This appliance must be installed in accordance with the
manufacturers installation instructions, AS/NZS5601 and all
Local Building & Gas fitting regulations
It is recommended that sanitary fixtures used for the purpose
of personal hygiene have a temperature limiting device such as
a tempering valve be fitted as per AS3498.
This appliance must not be installed indoors or in an enclosed
space as per AS/NZS5601.
Installation (only by authorised
This appliance must not be installed indoors.
DANGER: Explosion!
▶ Always shut off the gas valve before
carrying out work on gas pipes.
The appliance installation, electrical
connection, gas connection, and the initial
start-up, are operations to be carried out by
authorised technicians only.
▶ The temperature of the incoming water
of the appliance must not exceed 80 °C.
▶ If the incoming water temperature
exceeds 80 °C, fit a 3-way or
thermostatic valve adjusted to less than
80 °C (solar transfer valve).
▶ In the case of a thermal solar system,
(see Fig. 4), ensure that the installation
has an expansion vessel or valve.
Installation in marine environments can lead
to premature corrosion. Premature
corrosion due to the installation environment
would not be covered by warranty.
6 720 817 545 (2016/02)
Not suitable for pool or spa pool applications.
WARNING: Scalding!
Only for 55 °C preset appliances - This
appliance can deliver water exceeding
50 °C.
▶ Please refer to AS/NZS 3500.4 local
requirements and installation
instructions for additional temperature
control requirements.
Thermal solar system (thermosiphon)
Fig. 4
Thermal solar system
[1] Pre heated water line
[2] Incoming water
[3] Thermostatic valve
[4] Expansion tank or valve
[5] Pressure relief valve
[6] Hot water line

Choice of installation site

4.1.1 Regulations concerning the installation site

▶ Install the appliance outdoors. The top of the unit should be
positioned at less than 1800mm from the ground (the
bottom should remain at more than 300mm).
▶ The water heater may not be installed over a heat source.
▶ Comply with the minimum installation clearances indicated
in Fig. 5 and Table 6.
▶ Ensure there is an external weatherproof powerpoint in the
area and it is easily accessible after the installation of the
water heater.
Location of the appliance
The air intake of this appliance is located on the rear of the



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