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Bosch Optiflow GWH16 3 CT E23 F6 L S2405 Installation Manual page 4

Gas continuous flow water heaters
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4 | Key to symbols and safety instructions
All local by-laws and regulations pertaining to installation and
use of gas appliances must be observed.
This appliance must be installed in accordance with the
manufacturers installation instructions, AS/NZS5601, AS/
NZS3500, and all Local Building & Gas fitting regulations.
This appliance must not be installed indoors or in an enclosed
space. This appliance is approved for outdoor installation only.
Do not install this appliance with any modification or alteration.
Failure to install this appliance in accordance with these
installation instructions will void the warranty and may create
an unsafe situation.
This appliance must not be installed indoors
or in an enclosed space in accordance with
DANGER: Explosion Risk!
▶ Always turn off the gas valve before
carrying out any work on components
which carry gas.
DANGER: Appliance malfunction!
This appliance must be installed with no
obstructions to air entry openings.
▶ Periodic checking of openings to ensure
no blockage or obstruction from plants,
debris or insects must be carried out.
The installation of gas, water, and electrical
supply, and the initial startup are to be
performed by an authorised person.
Not suitable for pool or spa pool applications.
Not suitable for commercial boosting of
warm water recirculation systems.
Installation in marine environments can lead
to premature corrosion. Premature corrosion
due to the installation environment would not
be covered by warranty.
6 720 817 545 (2016/02)
All gas appliances require adequate air intake
to ensure correct combustion. Insects and
dirt ingress may affect combustion causing
sooting. If you notice sooting from the flue
outlet the unit would require servicing. Pest
and dirt ingress is not covered by the
manufacturers warranty.
Important information
▶ Determine the most appropriate location for the appliance.
Install only on an external wall as close as possible to the
most frequently used hot water outlet.
▶ Ensure the mounting structure is capable of supporting the
weight of the appliance once installed. Secure the
appliance to the wall using fixings suitable for the weight of
the appliance and the wall material.
▶ Install gas and water isolation valves as close as possible to
the appliance. Only use a gate valve or full flow ball valve
(fixed mechanism type) for cold water.
▶ Check the cold water supply pressure to ensure it meets
the required supply pressure for the appliance. (see
table 5, page 9).
▶ If inlet water pressure exceeds 800 kPa a pressure limiting
valve (500 kPa) MUST be fitted. The preferable location for
the pressure limiting valve is at the water meter.
▶ Where the pressure limiting valve is less than 3 metres from
the hot water unit, it must be fitted in conjunction with a
cold water expansion valve (700 kPa), between the water
heater and the pressure limiting valve.
▶ Failure to comply with this requirement may void the
▶ Refer to AS/NZS5601 for the relevant gas pipe sizing.
▶ After finishing the gas piping system, the pipes must be
thoroughly purged and leak tested. This test must be
performed with the gas isolation valve of the appliance
▶ Ensure the gas pressure and flow through the regulator are
appropriate for the consumption of the heater (see table 5,
page 9). Refer to AS/NZS5601.1 for the relevant pipe size.
Note: Incorrect pipe sizing or gas supply pressure may cause
the appliance to under perform. Service calls for incorrect pipe
sizing and/or gas pressure, will NOT be covered under
Safety of electrical appliances for domestic use and similar
The following requirements apply in accordance with AS/
NZS60335 in order to prevent hazards from occurring when
using electrical appliances:



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