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RCA 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker Package Owner's Manual

6-piece home theater speaker package


owner's manual
6-Piece Home Theater

Speaker Package


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Summary of Contents for RCA 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker Package

  • Page 1: Speaker Package

    owner’s manual 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker Package...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Features ... 2 Important Safety Instructions ... 3 Speaker Placement ... 6 Center Channel Speaker ... 6 Main Front Speakers ... 6 Rear Channel Surround Speakers ... 7 Powered Subwoofer ... 7 Connections ... 8 Connecting the Speakers to an Amplifier/Receiver ... 8 Connecting the Subwoofer to an Amplifier/Receiver ...
  • Page 3: Features

    Center Channel Speaker Rear Speaker Main Front Speakers Your RCA 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker Package is specially designed to give you great sound quality for the ultimate home theater experience. It includes two main (front) speakers, a center channel speaker, two rear channel surround speakers, and a 100-watt powered subwoofer.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Careful attention is devoted to quality standards in the manufacture of your product, and safety is a major factor in its design. However, safety is also your responsibility. This section lists important information that will help you properly use and enjoy your product.
  • Page 5 P P P P o o o o w w w w e e e e r r r r S S S S o o o o u u u u r r r r ce ce ce ces s s s — Operate this product using only the power source indicated on its marking label.
  • Page 6: Replacement Parts

    R R R R e e e e p p p p l l l l ace acem m m m e e e e n n n n t t t t P P P P a a a a r r r r t t t t s s s s — When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician uses replacement parts specified by the manufacturer or having the same...
  • Page 7: Speaker Placement

    SPEAKER PLACEMENT Where and how you position your speakers has a great effect on the overall sound of your surround sound system. Cautions: • Keep the speakers away from heat sources such as radiators, stoves, or other appliances. • Place your subwoofer at least 2–3 feet away from your television or your computer's disk drive system so the speaker's magnet won't distort your TV...
  • Page 8: Rear Channel Surround Speakers

    You can either place the front speakers on a hard surface or mount them to the wall. When mounting the speakers to the wall, you can change the sound direction by using the supplied attached bracket as shown (screws not supplied). You can also mount the speakers using an optional mount bracket available at your local RadioShack store.
  • Page 9: Connections

    CONNECTIONS CONNECTING THE SPEAKERS TO AN AMPLIFIER/RECEIVER Notes: • You can use an amplifier/receiver with an output power rating higher than that of the speaker system, but take care never to exceed the speaker system's maximum power rating (see “Specifications” on Page 14) •...
  • Page 10: Connecting The Subwoofer To An Amplifier/Receiver

    Your amplifier/receiver's line out jacks might be labeled either REC OUT or PRE OUT. In that case, connect the subwoofer's LINE LEVEL INPUT with phono (RCA) cables (not supplied). If your amplifier/receiver has “STEREO OUT” for subwoofer, connect with dual-to-single (RCA) cable (not supplied). Center Speaker...
  • Page 11: Connecting The Subwoofer To The High Level Input Terminals

    Connecting the Subwoofer to the HIGH LEVEL INPUT Terminals Right Front Speaker Right Rear Speaker If your amplifier/receiver has a speaker output terminal for the subwoofer, you can connect the amplifier/receiver's speaker output terminals to the subwoofer's terminals. Be sure to connect the amplifier/receiver's positive (+) terminals to the subwoofer's positive terminals, and the amplifier/receiver's negative (–) terminals to the subwoofer's negative terminals.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Subwoofer To Power

    • You can connect your subwoofer to your television if your television has line out jacks. Simply connect the jack to the television's LEVEL INPUT line out terminal with phono (RCA) cable. CONNECTING THE SUBWOOFER TO POWER Route the subwoofer's power cord so it is...
  • Page 13: Subwoofer Operation

    SUBWOOFER OPERATION AUTOMATIC ON/OFF Your subwoofer turns on and off automatically. It automatically turns on when it receives signals from your amplifier/ receiver, and its indicator lights green. Your subwoofer automatically turns off if it does not receive a signal for about 15 minutes, and its indicator lights red.
  • Page 14: Replacing The Fuse

    TROUBLESHOOTING REPLACING THE FUSE If your subwoofer stops operating properly, you might need to replace its fuse. It requires a slow operating type, 2 A/250 V fuse, available at your local RadioShack store. C C C C a a a a u u u u t t t t i i i i o o o o n n n n : : : : •...
  • Page 15: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS M M M M A A A A I I I I N N N N F F F F R R R R O O O O N N N N T T T T S S S S P P P P E E E E A A A A K K K K E E E E R R R R S S S S Speaker Complement Woofer: ...
  • Page 16 R R R R E E E E A A A A R R R R C C C C H H H H A A A A NN NNE E E E L L L L S S S S U U U U R R R R R R R R O O O O U U U U N N N N D D D D S S S S P P P P E E E E A A A A K K K K E E E E R R R R S S S S Speaker Complement Woofer: ...
  • Page 17 Limited Warranty This product is warranted by RadioShack against manufacturing defects in material and workman- ship. The amplified subwoofer is warranted under normal use for one (1) year, and the center, front and rear speakers are warranted under normal use for five (5) years, from the date of purchase from RadioShack company-owned stores and authorized RadioShack franchisees and dealers.

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