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Rca dishwasher use and care manual
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Good Dishwashing Starts with HOT Water
To get dishes clean and dry, you need hot water. For good washing and
drying, the entering water must be at least 120°F. To prevent dish damage,
inlet water should not exceed 150°F.
How to Test Water Temperature
Check your water temperature with a candy or meat
thermometer. Turn on the hot water faucet nearest
the dishwasher. Put the thermometer in a glass and
let the water run continuously into the glass until the
temperature stops rising. If the water temperature is
below 120°F., adjust your water heater.
How to Use a Rinse Agent
The rinse agent makes water flow off dishes
quicker than usual. This lessens water spotting
and makes drying faster, too.
For best dishwashing performance, use of a rinse
agent such as JET-DRY brand is recommended.
Rinse agents come in either liquid or solid form.
Your dishwasher uses the liquid form.
How to fill the rinse agent dispenser.
Unscrew the cap.
Add liquid rinse agent
until it just reaches the
bottom of lip inside the
dispenser opening.
Replace cap. The
dispenser automatically
releases rinse agent into
final rinse water.
You may check to see if you need to add rinse agent by
removing the fill cap and looking into the container.
Helpful hints: If outside temperatures are unusually
low, or if your water travels a long distance from water
heater to dishwasher, you may need to set your water
heater's thermostat up. If you have not used hot water
for some time, the water in the pipes will be cold. Turn
on the hot water faucet at the sink and allow it to run
until the water is hot. Then start the dishwasher. If
you've recently done laundry or run hot water for
showers, give your water heater time to recover before
operating the dishwasher.
To improve washability if the water is less than 120°F.
and you cannot adjust your water heater: Select a
longer cycle or the HEATED WASH option and fill
both detergent cups at least half-full with detergent.
Your dishwasher's rinse agent container holds
approximately 4
ounces. This should last about
3 months. Fill as needed.
If you accidentally spill: Wipe up the rinse
agent with a damp cloth. Don't leave the spill in the
dishwasher. It can keep your detergent from working.
If you can't find any rinse agent, write:
Corporate Centre 1
55 Federal Road
P.O. Box 1991
Danbury, CT 06813-1991

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