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Rca dishwasher use and care manual
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If you are redecorating, you can change your dishwasher's front panel to
match or blend with your new colors by flipping it over. Each side of each
panel is a different color. You may also paint a panel with a color of your
own choice.
How to Change the Door Panel
1. Take out trim screws on either side of the
dishwasher door. Remove the side trim.
2. Slide the door panel out.
(Careful—edges may be sharp.)
3. Turn the door panel around and put the color you
want in front.
4. Replace the door panel, side trim and screws.
How to Change the Lower Panel
Lower Panel Attachment Screws

Wood Panel Trim Kits

Wood panel trim kits, contain
trim and instructions for adding a
decorative wood door panel and
lower panel no thicker than 1/4 to
match kitchen cabinets.
Specify the trim number when
GPF40BC (Chrome Trim & Screws)
GPF40BK (Black Trim)
GPF40WD (White Trim)
GPF40AD (Almond)

Color Panels

If you have redecorated and the
color panels in your dishwasher do
not blend with your new color
scheme you may order an additional
color panel.
Specify the color panel number
when ordering.
GPF24 White/Almond
GPF26 Harvest/Black
GPF27 Black/White
1. Remove the lower panel attachment screws.
2. On models without top mounting screws, remove
the entire lower assembly by rotating the bottom
out and lifting it up and over the retaining tabs.
3. On models with top mounting screws, remove
the screws.
4. Take out the top trim screws and remove the
top trim.
5. Slide the color panel(s) up and out and put the
color you want in front.
6. Replace the top trim and screws.
7. Replace the entire lower assembly by reversing
the steps.
Ordering Information
Color panels and wood panel trim
kits are available at an extra cost by
calling, toll-free, 800-626-2002.
Your order will be sent directly to
your home. VISA, MasterCard and
Discover cards are accepted.
NOTE: Do not operate
dishwasher while changing
panels or when lower panel
is removed.

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Table of Contents

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