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Pat_ No 163D3527P034
Pub No i'9 3033 1
3 99 CG



Summary of Contents for RCA PSD100

  • Page 1 PSDI00 PSD200 PSD300 PSD330 PSD900 Pat_ No 163D3527P034 Pub No i'9 3033 1 3 99 CG...
  • Page 2 Welcome to the RCA tamily. We're proud of our quality products and we are committed to providing dependable service. You'll see it in this easpto-use manual and you'll hear it in the fl'iendly voices of our customer service department. Best of all, you'll experience these vahles each time you use your dishwasher.
  • Page 3 Safely Information .4 7 RCA & You, A ServicePartnership_ Ask any RCA appliance owner and they will tell you we stand behind our products with unmatched quality service. However, did you know that most questions result from simple problems that you can easily fix yourself in just a few minutes? This Owner's Manual can tell you how.
  • Page 4 iMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMAtiON. READ ALL iNSTRUCTiONS BEFORE USING. For your safe_ the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire, explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. WATER HEATER S AFETY Under certain conditions hydrogen gas may be produced in a water heater that has not been used for two weeks or more.
  • Page 5 Use your dishwasher only for its intended purpose as described in this Owner's Manual. PROPER INSTALLATION ANDMAINTENANCE This dishwasher must be properly installed and located in accordance with the Installation Instructions before it is used. If you did not receive an Installation Instructions sheet with your dishwasher,...
  • Page 6 iMPORTANT SAFETY iNFORMAtiON. READ ALL iNSTRUCtiONS BEFORE USING. O0 NOT... Do not allow (:hildren to play Do not tanlper with (:ontrols. inside, on or with this Do not abuse, sit on, or stand appliance or any discarded on tile door OF dish rack of appliance.
  • Page 7 WHENUSING YOUR DISHWASHER , Non-l)ishware hems: Do not Use only powder, tabs or wash items aS electronic SllCh liquid detergents or wetting air cleaner fihers, turnace agents recommended tar use filters and paint brushes in in a dishwasher and keep them out oi tile reach }our dislmasher.
  • Page 8 l//lill!li Aboutthe dishwashercontrol panel. You can locate your model number on the tub wall just inside the door. Model PSDIO0 Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. ModelsPSB300andPSB330 Bmlm Mode!PSB900...
  • Page 9 ControlSettings Cycles POTS & PANS Forheavilysoiled disbes or cookwarewith dried-on or baked-onsoils. Everydaydishes may be included. Tbis cyclewiii not removeburned-onfoods. NORMAL WASH Forloadsof everydaydishes,glassesandcookware with mediumsoils. NOTE:Many dishes bave iigbter soil than normal.Choosinga cycle other than NORMAL WASH will save energyandwater. LIGHTWASH/ Fordisheswith ligbt soils.
  • Page 10 ii!iiYi:iii/ii iiiliiiii!:!:!JHii About the dial cycles. Water Saver _ Pso2oo, PSD300, PSD330 an_ PSDgO0 only) ,.,,,, l_or qui( klv washirzg loads of everyday dishes with (_[_ I]ledl[li]_l _°llfg th_[t l]_[ve l_l()t dl'led (}1_1" _,,_h._ Select the NORMALWASHc? cle and any options. }_ SIo'M?,turn the Dial to WATERSAVER.
  • Page 11 Start Delay (PSD900 only) The STARTBELAY_d]I allow you to delay the start time of_my cyde not on the l)i_tl antomaticall) for tip to 6 hours. !iii I { Be sure the door is unlatched. Sele(t the wash c_cle and ( )ption "_on',_ ant. Slo'My turn the Dial to desired time.
  • Page 12 ii!iiYiiiii/ii iiiliiiii!!!JHii Usingthe dishwasher. Checkthe Water Temperature The entering water must be at least 12()°F. and not more than 150°F., for effective cleaning and to prevent dish damage. Check the water with a can(l} or llleat TtllTil(111 telllpel"atllre therlllonleter. the hot water thucet nearest the dislmasher, place the thermonleter •...
  • Page 13 ProperUseof Detergent Else only detergent spedfirally made for use in dishwashers. ( ascade > Automatic Dishwashing I)etergem has been approved tar use ill all (;t,2 dishwashers. Keep your detel\gent Fesh and (ll)'. I)on't put powder detel\gent into the dispenser until you're ready to wash dishes. The amount of detergent to use depends on whether your water is hard or soft.
  • Page 14 ii!iiYi:iii/ii iiiliiiii!!:!JHii Loading the dishwasherracks. For best dishwashing results, fellow these loading guidelines. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets may vary from your model. Upper Rack The upper rack is tor glasses, cups and saucers. Cups and glasses fit best along the sides. This is also a se_lre place for dishwasher-sate plastics.
  • Page 15 Lower Rack when loading the lowerrack,do_ot loM large pia_ersO} traysin thefront rightcomerThey maypmventdetergent ',7" i> fromcirculating duringthe washcych. The lower rack is best used for plates, saucers. and cool,:ware, l_arge itei-ns Stlch as broiler pans and racks should go along the sides. [.oad platters, pots and bowls along the sides, in corners, or in the back.
  • Page 16 ii!iiYiiii/ii iiiliiiii!!!JHii Changing colorpanels. If you are redecorating, you can change your dishwasher's front panel by flipping to match or blend with your new colors # over. panel paint Each side of each is a different color. You may also panel of your with a color...
  • Page 17 Cut-OutOrderFormfor PSD300 and PSDgO0 and the colorpanelsin your dishwasher do Kyou have redecorated not blend ",_th y!)ur new color scheme you may order an additional color panel without charge. Specify the color pane! when ordering [] GPF24 White!Almond [] GPF26 Harvest!Black Fold Here Nalne: Address:.
  • Page 18 Nal-ne: Address: City, State: Zip: 4701 1[ . oll...
  • Page 19 Wood panel trim/<its are available at an extra cost by calling, toll-free, 800-828-2002.Your order will be sent directly to your home. VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted. OpfionalAccessories Wood panel trim kits cont_dn trhn and instructions i_)l"adding a decorative wood door and l/ottolr_ IlI}tt(]l kitdlen Dane]...
  • Page 20 ii!iiYiiiii/ii iiiliiiii!!:!JHii Caring for the dishwasher. To clean the control panel use a lightly dampened cloth then dry thoroughly. Toclean the exterior use a good appliance polish wax. Never use sharp objects, scouring pads or harsh cleaners on any part of the dishwasher. Protect against freezing II your dishw_sher is lel_ in an unheated...
  • Page 21 Beforeyou call forservice... Troubleshooting -tips Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to ca//for service. Possib/e Causes What To Do Dishwasher won't mn Fttse is blown, or the Replace tklse or reset circuit breaker. Remove ch'cuit breaker tripped...
  • Page 22 Beforeyoucall forservice... Troubleshooting -tips Possible Causes What To Do This is normal A small amount ot dean Waterstanding in the bottom of the tub water arOtllld tile Otltlet the mb bottom at the back of the tub keeps the water seal lubricated.
  • Page 23 Possible Causes What To Do Some detergents contain Stained tub interior Detergent with colorant was used colorant (pigment or dyes) that will discolor the mb interior with extended use. (heck the detergent cup lot signs ot any discoloration. If cup is dis(olored, change to detergent without any...
  • Page 24 Beforeyou call forservice... Troubleshooting -tips Possible Causes What To Be Spotsandfilming tlse Jet-Dry® rinse agent to Extremely hard water on glassesand reulove spots prevent Low inlet water flatware new film buildalp. temperatm'e To remove Sttlbl)orll spots Overloading and pre-existing flhn lmm di_lwasher glassware: hnproper...
  • Page 25 PosMh/e Causes What To Oo Ve//owor brownfi/m Tea or coffee stains Remove the stain by hand, ontub using a solution of i/2 cup bleach and 3 cups warm water. _, WARMNll gefore cleaning interior, wait at least 20 minutes _dter a Q-cle for the heating element to cool down.
  • Page 26 Notes...
  • Page 27 RCADishwasher Warranty All warranty service provided by our Factory Service Centers, or an authorized Customer Care® technician. For service, call 800-GE-CARES. We Will Replace: One Year Pnypart ot the dishwasher whidl tails doe to a detect in Fromthe date Ofthe materials or workmanship, l)uring...
  • Page 28 First contact the people who sexwiced your appliance. Next,if you are stillnot pleased, write all the details--including your phone numbe_=to: Manager, Customer Relations, RCA Appliances, Appliance Park, l.ouisville, KY 40225. Finally, i f your problem is still not resolved, _xTite: M@)rAppliance Consmner Action Program 20 North Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 601;06.

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