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Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim PKA-M35HA Service Manual

Split-type, heat pump air conditioners.
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Indoor unit
[Model Name]
[Service Ref.]
1. REFERENCE MANUAL ................................... 2
2. SAFETY PRECAUTION ................................... 3
3. PARTS NAMES AND FUNCTIONS ................. 8
4. SPECIFICATIONS ........................................... 12
5. NOISE CRITERION CURVES ......................... 13
6. OUTLINES AND DIMENSIONS ...................... 14
7. WIRING DIAGRAM ......................................... 15
9. TROUBLESHOOTING .................................... 18
10. FUNCTION SETTING .................................... 34
11. SPECIAL FUNCTION ..................................... 35
12. DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE ....................... 37
March 2017
No. OCH660
• This manual describes
service data of the
indoor units only.
• RoHS compliant prod-
ucts have mark on
the spec name plate.


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   Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim PKA-M35HA

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    SPLIT-TYPE, HEAT PUMP AIR CONDITIONERS SPLIT-TYPE, AIR CONDITIONERS March 2017 No. OCH660 SERVICE MANUAL R32/R410A Notes: Indoor unit • This manual describes [Model Name] [Service Ref.] service data of the indoor units only. PKA-M35HA • RoHS compliant prod- PKA-M35HA ucts have <G> mark on the spec name plate.
  • Page 2: Reference Manual

  • Page 3: Safety Precaution

    SAFETY PRECAUTION MEANINGS OF SYMBOLS DISPLAYED ON THE UNIT This mark is for R32 refrigerant only. Refrigerant type is written on nameplate of outdoor unit. WARNING Read the OPERATION MANUAL carefully before operation. Service personnel are required to carefully read the OPERATION MANUAL and INSTALLATION MANUAL before operation. Further information is available in the OPERATION MANUAL, INSTALLATION MANUAL, and the like.
  • Page 4 [1] Warning for service (1) Do not alter the unit. (2) For installation and relocation work, follow the instructions in the Installation Manual and use tools and pipe components specifically made for use with refrigerant specified in the outdoor unit installation manual. (3) Ask a dealer or an authorized technician to install, relocate and repair the unit.
  • Page 5 [4] Cautions for unit using R32 refrigerant Basic work procedures are the same as those for conventional units using refrigerant R410A. However, pay careful attention to the following points. (1) Information on servicing (1-1) Checks on the Area Prior to beginning work on systems containing flammable refrigerants, safety checks are necessary to ensure that the risk of ignition is minimized.
  • Page 6 (3) Repair to intrinsically Safe Components Do not apply any permanent inductive or capacitance loads to the circuit without ensuring that this will not exceed the permissible voltage and current permitted for the equipment in use. Intrinsically safe components are the only types that can be worked on while live in the presence of a flammable atmos- phere.
  • Page 7 b) Isolate system electrically. c) Before attempting the procedure, ensure that: • mechanical handling equipment is available, if required, for handling refrigerant cylinders; • all personal protective equipment is available and being used correctly; • the recovery process is supervised at all times by a competent person; •...
  • Page 8: Parts Names And Functions

    Unit Electronic weighing scale [5] Service tools Use the below service tools as exclusive tools for R32/R410A refrigerant. Tool name Specifications · Use the existing fitting specifications . (UNF1/2) Gauge manifold · Use high-tension side pressure of 5.3MPa·G or over. Charge hose ·...
  • Page 9 3-2. Wireless remote controller (Option for HA model) CHECK TEST RUN display CHECK and TEST RUN display indicate that the unit is being checked or test-run. MODEL SELECT display Blinks when model is selected. display Lights up while the signal is transmitted to the indoor unit when the button is pressed.
  • Page 10: Basic Mode

    3-3. WIRED REMOTE CONTROLLER (OPTION) <PAR-32MAA> The functions which can be used are restricted according to each model. The main display can be displayed in 2 different modes: "Full" and "Basic." Display The initial setting is "Full." 1 Operation mode Appears when the On/Off timer or Night setback Indoor unit operation mode appears here.
  • Page 11 Menu structure Press the button. MENU Move the cursor to the desired item with the buttons, and press the button. Main menu SELECT Vane · Louver · Vent. (Lossnay) High power Timer ON/OFF timer Auto-OFF timer Weekly timer Restriction Temp. range Operation lock Energy saving Auto return...
  • Page 12: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS PKA-M35HA Service Ref. PKA-M35HAL Mode Cooling Heating Power supply (phase, cycle, voltage) Single phase, 50Hz, 230V Input 0.04 0.03 Running current 0.40 0.30 External finish (Panel) Munsell 1.0Y 9.2/0.2 Heat exchanger Plate fin coil Fan (drive) o No. Line flow fan (direct) o 1 Fan motor output 0.030 Airflow (Low-Middle-High)
  • Page 13: Noise Criterion Curves

    NOISE CRITERION CURVES 5-1. SOUND LEVELS Sound level at anechoic room : Low-Middle-High Sound level dB (A) Model PKA-M35/50HA(L) 36 - 40 - 43 1.0m Measurement location * Measured in anechoic room. 5-2. NOISE CRITERION CURVES 70.0 High 65.0 60.0 NC-60 55.0 50.0...
  • Page 14: Outlines And Dimensions

  • Page 15: Wiring Diagram

  • Page 16 PKA-M35HAL PKA-M50HAL OCH660...
  • Page 17: Refrigerant System Diagram

    REFRIGERANT SYSTEM DIAGRAM PKA-M35HA PKA-M50HA PKA-M35HAL PKA-M50HAL Strainer (#50) Heat exchanger Refrigerant GAS pipe connection (Flare) Thermistor TH2 Refrigerant flow in cooling (Pipe temperature/liquid) Refrigerant flow in heating Thermistor TH5 (Cond./ Eva.temperature) Refrigerant LIQUID pipe connection (Flare) Thermistor TH1 (Room temperature) Strainer (#50) Distributor with strainer (#50/#50)
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING 9-1. TROUBLESHOOTING <Check code displayed by self-diagnosis and actions to be taken for service (summary)> Present and past check codes are logged, and they can be displayed on the wired remote controller or controller board of out- door unit. Actions to be taken for service, which depends on whether or not the trouble is reoccurring in the field, are summa- rized in the table below.
  • Page 19 9-2. MALFUNCTION-DIAGNOSIS METHOD BY REMOTE CONTROLLER <In case of trouble during operation> When a malfunction occurs to air conditioner, both indoor unit and outdoor unit will stop and operation lamp blinks to inform unusual stop. < Malfunction-diagnosis method at maintenance service> [Procedure] 1.
  • Page 20 • Refer to the following tables for details on the check codes. [Output pattern A] Beeper sounds Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep OPERATION · · · Repeated INDICATOR lamp flash pattern Approx. 2.5 s 0.5 s 0.5 s 0.5 s Approx.
  • Page 21 • If the unit cannot be operated properly after test run, refer to the following table to find the cause. Symptom Cause Wired remote controller LED 1, 2 (PCB in outdoor unit) •For about 2 minutes following power-on,op- For about 2 After LED 1, 2 are lit, LED 2 is PLEASE WAIT turned off, then only LED 1 is lit.
  • Page 22 Note: Errors to be detected in outdoor unit, such as codes starting with F, U or E (excluding E0 to E7), are not covered in this document. Please refer to the out- 9-3. SELF-DIAGNOSIS ACTION TABLE door unit's service manual for the details. Abnormal point and detection method Countermeasure Check code...
  • Page 23 Abnormal point and detection method Countermeasure Check code Cause (Cooling or drying mode) (Cooling or drying mode) Freezing/overheating protection is work- 1 Clogged filter (reduced airflow) 1 Check clogs of the filter. 1 Freezing protection (Cooling mode) 2 Short cycle of air path 2 Remove shields.
  • Page 24 Abnormal point and detection method Countermeasure Check code Cause 1 Defective thermistor Pipe temperature thermistor/ characteristics 1–3 Check resistance value of thermistor. Condenser-Evaporator (TH5) For characteristics, refer to (P1) above. 1 The unit is in 3-minute resume protec- 2 Contact failure of connector 2 Check contact failure of connector (CN44) tion mode if short/open of thermistor is (CN44) on the indoor controller...
  • Page 25 Abnormal point and detection method Countermeasure Check code Cause 1 Set a remote controller to main, and the Remote controller transmission 1 2 remote controllers are set as other to sub. error(E3)/signal receiving error(E5) 1 Abnormal if remote controller could not “main.”...
  • Page 26 Abnormal point and detection method Countermeasure Check code Cause 1 Drain pump trouble 1 Check the drain pump. Forced compressor stop (due to water leakage abnormality) 1 The unit has a water leakage abnor- 2 Drain defective 2 Check whether water can be drained. mality when the following conditions, a) ·...
  • Page 27 9-4. TROUBLESHOOTING BY INFERIOR PHENOMENA Note: Refer to the outdoor unit's service manual for the detail of remote controller. Phenomena Cause Countermeasure • When LED1 on indoor controller board is also off. (1)LED2 on indoor controller board 1 Power supply of rated voltage is not supplied to out- 1 Check the voltage of outdoor power is off.
  • Page 28 Note: Refer to the outdoor unit's service manual for the detail of remote controller. Phenomena Cause Countermeasure • When LED1 on indoor controller board is also blinking. Check indoor/outdoor unit connecting wire (2)LED2 on indoor controller board Connection failure of indoor/outdoor unit connecting for connection failure.
  • Page 29: Emergency Operation

    9-5. EMERGENCY OPERATION 9-5-1. When wireless remote controller fails or its battery is exhausted When the remote controller cannot be used When the batteries of the remote controller run out or the remote controller malfunctions, the emergency operation can be done using the emergency buttons.
  • Page 30 9-6. HOW TO CHECK THE PARTS PKA-M35HA PKA-M50HA PKA-M35HAL PKA-M50HAL Parts name Check points Room temperature Disconnect the connector then measure the resistance using a tester. thermistor (TH1) (At the ambient temperature 10 to 30:) Pipe temperature Normal Abnormal thermistor/liquid (TH2) Refer to “9-6-1.
  • Page 31 9-6-2. DC Fan motor (fan motor/indoor controller circuit board) Check method of DC fan motor (fan motor/indoor controller circuit board) Notes · High voltage is applied to the connecter (CNMF) for the fan motor. Pay attention to the service. · Do not pull out the connector (CNMF) for the motor with the power supply on. board and fan motor.) (It causes trouble of the indoor controller circuit Self check...
  • Page 32 9-7. TEST POINT DIAGRAM Indoor controller board PKA-M35HA PKA-M50HA PKA-M35HAL PKA-M50HAL CNMF Connect to the fan motor (MF) 1–3 : 310–340 V DC 4–3 : 15 V DC 5–3 : 0–6.5 V DC 6–3 : 0 or 15 V DC CN105 CN01 Connect to the...
  • Page 33 9-8. FUNCTIONS OF DIP SWITCH AND JUMPER WIRE Each function is controlled by the DIP switch and the jumper wire on the indoor controller board. (Marks in the table below) Jumper wire ( : Short : Open) ■ The black square ( ) indicates a switch position.
  • Page 34: Function Setting

    FUNCTION SETTING 10-1. UNIT FUNCTION SETTING BY THE REMOTE CONTROLLER Each function can be set as necessary using the remote controller. The setting of function for each unit can only be done by the remote controller. (1) Functions available when setting the unit number to 00 Refer to the service manual that comes with each outdoor unit.
  • Page 35: Special Function

    SPECIAL FUNCTION 11-1. ROTATION FUNCTION(AND BACK-UP FUNCTION, 2ND STAGE CUT-IN FUNCTION) Optional wired remote controller with terminal bed (PAR-21MAAT-E) are necessary for PKA type. 11-1-1. Operation (1) Rotation function (and Back-up function) • Outline of functions · Main and sub unit operate alternately according to the interval of rotation setting. Main and sub unit should be set by refrigerant address.
  • Page 36 • System constraint · This function is available only in cooling mode. Ex.) Set temp. by R/C = 20: [2nd stage cut-in function]··· Request code number "322–324" Set point = 26: Room temp. ] Set point When request code number is “323”. Room temp.
  • Page 37: Disassembly Procedure

    DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE PKA-M35HA PKA-M50HA PKA-M35HAL PKA-M50HAL Be careful when removing heavy parts. OPERATION PROCEDURE PHOTOS & ILLUSTRATIONS 1. Removing the lower side of the indoor unit from the Figure 1 installation plate (1) Remove the front panel. (2) Insert the screw driver to the corner hole at both left and right side as shown in the figure 1.
  • Page 38 OPERATION PROCEDURE PHOTOS 3. Removing the indoor controller board and wireless Photo 3 Electrical box cover (top) Electrical box controller board Screw (side cover) cover (side) Screw (top cover) (1) Remove the front panel. (Refer to procedure 2.) (2) Remove the room temp. thermistor TH1. (see Photo 3) (3) Remove the electrical box covers (screw 4 ×...
  • Page 39 OPERATION PROCEDURE PHOTOS Electrical box cover (side) 5. Removing the nozzle assembly (with vane and vane Electrical box cover (top) Photo 8 motor) and drain hose Screw (side cover) Screw (top cover) (1) Remove the front panel (Refer to procedure 2.). (2) Remove the electrical box cover.
  • Page 40 OPERATION PROCEDURE PHOTOS 9. Removing the heat exchanger Photo 14 Electrical box cover (side) Electrical box cover (top) (1) Remove the front panel (Refer to procedure 2.) and the Heat exchanger Screw (side cover) corner panel at right lower side. Screw (top cover) Water cover (2) Remove the electrical box (Refer to procedure 4.) and the...
  • Page 41 OCH660...
  • Page 42 HEAD OFFICE : TOKYO BUILDING, 2-7-3, MARUNOUCHI, CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO 100-8310, JAPAN CCopyright 2017 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION Published: Mar. 2017 No.OCH660 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Made in Japan...

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