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Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim PKA-M35HA Service Manual Page 4

Split-type, heat pump air conditioners.
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[1] Warning for service
(1) Do not alter the unit.
(2) For installation and relocation work, follow the instructions in the Installation Manual and use tools and pipe
components specifically made for use with refrigerant specified in the outdoor unit installation manual.
(3) Ask a dealer or an authorized technician to install, relocate and repair the unit.
(4) This unit should be installed in rooms which exceed the floor space specified in outdoor unit installation manual.
Refer to outdoor unit installation manual.
(5) For appliances not accessible to the general public.
(6) Refrigerant pipes connection shall be accessible for maintenance purposes.
(7) If the air conditioner is installed in a small room or closed room, measures must be taken to prevent the refrig-
erant concentration in the room from exceeding the safety limit in the event of refrigerant leakage. Should the
refrigerant leak and cause the concentration limit to be exceeded, hazards due to lack of oxygen in the room may
(8) Keep gas-burning appliances, electric heaters, and other fire sources (ignition sources) away from the location
where installation, repair, and other air conditioner work will be performed.
If refrigerant comes into contact with a flame, poisonous gases will be released.
(9) When installing or relocating, or servicing the air conditioner, use only the specified refrigerant written on out-
door unit to charge the refrigerant lines.
Do not mix it with any other refrigerant and do not allow air to remain in the lines.
If air is mixed with the refrigerant, then it can be the cause of abnormal high pressure in the refrigerant line, and
may result in an explosion and other hazards.
(10) After installation has been completed, check for refrigerant leaks. If refrigerant leaks into the room and comes
into contact with the flame of a heater or portable cooking range, poisonous gases will be released.
(11) Do not use low temperature solder alloy in case of brazing the refrigerant pipes.
(12) When performing brazing work, be sure to ventilate the room sufficiently. Make sure that there are no hazardous
or flammable materials nearby.
When performing the work in a closed room, small room, or similar location, make sure that there are no refriger-
ant leaks before performing the work.
If refrigerant leaks and accumulates, it may ignite or poisonous gases may be released.
(13) Do not install the unit in places where refrigerant may build-up or places with poor ventilation such as a semi-
basement or a sunken place in outdoor: Refrigerant is heavier than air, and inclined to fall away from the leak
(14) Do not use means to accelerate the defrosting process or to clean, other than those recommended by the manu-
(15) The appliance shall be stored in a room without continuously operating ignition sources (for example: open
flames, an operating gas appliance or an operating electric heater).
(16) Do not pierce or burn.
(17) Be aware that refrigerants may not contain an odour.
(18) Pipe-work shall be protected from physical damage.
(19) The installation of pipe-work shall be kept to a minimum.
(20) Compliance with national gas regulations shall be observed.
(21) Keep any required ventilation openings clear of obstruction.
(22) Servicing shall be performed only as recommended by the manufacturer.
(23) The appliance shall be stored in a well-ventilated area where the room size corresponds to the room area as
specified for operation.
(24) Maintenance, service and repair operations shall be performed by authorized technician with required qualifica-
[2] Cautions for service
(1) Perform service after recovering the refrigerant left in unit completely.
(2) Do not release refrigerant in the air.
(3) After completing service, charge the cycle with specified amount of refrigerant.
(4) When performing service, install a filter drier simultaneously.
Be sure to use a filter drier for new refrigerant.
[3] Additional refrigerant charge
When charging directly from cylinder
(1) Check that cylinder for R32/R410A available on the market is a syphon type.
(2) Charging should be performed with the cylinder of syphon stood vertically. (Refrigerant is charged from liquid phase.)


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