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Philips 55PUG6212 User Manual

6212 series
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6212 series

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  Summary of Contents for Philips 55PUG6212

  • Page 1: User Manual

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 10.1 About the Home menu 1 My new TV 10.2 Open the Home menu 1.1 Smart TV 11 Utilities 1.2 App gallery 1.3 Rental videos 11.1 About Utilities 1.4 Ultra HD TV 12 Netflix 1.5 Social Networks 1.6 Pause TV and recordings 12.1 About Netflix 2 Setting up 13 Sources...
  • Page 3 23 Specifications 23.1 Environmental 23.2 Power 23.3 Reception 23.4 Display 23.5 Dimensions and Weights 23.6 Connectivity 23.7 Sound 23.8 Multimedia 24 Troubleshooting and support 24.1 Register your TV 24.2 Help 24.3 Troubleshooting 24.4 Online help 24.5 Consumer care/Repair 25 Safety and care 25.1 Safety 25.2 Screen care 26 Terms of use, copyrights and licenses...
  • Page 4: My New Tv

    Smart TV This TV has an Ultra HD display. Its resolution is Connect this Philips Smart LED TV to the Internet four times higher than normal HD displays. Ultra HD and discover a new world of television. You can install...
  • Page 5: Setting Up

    Power cable Setting up • Insert the power cable into the POWER connector on the back of the TV. Read safety • Make sure the power cable is securely inserted in the connector. • Make sure that the power plug, in the wall socket, is Read the safety instructions first before you use the accessible at all times.
  • Page 6: Network

    • WPS If your router has WPS, you can directly connect to Network the router without scanning. Go to the router, press the WPS button and return to the TV within 2 minutes. Then press Connect to make the connection. If you have devices in your wireless network that use Network and Internet the WEP security encryption system, you cannot use...
  • Page 7: Network Settings

    1 - Press  , select Network and press  (right) to information on indoor range, transfer rate and other factors of signal quality. enter the menu. • Use a high-speed (broadband) Internet connection 2 - Select View network settings and press OK. for your router.
  • Page 8 Switch on Wi-Fi connection TV network name You can switch the Wi-Fi connection on your TV on If you have more than one TV in your home network, or off. you can give the TV a unique name. To switch on Wi-Fi… To change the TV name…...
  • Page 9: Connect Devices

    TV settings when you switch to this device in the Sources menu. If you need help to connect several devices to the TV, you can visit the Philips TV connectivity guide. The guide offers information on how to connect and which cables to use.
  • Page 10: Y Pb Pr - Component

    standby. Link, Bravia Theater Sync, Kuro Link, Simplink and Viera Link. Not all brands are fully compatible with Inform yourself regarding which passive MHL cable is EasyLink. suited for your mobile device. In particular, with the HDMI connector for the TV on one side, the type of Example HDMI CEC branding names are property of connector you need to connect to your smartphone their respective owners.
  • Page 11: Audio Out - Optical

    Cable Box Use 2 antenna cables to connect the antenna to the Set-top box (a digital receiver) and the TV. Audio Out - Optical Audio Out - SPDIF is a high quality sound connection. This optical connection can carry 5.1 audio channels. Next to the antenna connections, add an HDMI cable If your device, typically a Home Theater System to connect the Set-top box to the TV.
  • Page 12: Smartphones And Tablets

    Connect with HDMI ARC Use an HDMI cable to connect a Home Theater System (HTS) to the TV. You can connect an HTS with a built-in disc player. HDMI ARC If your Home Theater System has an HDMI ARC connection, you can use HDMI 4 on the TV to connect.
  • Page 13: Dvd Player

    To adjust the volume… Blu-ray Disc Player 1 - Press  , select Sound > Headphones volume and press OK. 2 - Press the arrows  (up) or  (down) to adjust Use a High speed HDMI cable to connect the Blu- the value.
  • Page 14: Usb Hard Drive

    Installation Before you can pause or record a broadcast, you must connect and format a USB Hard Drive. Formatting removes all files from the USB Hard Drive. 1 - Connect the USB Hard Drive to one of the USB connections on the TV. Do not connect another USB device to the other USB ports when formatting.
  • Page 15: Usb Keyboard

    1 - Press  , select General settings and the USB connections on the TV. Do not connect press  (right) to enter the menu. another USB device to the other USB ports when formatting. 2 - Select USB keyboard settings, and press OK to 2 - Switch on the USB Hard Drive and the TV.
  • Page 16: Photo Camera

    4.16 4.18 Photo Camera Computer To view photos stored on your digital photo camera, Connect you can connect the camera directly to the TV. You can connect your computer to the TV and use Use one of the USB connections on the TV to the TV as a PC monitor.
  • Page 17: Switching On And Off

    movie. 4 - The menu will disappear automatically. Switching On and To switch the TV on standby, select  and press the joystick key. On or standby Before you switch on the TV, make sure you plugged the POWER connector into the mains power connector on the back of the TV.
  • Page 18: Remote Control

    Remote control Key overview 1 - Arrow / navigation keys To navigate up, down, left or right. 2 - OK key To confirm a selection or setting.  Standby / On To switch the TV On or back to Standby. 3 - ...
  • Page 19: Keyboard

    Enter a space. 6 - Navigation and OK Navigate through the menus, and confirm a selection. 7 -  Delete the character in front of the text cursor. 8 -  Share this To share online what you are now watching. Writing text With the keyboard on the back of the remote control, you can write text in any text field on screen.
  • Page 20: Ir Sensor

    IR sensor The TV can receive commands from a remote control that uses infrared (IR) to send commands. If you use this kind of remote control, always point it at the infrared sensor on the front of the TV.  Warning Do not put any objects in front of IR sensor of the TV as it may block the IR signal.
  • Page 21: Channels

    Channel icons Channels If you lock a channel, it will be marked with a  (lock). Radio stations Install Channels If digital broadcasting is available, digital radio stations are installed during installation. Switch to a radio channel just like you switch to a TV channel. For more information, in Help, press the color ...
  • Page 22: Watching Channels

    4 - Press  OPTIONS and select Unlock 4 - Select the list you want to filter and press  5 - Press the color key (green) to Channel and press OK. open Find Channel and press OK to open a text 5 - Enter your 4 digit PIN code if the TV asks for it.
  • Page 23: Favorite Channels

    Set code/ Change code Audio language The Child Lock PIN code is used to lock or unlock For digital broadcast, you can select an available channels or programs. audio language temporarily if none of your preferred languages are available. To set the lock code or to change the current code… For more information, in Help, 1 - Press ...
  • Page 24: Closed Captioning (Cc) And Language

    press OK. About favorite Channels In a favorite channel list, you can collect the channels Menu Language you like. With a Favorites List selected, you can only tune to To change the language of the TV menus and the channels in that list when using messages…...
  • Page 25: Tv Guide

    Internet or vice versa. The TV might have switched to From the Internet automatically. TV guide To make the recordings available in the list of recordings, switch to the setting that was selected when the recordings were made. What you need With the TV Guide you can view a list of the current Using the TV guide and scheduled TV programs of your channels.
  • Page 26 3 - Select Change day, select Previous day, Today or Next day and press OK. 4 - Press  BACK to close the menu. Set a reminder You can set reminders that alert you of the start of a program with a message on screen. •...
  • Page 27: Recording And Pause Tv

    Press  (Right) or  (Left) to scroll through the programs of a channel. Recording and To change the date of the list, press  OPTIONS and select Select day. In the list, select the day you Pause TV want and press OK. If the TV guide comes from the Internet, you can select the date at the top of the page and press OK.
  • Page 28: Watch A Recording

    While recording a program on the USB Hard Drive, Watch a recording you cannot pause a broadcast. To watch a recording . . . Instant replay 1 - Press  Home , While watching a broadcast from a digital TV channel, select Utilities >...
  • Page 29: Home Menu

    Home menu 10.1 About the Home menu Channels This row contains all channels. Sources This row contains available sources on this TV. Utilities This row contains TV functions available to the user. Quick settings This row contains settings available to the user. 10.2 Open the Home menu To open the Home menu and open an item…...
  • Page 30: Utilities

    Utilities 11.1 About Utilities Smart TV Open Smart TV page. TV guide For more information, in Help, press the color  Keywords and look up TV guide. Recordings For more information, in Help, press the color  Keywords and look up Recording. Channels View channel list.
  • Page 31: Netflix

    Netflix 12.1 About Netflix If you have a Netflix subscription, you can enjoy Netflix on this TV. Your TV must be connected to the Internet.  To open Netflix, press to open the Netflix App. You can open Netflix immediately from a TV in standby.
  • Page 32: Sources

    13.3 Scan connections Sources To rescan connections and update the Sources menu, 13.1   press Scan connections. (if key is available Switch to a device on the bottom of the screen.) From the list of Sources, you can switch to any of the 13.4 connected devices.
  • Page 33: Internet

    Internet 14.1 Start Internet You can browse the Internet on your TV. You can view any Internet website but most of them are not prepared for a TV screen. • Some plug-ins (e.g., to view pages or videos) are not available on your TV.
  • Page 34: Movies, Photos And Music

    Navigate to the menu bar and select the type of file you want to watch or play. Movies, photos and Select  Photos ,  Music or  Movie . Alternatively, you can open the  Folders view music and browse your folders to look for a file. Sorting 15.1 To browse your photos by date, month, year, or...
  • Page 35: Play Your Music

    15.5 15.6 View your photos Play your music View photos Play music To view photos, select  Photos in the menu bar, • To play music, select  Music in the menu bar, select a photo thumbnail and press OK. select a song and press OK.
  • Page 36: Smartphones And Tablets

    Share a screen on TV Smartphones and To share the screen of your smartphone, tablet or computer on the TV… tablets 1 - Switch on the TV. 2 - On the device, in the settings menu, set the 16.1 device to cast or mirror its display. Miracast uses Wi-Fi Direct™.
  • Page 37: Mhl

     All previously connected and also blocked devices In Help, press Keywords and look up HDMI are stored in the Wi-Fi Miracast list of connections. If MHL for more information. you clear this list, all blocked devices will be unblocked. 16.3 To unblock all blocked devices…...
  • Page 38: Smart Tv Apps

    4-digit code. Recommended Apps In this window, Philips presents a range of recommended Apps for your country, Apps for Online Smart TV Apps TV or a selection of rental movies from Video stores. You can select and open them from the Open Smart TV Recommended Apps window.
  • Page 39: Reset Smart Tv

    4 - Start watching. You can use the  (Play) Internet memory on the TV. and  (Pause) keys. You will clear your Philips Smart TV registration and Most Video stores ask you to create a login account. parental rating setting, your video store app logins, all...
  • Page 40 4 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close the menu.
  • Page 41: Ambilight

    • Warm white - Static color • Cool white - Static color Ambilight 17.2 17.1 Ambilight off Ambilight style To switch off Ambilight… Follow video 1 - Press  .  (right) to enter 2 - Select Ambilight and press You can set Ambilight to follow the video dynamics or the menu.
  • Page 42 17.4 Advanced Ambilight settings Wall color With Wall Color, you can neutralize the influence of a colored wall on the Ambilight colors. Select the color of the wall behind the TV and the TV will modify the Ambilight colors to appear as they are intended. To select the color of the wall .
  • Page 43: Multi Room

    Stream a TV channel Multi room With Multi Room, you can watch the current TV channel or open the channel list of the other TV. If 18.1 you select a channel from the list, the other TV will also switch to the channel you selected. If the other About Multi room TV has a built-in satellite tuner with installed channels or a connected Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with...
  • Page 44: Settings

    Clock Settings For more information, in Help, press the color  Keywords and look up Clock. 19.1 Quick settings Sleep timer Eco settings For more information, in Help, press the color  Keywords and look up Sleep timer. For more information, in Help, press the color ...
  • Page 45: Advanced Picture Settings

    style you want to restore. enter the menu.  2 - Select Sharpness and press  (right). 3 - Press the color key Restore style , and press 3 - Press the arrows  (up) or  (down) to adjust OK.
  • Page 46 1 - Press  , select Picture and press  (right) to 2 - Select Advanced > Contrast > Contrast enter the menu. mode and press OK. 2 - Select Advanced > Color > Color 3 - Select Standard, Best power, Best picture, enhancement and press OK.
  • Page 47 artifact reduction, and press  (right) to enter the Gamma menu. 3 - Select On and press OK . With Gamma, you can set a non-linear setting for 4 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close picture luminance and contrast. Gamma is a setting the menu.
  • Page 48: Sound

    scrolling text banners. If you format the picture for a The selected style will store the changes you made. specific Source – like a connected game console – We recommend that you adjust the sound settings for you can return to this setting the next time you use the style Personal only.
  • Page 49 3 - Select Stereo or Incredible surround. Clear sound 4 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close the menu. With Clear Sound, you improve the sound for speech. Ideal for news programs. You can switch the speech improvement on or off. Advanced sound settings To switch on or off…...
  • Page 50: Eco Settings

    HDMI 4 - ARC TV placement To switch on or off… As part of the first installation, this setting is set to 1 - Press  , select Sound and press  (right) to either On a TV stand or Hung on the wall. If you have changed the placement of the TV since then, enter the menu.
  • Page 51: General Settings

    The TV comes with Pixel Plus link up Language settings for more information. turned on and disables the picture quality processing of recent Philips devices connected to the TV. To switch off Pixel Plus link… Clock 1 - Press  , select General settings , and ...
  • Page 52 HDMI Ultra HD Home or Store This TV can display Ultra HD signals. Some devices, If the TV is installed in a shop, you can set the TV to connected via HDMI, do not recognize a TV with Ultra display an in store promotion banner. Picture HD and might not work correctly or might show style is set to Vivid automatically.
  • Page 53: Clock And Language

    19.6 Samba TV Clock and language Samba TV makes TV better by cleverly recognizing on- screen content. By enabling, you accept and Clock acknowledge Samba TV's Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. Date and time 1 - Press  , select General settings and press ...
  • Page 54: Universal Access

    3 - Select Audio description and press  (right) to enter the menu. 4 - Select Audio description one step further To switch on closed captions, press CC. 2 - Select On and press OK. 6 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close You can switch subtitles On, Off or On during mute.
  • Page 55 Speech The audio commentary can also hold subtitles for the words which are spoken. To switch on these subtitles (if available) . . . 1 - Press  , select Universal access and press  (right) to enter the menu. 2 - Select Audio description >...
  • Page 56: Networks

    Networks For more information, in Help, press the color  Keywords and look up Network, for more information on connecting the TV to a network.
  • Page 57: Channel Installation

    With Channel List Copy, you can copy the channels To start a channel update manually… installed on one TV onto another Philips TV of the 1 - Press  , select Antenna/cable installation and same range. With Channel List Copy, you avoid the press OK.
  • Page 58: Digital Channel Installation

    21.3 Channel list version Digital Channel Installation Check the current version of the channel list... If you know the channel frequency of the channels 1 - Press  , select General settings > Channel List you want to install, you can search and store digital Copy and press OK.
  • Page 59: Software

    Download the software 1 - Insert the USB flash drive into your computer. Software 2 - On the USB flash drive, locate the file update.htm and double click it. 3 - Click Send ID. 22.1 4 - If new software is available, download the .zip Update software file.
  • Page 60: Open Source License Statement

    Source: This is a document describing the distribution of the libjpg (6b) source code used on the Philips TV, which fall either This library is used to perform JPEG decoding tasks. under the GNU General Public License (the GPL), or...
  • Page 61 c-ares (1.7.4) by the Linux family of Unix-like operating systems. c-ares is a C library that performs DNS requests and This piece of software is made available under the name resolves asynchronously. terms and conditions of the Linux Kernel license, This piece of software is made available under the which can be found below.
  • Page 62 in the libusb community have helped and continue to Source: help with ideas, implementation, support and improvements for libusb. libiconv (1.11.1) This piece of software is made available under the This library provides an iconv() implementation, for terms and conditions of the libusb license, which can use on systems which don't have one, or whose be found below.
  • Page 63 space. The grep command searches one or more input files Source: for lines containing a match to a specified pattern. By default, grep prints the matching lines. boost (1.15.0) Source: A library provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries is used for encfs. gzip (1.3.12) Source: GNU Gzip is a popular data compression program...
  • Page 64 (2.18) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a Various system utilities. specification for the encryption of electronic data. Source: Used inside Philips libraries. Source: udhcpc (0.9.8cvs20050303-3) microhttpd (libmicrohttpd-0.9.9.tar.gz) Udhcpc is a very small?DHCP?client geared GNU libmicrohttpd is a small C library that is towards?embedded systems.
  • Page 65 This is a document describing the distribution of the be found below. source code used on the Philips TV, which fall either Source: under the GNU General Public License (the GPL), or the GNU Lesser General Public License (the LGPL), or libmng (1.0.10)
  • Page 66 Source: This piece of software is made available under the u-boot/U-Boot-1.1.4/u-boot-1.1.4.tar.bz2/download terms and conditions of the DirectFB license, which can be found below. Libcurl (7.21.7) Source: HTTP client;libcurl is a free and easy-to-use client- es/remote_applications_SDK/remote_spplications_S side URL transfer library, supporting FTP, FTPS, HTTP, DK_v1.3.1/DirectFB141_source_1.3.1.7z/download HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS, FILE, IMAP, SMTP, POP3 and RTSP.
  • Page 67 layers of the system. Hardware drivers need to know This piece of software is made available under the nothing about the storage formats used, such as FTL, terms and conditions of the WPA Supplicant license, FFS2, etc., but will only need to provide simple which can be found below.
  • Page 68 alsa ( directory search and file locating capabilities to other Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA). commands. This piece of software is made available under the Source: terms and conditions of the alsa license, which can be found below. gawk (3.1.5) Source: If you are like many computer users, you would frequently like to make changes in various text files...
  • Page 69 (2.18) Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a Various system utilities. specification for the encryption of electronic data. Source: Used inside Philips libraries. Source: udhcpc (0.9.8cvs20050303-3) microhttpd (libmicrohttpd-0.9.9.tar.gz) Udhcpc is a very small?DHCP?client geared GNU libmicrohttpd is a small C library that is towards?embedded systems.
  • Page 70 Source: lloyd-yajl-2.0.1-0-gf4b2b1a.tar.gz/df6a751e7797b9c21 82efd91b5d64017/lloyd-yajl-2.0.1-0-gf4b2b1a.tar.gz HMAC-SHA1 (0.1) keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC) is a specific construction for calculating a message authentication code (MAC) involving a cryptographic hash function in combination with a secret cryptographic key. As with any MAC, it may be used to simultaneously verify both the data integrity and the authentication of a message.
  • Page 71: Specifications

    Product specifications are subject to change without notice. For more specification details of this product, Power End of use • Mains power: AC 110–240 V +/-10% • Ambient temperature: 5°C to 35°C Disposal of your old product and batteries •...
  • Page 72: Display

    TV Side Type • HDMI 1 in - MHL • HDMI 2 in Diagonal screen size • HDMI 3 in • 55PUG6212: 55 inch (139 cm) • USB 1 Display resolution • USB 2 • 3840 x 2160p • 1x Serv.U •...
  • Page 73 Supported media server software (DMS) • You can use any DLNA V1.5 certified media server software (DMS class). • You can use the Philips TV Remote app (iOS and Android) on mobile devices. Performance may vary, depending on the capabilities...
  • Page 74: Troubleshooting And Support

    To look up topics alphabetically, press the new releases.  color key Keywords. Go to To read the Help as a book, select Book. Before you execute the Help instructions, close Help. To close  Help, press the color key Close.
  • Page 75 Make sure that Location is set to Home. Philips startup screen Picture does not fit the screen When the TV is in standby, a Philips startup screen is displayed, then the TV returns to standby mode. This Change to a different picture format.
  • Page 76: Online Help

    Photos, videos and music from a USB device do not show To solve any Philips TV related problem, you can • Make sure that the USB storage device is set to Mass consult our online support. You can select your Storage Class compliant, as described in the storage language and enter your product model number.
  • Page 77 Do not attempt to repair the TV yourself. This may cause severe injury, irreparable damage to your TV, or void your warranty.
  • Page 78: Safety And Care

    The remote control may contain batteries which can TV from the power outlet immediately. easily be swallowed by small children. Keep these Contact Philips TV Consumer Care to have the TV batteries out of reach of children at all times. checked before use.
  • Page 79: Screen Care

    Humidity In rare occasions, depending on temperature and humidity, minor condensation can occur on the inside of the TV glass front (on some models). To prevent this, do not expose the TV to direct sunlight, heat or extreme humidity. If condensation occurs, it will disappear spontaneously while the TV is playing for a few hours.
  • Page 80: Terms Of Use, Copyrights And Licenses

    (within common industry standards) and is not a malfunction. One of Philips’ leading Terms of use, Business Principles is to take all necessary health and safety measures for our products, to comply with all copyrights and applicable legal requirements and to stay well within the applicable at the time of producing the products.
  • Page 81: Copyrights

    27.5 Microsoft Copyrights Windows Media 27.1 Windows Media is either a registered trademark or Dolby trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby Audio, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
  • Page 82: Other Trademarks

    27.8 Other trademarks All other registered and unregistered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • Page 83: Disclaimer Regarding Services And/Or Software Offered By Third Parties

    Disclaimer regarding services and/or software offered by third parties Services and/or software offered by third parties may be changed, suspended, or terminated without prior notice. TP Vision does not bear any responsibility in these sorts of situations.
  • Page 84: Index

    Network, TV Network Name 8 Color, custom color temperature 46 Network, view settings 7 Color, Tint 45 Network, Wi-Fi Smart Screen 8 Computer, connect 16 Network, wired 7 Consumer Care 76 Network, wireless 6 Contact Philips 76 Network, WoWLAN 7...
  • Page 85 Network, WPS 6 Switch off timer 51 Network, WPS with PIN code 6 Noise Reduction 47 Treble 48 Turning on 17 On a TV stand, TV Placement 50 TV guide 25 On screen Help 74 TV Guide, data and information 25 On the wall, TV Placement 50 TV Guide, Reminder 26 Open source software 59...

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