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Table of Contents
FCC Approval Document
for SPH-I800
User Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 FCC Approval Document for SPH-I800 FCC ID : A3LSPHI800 MODEL : SPH-I800 User Manual SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO, LTD SPH-I800...
  • Page 2 User Manual Please read this manual before operating your phone and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Using Symbol and Numeric Mode ..... 33 Section 1: Getting Started ..........4 Using Emoticon Mode ......33 Setting Up Your Phone .
  • Page 6 Section 6: Multimedia ..........51 Section 10: Applications ........... 116 Section 7: Messaging ..........67 Section 8: Changing Your Settings ......82 Section 9: Connections ..........106...
  • Page 7 Index ................165 Section 11: Health and Safety Information ....136 Section 12: Warranty Information ......155 Section 13: Samsung Product Registration .....164...
  • Page 9 Note: Important! • Make sure that the card’s gold contacts face into the phone and that the uppe r-left angled corner of the card is positioned as shown. Correc t Incorrec t...
  • Page 10 Note:...
  • Page 11: Charging A Battery

    Note: Correc t Incorrec t Note: Important!
  • Page 12: Switching The Phone On Or Off

    Switching the Phone On or Off Warning! While the device is charging, if the touch screen does not Press and hold the Power key (on the upper right function due to an unstable power supply, unplug the side of the phone) until the phone switches on. USB power adapter from the power outlet or unplug the USB cable from the device.
  • Page 13: Using The Start-up Wizard

    Using the Start-up Wizard Scroll through the list of time zones and touch the time zone of your choice to highlight it and touch next. The very first time you turn on your phone, the Start-up Wizard screen displays. The Date & Time screen displays. Touch get started.
  • Page 14 sign in next done create one Sign in later. Almost done... Note: Sign in later next Backup Assistant Plus next not now accept...
  • Page 15: Setting Up Your Voice Mail

    Setting Up Your Voice Mail Phone Updates From the Home screen, touch , then touch Updating your phone can make it work better and add new features. Updates can also make your phone more secure. When connected, you may be prompted to enter a “Phone update”...
  • Page 16 Warning! Power key Power key Volume Down key Volume Down key Volume Up key Volume Down key Power key Volume Down...
  • Page 18 The following items can be found on the front of your phone as Start Key: Access the Home screen from any screen. Touch illustrated on the previous page. and hold to activate the voice search engine. Proximity and light sensors: The Proximity sensor detects Bing search key: Access the Bing search engine, which how close an object is to the surface of the screen (for allows you to search for items on the internet, scout,...
  • Page 19: Side Views Of Your Phone

    Volume keys Camera key Power / Lock key...
  • Page 20: Back, Top, And Bottom View Of Your Phone

    3.5mm headset jack Flash Power/accessory interface connector Microphone External speaker Camera lens...
  • Page 21 Indicator Icons Displays when your connection to an EDGE network is This list identifies the symbols that appear on your phone’s active. display and Indicator area: Displays when your connection to a 4G network is active. Note: If there are no icons displayed, touch the top of the screen to display them.
  • Page 22 For more details on configuring your phone’s settings, see The following applications are available: “Changing Your Settings” on page 82. Alarms: Access and set alarms. For more information, Application Icons “Alarms” refer to on page 117. The Application menu provides quick access to the items you use Calculator: Lets you use the phone as a calculator.
  • Page 23 Games: Allows you to shop for new games, install Live Wallpaper: Live Wallpaper can change your lock games you buy on your phone, and play them with the screen background periodically to 12 photos of your “Games” “Live Wallpaper” Games feature. For more information, refer to choice.
  • Page 24 Music + Videos Office My Mobile OneNote NFL Mobile People Phone...
  • Page 25 Photo Editor Voicemail Photos Wallet Settings Slacker Radio Tip: Store...
  • Page 26 Bing Search Touch music to launch a Bing audio search, causing the phone to start listening for nearby music. If the The Bing Search Bar provides an on-screen Internet search engine. It also lets you link to Local Scout, listens to music and recorded sample can be found in the Marketplace, the searches for it, scans text that can be used as a search term, and artist and song appears in a pop-up window with a direct...
  • Page 28 -OR -...
  • Page 29 Note:...
  • Page 30: Customizing Your Home Screen

    pin to start...
  • Page 31 Select the photo folder or any other picture source that you Note: After deleting an Application Tile, you can add it back later want. by pinning it to the home screen from the Applications Touch on a image thumbnail, and resize it to fit the “Adding a Tile from the Menu.
  • Page 32: Speech Engine

    Speech Engine There is an intuitive speech engine integrated into the Start key ( ) on your phone. From any screen, touch and hold to activate the intuitive speech engine. Speak the words that you would like to search on or the action that you would like to perform.
  • Page 33: Section 3: Entering Text

    Section 3: Entering Text This section describes how to select the desired text input method when entering characters into your phone. This section also describes the predictive text entry system that reduces the amount of key strokes associated with entering text. Your phone comes equipped with an orientation detector that can tell if the phone is being held in a portrait (upright) or landscape Create New Message...
  • Page 34 Rotate your phone counterclockwise to display the landscape For certain fields, such as the New Message To field, a dialer version of the on-screen QWERTY keypad. keypad displays when you touch the 123 key to enter a recipient’s phone number. For more information, refer to “Messaging”...
  • Page 35: Using The Qwerty Keypad

    Using the QWERTY Keypad Semicolon or Emoticon : Touch the semicolon to separate addresses or phone numbers. Touch This phone offers the convenience of an on-screen QWERTY display several screens of Emoticons. Touch a category at keypad. Using the QWERTY keypad to type letters, numbers, punctuation, and other special characters into text entry fields or the bottom of the screen, then sweep up or down to other applications should be simple and fast.
  • Page 36: Changing The Text Input Mode

    Changing the Text Input Mode A screen similar to the following displays: There are three main keypad layout keys that change the on-screen keys within the QWERTY keypad. The available Text Input modes are: Symbol and Number Mode: Activates the symbol and &123 number keys.
  • Page 37: Using Symbol And Numeric Mode

    Using Symbol and Numeric Mode Using Emoticon Mode Use Symbol and Numeric mode to add numbers and symbols. Use Emoticon mode to add combinations of characters to your text input. Touch at the bottom of the screen. The following &123 Touch at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 38: Using Text Suggestions

    Using Text Suggestions If you replace the word, a space is entered after the word and the cursor automatically advances to the next space. Based on your keyboard settings, your phone suggests alternatives to what you are typing including correct spelling of Continue typing.
  • Page 39 • To copy text that supports the highlight option: Messages you have sent or received. • Touch and briefly hold the text you want to copy to Details pages for local search results. highlight it. To paste text that you have copied: Drag the arrows at each end of the highlighted text until Touch where you want to paste the text.
  • Page 40: Section 4: Call Functions

    Section 4: Call Functions Correcting an Entered Number This section describes how to make or answer a call. It also includes the features and functionality associated with making or After entering a number using the keypad, use the following answering a call. steps to correct a mis-typed entry when dialing.
  • Page 41: Making A Call From People

    Making a Call from People History You can store phone numbers that you use regularly in the The phone stores the numbers of the calls you have dialed, phone’s memory. These entries are collectively called People. received, or missed in the history. The history displays the details of the call.
  • Page 42 Calling Back a Missed Call When finished, touch save To call back a missed call number: The NEW PHONE CONTACT screen displays with the Phone From the Home screen, touch number already added. The history screen displays a list of recent calls. If the Touch the other fields to add name, other phone numbers, number or caller is listed in your People, the associated email, ringtone, and other information.
  • Page 43: Options During A Call

    Deleting a Call from History In-Call Options From the Home screen, touch The history screen During an active call, there are several options available by displays a list of recent calls. touching a corresponding on-screen button. • end call: Terminates the call. Touch and hold the call you want to delete from the call •...
  • Page 44 Making a New Call During a Call in Progress Switching Between Calls Touch add call. When you have an active call and a call on hold, you may switch between the two calls, changing the one on hold to active and The history screen displays.
  • Page 45 Answering a Call During a Call in Progress There are several options available when a call is received when you have a call in progress. Touch one of the following: • answer: Allows you to answer the incoming call and put the first call on hold.
  • Page 46: Section 5: Your People Hub

    Section 5: Your People Hub Adding a New Contact This section allows you to manage your daily contacts by storing their name, number, email, and other information in your phone Use the following procedure to store a new contact to your using the People feature.
  • Page 47: Editing An Existing Contact

    Editing an Existing Contact Touch phone then touch the Phone number field. The numerical keypad displays. Enter a number. When editing an existing contact, you can touch a field and change or delete the information, or you can add additional fields Touch the Phone number type field and select a number to the contact’s list of information.
  • Page 48: Deleting Contacts

    Deleting Contacts Use the following procedure to create a new group of your contacts. You can delete contacts from your phone's memory. To delete From the Home screen, touch People any People entry: From the Together menu, touch From the Home screen, touch People Touch Group.
  • Page 49: Group Options

    Group Options Using Your People List Dialing or Messaging from People Once you have created a group, there are several options available for editing, deleting, and so on. Once you have stored phone numbers in your People, you can From the Home screen, touch People .
  • Page 50 Searching for People Touch the contact you want to call or message. Touch call mobile to make a phone call or text to send a You can also find a contact in your People list by using the Search option. message.
  • Page 51: Linking People

    Linking People From the Home screen, touch People Linking People Information Touch a contact name (the name you want to link to another entry). Typically, this is the same contact with a Many people now maintain multiple email accounts, social different name or account information.
  • Page 52: Synchronizing Accounts

    Unlinking People Touch an account type to add. Select Outlook, Hotmail, From the Home screen, touch People Backup Assistant Plus, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or advanced setup (used for accounts that use Exchange Touch a contact name (the account name from which you ActiveSync).
  • Page 53: People Options

    People Options Additional People Options You can access several options while viewing the details page for Depending on your settings, additional information from accounts a specific entry. such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn displays on the profile pages of your contacts. From the Home screen, touch People From your people list, touch a contact entry.
  • Page 54: Recent Activities

    Recent Activities From the recent screen, you can see the contacts that you viewed last. From the Home screen, touch People Sweep your screen to the left twice to display the recent screen. Touch a contact to see their profile. DRAFT FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY...
  • Page 55: Section 6: Multimedia

    Section 6: Multimedia Music + Videos This section explains how to use the multimedia features of your phone, including Music Player, Video Player, Gallery, Camera, and This section explains how to access music, videos, podcasts, and Camcorder. radio on your phone. Navigate the Music + Video app as follows: Xbox Music Pass From the Home screen, touch Music + Videos...
  • Page 56: Playing Music

    Playing Music Adding new music and videos From the Home screen, touch To add new music and videos with your Xbox Music Pass: Music + Videos From the Home screen, touch Sweep left across the screen to view the collection menu. Music + Videos Touch music.
  • Page 57: Playing Videos

    Playing videos Touch the song that you want to play. Song details such as artist and time information (time played and time To play videos from the Music + Videos app: remaining) are displayed. From the Home screen, touch Music + Videos The following music controls are available: Sweep left across the screen to view the collection menu.
  • Page 58 Podcasts The following video controls are available: From the Home screen, touch Music + Videos Pause the video. Sweep left across the screen to view the collection menu. Touch podcasts. Podcasts are organized by audio and video. Start the video after being paused. A thumbnail, the podcast name, the category, and the date created are displayed for each file.
  • Page 59 The following podcast controls are available: Sweep across the screen to the right or left to view more music categories. Pause the podcast. The choices are: artist of the week, spotlight, new releases, top albums, top artists, and genres. Start the podcast after being paused. •...
  • Page 60 NFL Mobile Uploading To SkyDrive Windows Live SkyDrive provides free storage so you can store NFL Mobile is your source for live NFL video and audio, as well as photos online, share them with the people you choose, and the latest NFL videos, news, statistics and more. Enjoy live NBC access them from any web browser.
  • Page 61 Accessing Pictures and Videos Sweep left across the screen to view the following menus: When you take a photo or shoot a video, the file is saved so you • favorites: Photos added to favorites can set to display on the can view your photos and videos at any time.
  • Page 62: Viewing Pictures

    Thumbnail Options Viewing Pictures When viewing groups of thumbnails, additional options Once you locate the photo you want to view: may be available. Touch one or more thumbnails. A Touch the thumbnail to view the picture. checkmark indicates selection (touch again to deselect). While viewing a photo, touch each side of the photo and Touch Additional options to display the following...
  • Page 63: Viewing Videos

    Touch and hold a video or touchOptions to display the • Save to SkyDrive: Upload the photo to SkyDrive ( see “Uploading following options: To SkyDrive” on page 56 • share...: Share the photo with others. Options are: • apps: Edit the photo with your installed photo editing apps. –...
  • Page 64 Camera Note: If no control icons are displayed on the screen in addition to This section explains how to use the camera and the camcorder the video, touch anywhere on the screen to display them. on your phone. You can take photographs and shoot videos by using the built-in camera functionality.
  • Page 65 Camera and Camcorder Mode To activate the camera mode: From the Home screen, touch To toggle between Camera and Camcorder mode: Camera – or – Touch the Camera or Camcorder Mode icon ( Press the Camera key Once you change the mode, the corresponding settings appear. “Camera and Camcorder Settings”...
  • Page 66 Lenses If desired, before taking the photo, you can touch Options to access various photo and video settings. For more Your camera can scan barcodes, QR Codes, Microsoft Tags, “Camera and Camcorder Settings” information, refer to books, CD’s, and other DVD’s and instantly retreive information about these products using specialty apps called Lenses.
  • Page 67 Bing Vision Shooting Videos From the Home screen, touch Camera Tip: When shooting video in direct sunlight or in bright conditions, – or – it is recommended that you provide your subject with Press the Camera key ( sufficient light by having the light source behind you. Touch Lenses ( Bing Vision.
  • Page 68: Camera And Camcorder Settings

    Camera and Camcorder Settings For video options, touch Options video settings... For photo options, touch Options The following options are available: photo settings... The following options are available: • White Balance: Set this option to one of the following choices: •...
  • Page 69 Photo Editor Assigning an Image To a Contact The Camera is also used to create an image that can be assigned Photo Editor is the ultimate photo editor for your Windows Phone, to the profile of one of your contacts or to your Me profile. combining an easy interface and professional grade tools and effects.
  • Page 70: Slacker Radio

    Slacker Radio Touch Color to change the photo’s overall color. Options are Original, Auto adjustment, Brightness, Listen to your personal Slacker radio station on your phone. Contrast, Saturation, Adjust RGB, Temperature, Exposure, Note: You must have a Slacker account to use the Slacker Radio Hue, Darken, and Lighten.
  • Page 71: Section 7: Messaging

    Section 7: Messaging Creating and Sending Text Messages This section describes how to send and receive different types of messages. It also includes the features and functionality To create a new message and send it to another mobile phone or associated with messaging.
  • Page 72: Voice To Text Messages

    Voice to Text Messages Touch the button to add additional recipients from your People list. Each contact is placed in the To field To create a new message using your voice: separated by a semicolon (;). Create a new message and add recipients in the To field. –...
  • Page 73: Creating And Sending Multimedia Messages

    Creating and Sending Multimedia Messages Messaging Conversations A multimedia message is a message that contains a picture Any messages you have sent or received can be viewed in the attachment. To create a multimedia message and send it to Messaging threads list. another mobile phone or an email address: Sent and received text, picture, and online messages are From the Home screen, touch Messaging...
  • Page 74 Viewing a Video Attachment An entry for conversations with multiple recipients starts by indicating the number of recipients (such as To view a video attached to a message: 3 recipients) and then the recipients are listed. Touch an entry in the Messaging conversations list. Locate the message box that contains the video Touch an entry in the list.
  • Page 75 Deleting a Messaging Conversation Touch delete to delete the message or touch cancel to return to Messaging conversations. To delete a Messaging conversation: From the Home screen, touch Messaging Forwarding a Message – or – To forward a message in a Messaging conversation: Touch and hold the message box that contains the Touch Messaging...
  • Page 76 Online Messaging Touching any option other than offline causes your device to check and list who is online. Any contact who has a Once you sign in to Windows Live™, you have access to Windows Live email address is listed along with their Windows Live Messenger and you can chat with friends online.
  • Page 77: Messaging Settings

    Messaging Settings Setting Up an Email Account To set up an email account: To view and change messaging settings: From the Home screen, touch Email setup From the Home screen, touch Messaging – or – – or – From the Home screen, touch (Email) and then touch Touch Messaging...
  • Page 78 Enter your email address in the Email address field. Note: If you are not sure which option to choose, check with your Enter your password in the Password field. service provider. Touch sign in. If your email information is found, your account On the Exchange ActiveSync screen, enter the Domain and information is saved.
  • Page 79 Checking Your Email Email Folder Options When you have new email, a number displays in the Email icon The Inbox is one of many email folders. The options available on the Home screen. To check your email: while viewing a folder are located at the bottom of the screen. From the Home screen, touch the email icon (for example, The options are: Hotmail...
  • Page 80 • folders: Display folders. Touch show all folders to display a Touch use light background for email to use a light list of folders: inbox, drafts, outbox, sent items, deleted background while viewing emails. items, and so on. • Touch to save your changes.
  • Page 81 Reading Emails Creating and Sending an Email When you touch an email entry in a folder, such as the Inbox, the To create a new email message and send it to another email email displays. Sweep up and down the screen to move through address: the email.
  • Page 82 Adding a Windows Live Account Note: Each additional recipient entry must be separated by a When you set up a Windows Live account, you are doing more semicolon (;). than just setting up an email account. You can get apps, play Xbox LIVE games, and other things, too.
  • Page 83 Email Account Settings • Download email from: Allows you to limit the email downloaded to Once your Hotmail or email account is set up, you may want to your phone for this account. Possible values are: the last 3 days, adjust some of your settings.
  • Page 84 Deleting an Email Account Note: Some fields on this screen should not be changed without To delete email accounts other than Windows Live: consulting your service provider. From the Home screen, touch Settings Syncing Your Email Account system email + accounts. Touch and hold the email account that you want to delete.
  • Page 85 Creating Linked Inboxes To create linked inboxes: From the Home screen, touch Email for one of the email accounts that you want to link and then touch linked inboxes. This inbox and other inboxes to which it can be linked are displayed. Touch one or more of the other inboxes that you want to link to this inbox.
  • Page 86: Section 8: Changing Your Settings

    Section 8: Changing Your Settings This section explains the sound and phone settings for your Touch the New text or IM field, choose an alert type, and phone. It includes such settings as: display, security, memory, touch and any extra settings associated with your phone. Touch the New voicemail field, choose an alert type, and The Settings menu is divided into System settings and touch...
  • Page 87 Settings system theme Background dark light Note: Note: light Settings system internet sharing Accent color sharing Settings system email + accounts add an account...
  • Page 88 Lock screen Touch the Choose an app to show detailed status field to select which app displays detailed activity when the lock From this menu you can change the background, set a time-out screen that locks the phone after a specific amount of time, and screen is active.
  • Page 89 Wi-Fi Touch the Confirm password field and re-enter the 4-digit password. Touch Show password to display the password From the Home screen, touch Settings as you type. Touch done to confirm. Under system settings, touch Wi-Fi. After you create a password, touch change password to Touch and slide the Wi-Fi networking slider to the right to create a new password.
  • Page 90 Bluetooth Airplane mode From the Home screen, touch . U n d e r Airplane mode allows you to use many of your phone’s features, Settings system settings, touch Bluetooth. such as Camera, Games, and more, when you are in an airplane or in any other area where making or receiving calls or data is Touch and slide the Status slider to the right to turn prohibited.
  • Page 91 Cellular Touch the Network selection field and select automatic, any available network, or search again. Enabling this feature allows you to use data features even when you are roaming. Touch the For limited Wi-Fi connectivity field and select use cellular data or don’t use cellular data. Important! Roaming charges may apply when using data features.
  • Page 92 Kid’s corner Battery Saver Kid’s corner gives parents a restricted area on your phone where To conserve battery power, your phone can turn off some you can share apps, videos, games, and music with your child. services to help preserve your battery.Calls and texts will still be They’ll have a Start screen of their own and easy access to the received, but apps only run when you open them and emails items you add there.
  • Page 93 Backup Touch SD card to see the amount of space used for music and videos, pictures, other, as well as free space Certain information on your phone can be automatically backed remaining. The SD card may also be prepared for removal up to the cloud (data storage available on the Internet such as SkyDrive), guarding you against possible data loss.
  • Page 94 Manually Setting the Time and Date Touch photos to backup your photos and videos to Touch and slide the Set automatically slider to the left to SkyDrive. turn it Off. • For photos, select Don’t upload, Good quality (may use data Touch the Time zone field and select a time zone from the plan), or Best quality (needs Wi-Fi).
  • Page 95 Keyboard Note: Some languages may require a software download to fully This setting controls which languages the keyboard supports, as support these keyboard options. well as how the keyboard interacts when typing (such as capitalizing the first letter of a sentence, correcting misspelled Touch advanced for addtional options: words, suggesting words when misspelled words are detected, •...
  • Page 96 Speech Touch the Regional format field and select a regional format. These settings enable speech recognition over the network, using speech when the phone is locked, and playing audio as a Touch the Browser & search language field and select a confirmation.
  • Page 97 Touch Enable Speech Recognition Service to send the words On the Find My Phone web page, you can: • you speak and supporting data, including recent contact Find it: Lets you to see your phone's approximate location on a map. •...
  • Page 98 Phone update Company apps From the Home screen, touch . Under Some companys offer policies, certificates, and apps that help Settings system settings, touch phone update. Updates are you connect to your company’s network. automatically located and installed. From the Home screen, touch .
  • Page 99: Call Blocking

    Additional Call Settings Caution! After resetting your phone, you must not remove the This setting provides access to additional call settings, based battery until rebooting is complete. upon your cellular plan. See your cellular service provider for more information. Not all options are available with all plans. From the Home screen, touch .
  • Page 100: Extra Settings

    Contacts Import Touch add from contacts to select a contact to block. You can import contacts from your previous phone via Bluetooth. From the Home screen, touch . Under • Touch a contact. Settings system settings, touch contacts import. • Select a phone number (if the contact has more than one). Enable Bluetooth on each phone and set each phone to be •...
  • Page 101 Haptic feedback Settings applications background tasks Settings system Backup Assistant Plus advanced View Terms and Conditions next Settings system APNs Settings save applications data sense set limit Limit type None specified One time Monthly Unlimited • One time: Touch the Days until data expires field and select a number of days.
  • Page 102 Internet Explorer • Monthly: Touch the Monthly reset date field and select a day. From this menu you can configure your internet settings to allow Touch the Montly data limit field and enter a size limit. Touch the cookies on the device, allow Bing to suggest web addresses, and Units field and select the MB or GB.
  • Page 103 Touch delete history delete to remove all previous map Touch add mms apn to configure: searches and temporary files from your phone. • Touch the APN field to enter an APN. Touch Privacy Statement to view the statement. • Touch the User name field to enter a user name. Messaging •...
  • Page 104 Music + videos Touch suggestions to get ideas for apps, games, things to do, and more: This menu allows you to connect with Xbox Music and configure your account settings. • Touch Use Facebook too and follow the online prompts to From the Home screen, touch .
  • Page 105 People Under Sort list by, determine how you want to sort contacts. Touch First name or Last name. The People menu allows you to configure how your contacts display in the phone book. This option also allows you to import Under Display names by, determine how to display names SIM contacts.
  • Page 106 Phone Important! This Voicemail number is configured to dial your The phone menu allows you to configure phone settings such as carrier’s voicemail box. Please check with your carrier your voicemail number, international assistance, and SIM before changing the number. security.
  • Page 107 Photos + camera Auto upload of pictures and videos Touch SkyDrive to set pictures and videos you take to be This menu allows you to configure how the camera is activated, automatically uploaded to SkyDrive. This option uses your what information is saved to a photo, and whether photos are automatically uploaded to SkyDrive.
  • Page 108 Search Touch the SafeSearch field and select off, moderate, or strict. The Search menu allow you to perform a better search, get Touch Allow search button from lock screen to turn this suggestions from Bing, or delete search history. option On. From the Home screen, touch .
  • Page 109 Wallet Touch suggestions to get ideas for apps, games, things to do, and more: The Search menu allow you to perform a better search, get suggestions from Bing, or delete search history. • Touch Use Facebook too and follow the online prompts to From the Home screen, touch .
  • Page 110: Section 9: Connections

    Section 9: Connections This section describes the various connections your phone can make including accessing the Internet with your Browser, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Connecting your PC. Internet Explorer Your phone is equipped with Internet Explorer—your access to the mobile web. This section explains how to navigate and introduces you to the basic features.
  • Page 111 Zooming In and Out on the Browser Search the Internet Sweep two fingers outwards at the same time to zoom in or To perform an internet search using keywords, follow these sweep two fingers together to zoom out. See the diagram below. steps: From the homepage, touch The Bing search screen displays.
  • Page 112: Editing Favorites

    Favorites Editing Favorites From any webpage, touch favorites, then touch While navigating a website, you can make it a Favorite site to quickly and easily access it at a future time. The URLs (website and hold the favorite you want to edit. addresses) of the Favorite sites are displayed in the Favorites On the drop-down list box, touch edit.
  • Page 113 Recent Browsing History Browser Options From any webpage, touch to access the following The Recent page provides you with a list of the most recently visited websites. These entries can be used to return to options: previously unmarked web pages. •...
  • Page 114: Section 10: Applications

    Internet Explorer Settings Advanced Browser Settings From the Home screen, touch . Under From this menu you can configure your internet settings to allow Settings applications settings, touch Internet Explorer. cookies on the device, allow Bing to suggest web addresses, and set whether you want the browser to display as a mobile device Touch advanced settings for addtional options.
  • Page 115 Wi-Fi Touch the Open links from other apps in field and select a new tab or the current tab. About Wi-Fi Touch Allow sites to store files on my phone to turn this wireless fidelity Wi-Fi (short for ) is a term used for certain types option On.
  • Page 116 Connect To a Wi-Fi Network • Touch Send information about Wi-Fi connections to help From the Home screen, touch . Under Settings discover nearby Wi-Fi to turn this option On. system settings, touch Wi-Fi. • Touch Keep Wi-Fi on when the screen times out to turn this Make sure Wi-Fi has been turned on.
  • Page 117 Bluetooth Wi-Fi Status Indicators About Bluetooth The following icons show your Wi-Fi connection status at a glance: Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology that allows you to connect wirelessly to a number of Bluetooth Displays when Wi-Fi is connected, active, and devices, such as headsets and hands-free car kits, and communicating with a Wireless Access Point (WAP).
  • Page 118 Bluetooth Status Indicator The external device then has to also accept the connection and enter your device’s PIN code. icon displays at the top of your screen when Bluetooth is active and your phone is connected with a Bluetooth device. Once successfully connected to an external device, Connecting Bluetooth Devices appears at the top of your screen and connected appears...
  • Page 119 PC Connections Disconnecting Bluetooth Devices Disconnecting a connected device breaks the connection There are several ways available to transfer music, videos, between the device and your phone, but retains the knowledge of photos, and other files between your phone and PC, such as the connection.
  • Page 120 Important! Tip: Location of Internal GPS Antenna (Back view of phone)
  • Page 121 Alarms Turning Off an Alarm To turn off an alarm when it sounds: The Alarms application allows you to access and set alarms. Setting a New Alarm Touch dismiss on your display to stop the alarm. From the Home screen, touch –...
  • Page 122 Calculator Calendar The Calculator application provides basic arithmetic functions: With the Calendar feature, you can consult the calendar by day or addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can also month. You can also create appointments and have them store numbers in memory. displayed on your agenda.
  • Page 123 Appointments Delete an Appointment To delete an appointment: The agenda screen displays all events that you have added for all dates in the order that they appear. From the agenda screen, touch any appointment to display Create a New Appointment the Appointment details screen.
  • Page 124 Edit a To-Do Calendar Settings To edit a to-do entry: To set calendar settings: From the to-do screen, touch any to-do entry to display the From the Home screen, touch Calendar To-Do details screen. Settings Touch edit Touch any account to display their calendar. The EDIT TO-DO screen displays.
  • Page 125: Data Sense

    Data Sense Games This app finds more efficient ways to use cellular data (such as You can shop for new games, install games you buy on your only downloading certain data while connected to Wi-Fi) and phone, and play them with the Games feature. displays your usage.
  • Page 126 Getting More Games Joining and Accessing Xbox LIVE To buy more games and install them on your phone: To access Xbox LIVE, you need a set up a free Xbox account and get a player ID. From the Home screen, touch Games collection From the Home screen, touch Games get more games to go to the Games Store.
  • Page 127: Live Wallpaper

    Live Wallpaper After joining Xbox LIVE, the requests screen displays with game information such as game invitations and turn notifications. It Live Wallpaper can change your lock screen background also allows you to play a game and invite others to play it periodically to 12 photos of your choice.
  • Page 128: Local Scout

    Local Scout Sweep up or down each list of details and touch a detail item. Possible items are: Use Local Scout to find cool restaurants, sights, and shops. Then buy tickets or make reservations on the spot. • address: The street and street number, city, state, and ZIP code. From the Home screen, touch Local Scout .
  • Page 129 Maps Enabling Use My Location Before you use Maps to find your location, you must enable Use Depending on your location, you can use Maps to view basic, my location. To enable the location source: custom, and satellite maps. The Maps application also allows you to obtain, with your wireless device, navigation instructions From the Home screen, touch Maps...
  • Page 130: Delete History

    Navigating the Map Map Options Zooming At the bottom of the screen, the following controls are available: • Double-tap on the screen to zoom in. scout: Launches Local Scout. F or more information, refer • “Local Scout” on page 124. Use two fingers, such as your index finger and thumb, to zoom out by making an inward pinch directions: Use the keypad to enter an end location then...
  • Page 131 Nearby Places of Interest show traffic: Displays real-time traffic conditions so you After you ask for directions or search for a location: can plan the fastest route. hide traffic turns this option off. Touch My location (start) or the destination location (end) favorite places: Displays your favorite places.
  • Page 132 Messaging Adding a New Diary Entry Touch New to create a diary entry. The Messaging feature allows you to send online messages, text messages, and multimedia messages to other phones and email Touch Tap to add photo or touch photo to add a addresses.
  • Page 133 Use my location Note: Note: My Mobile Samsung Privacy Statement Microsoft Privacy Statement Require a password to enter MiniDiary Back up on SkyDrive Restore from SkyDrive Allow “Now” to use your location? Samsung Privacy statement Microsoft Privacy statement Cancel...
  • Page 134 Select Cities for Weather Reporting In the Temperature Unit field, choose your temperature Touch display preference by touching ºC (Centigrade) or ºF cities. (Fahrenheit). Touch Add a city In the System of Measurement field, choose your Type a city name using the keypad, touch , and then preference for displaying measurements by touching touch the correct city.
  • Page 135 Accessing the News Screen Touch Auto refresh when application starts to refresh your Sweep your screen to the left. The news screen displays. stocks information each time you start the Now application. In the Display stocks by field, choose Stock To refresh the news, touch name or Stock symbol.
  • Page 136 Touch settings to display the following screens: • Touch the Excel Sample document to view general information • sections: Check the up to three items that you want to display on about Excel, which lets you view, edit, and create Microsoft Excel the Now front page.
  • Page 137 Phone Adding a Document or Note To add a note or an office document: The Phone application allows you to make or answer a call. It also includes the features and functionality associated with Touch new “Call making or answering a call. For more information, refer to Follow the on-screen instructions to add an office Functions”...
  • Page 138 It includes such settings as: sound, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, accounts, display, security, memory, and any Touch Samsung Zone, apps, games, music, or podcasts. extra settings associated with your phone. For more information, – or –...
  • Page 139 Wallet The Wallet app stores credit or debit cards, Micr oft gift cards, PayPal account information, and other payment options, giving you quick and easy access when purchasing online or in stores. To access the Wallet feature: From the Home screen, touch Wallet Touch add to enter card information.
  • Page 140: Section 11: Health And Safety Information

    Section 11: Health and Safety Information The low levels of RF cell phones emit while in use are in the This section outlines the safety precautions associated with using microwave frequency range. They also emit RF at substantially your phone. The terms “mobile device” or “cell phone” are used reduced time intervals when in the stand-by mode.
  • Page 141 While RF energy does not ionize particles, large amounts can Results of this study did NOT show that cell phones caused brain increase body temperatures and cause tissue damage. Two cancer. In this study, most people had no increased risk of brain areas of the body, the eyes and the testes, are particularly cancer from using cell phones.
  • Page 142 Risk of Brain Cancer from Exposure to Radio Frequency Fields • Support-needed research on possible biological effects of RF for in Childhood and Adolescence (MOBI-KIDS) the type of signal emitted by cell phones; MOBI-KIDS is an international study investigating the relationship •...
  • Page 143 Hands-Free Kits Studies have shown that these products generally do not work as ® advertised. Unlike “hands-free” kits, these so-called “shields” Hands-free kits may include audio or Bluetooth headsets and may interfere with proper operation of the phone. The phone may various types of body-worn accessories such as belt-clips and be forced to boost its power to compensate, leading to an holsters.
  • Page 144 Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Certification Additional information on the safety of RF exposures from various Information sources can be obtained from the following organizations (updated 10/1/2010): Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is • FCC RF Safety Program: designed and manufactured not to exceed the exposure limits for
  • Page 145 Pursuant to part 15.21 of the F CC Rules, you are cautioned that and that positions the mobile device a minimum of 1.0 cm from changes or modifications not expressly approved by Samsung the body. could void your authority to operate the device.
  • Page 146: Smart Practices While Driving

    Samsung is committed to promoting However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in responsible driving and giving drivers the tools they need to a particular installation.
  • Page 147: Battery Use And Safety

    Samsung, even if they appear to be working Never use wireless data services such as text messaging, Web properly.
  • Page 148 Samsung-authorized service WARNING! center. Use of a non-Samsung-approved battery or charger may present a • Avoid dropping the cell phone. Dropping the phone or the battery, risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or other hazard. Samsung's...
  • Page 149: Samsung Mobile Products And Recycling

    Recycling programs for your mobile device, batteries, and accessories may not be available in your area. usactivities_environment_samsungrecyclingdirect.html?INT=STA_r We've made it easy for you to recycle your old Samsung mobile ecyle_your_phone_page and follow the instructions to print out device by working with respected take-back companies in every a free pre-paid postage label and then send your old mobile state in the country.
  • Page 150: Ul Certified Travel Charger

    Follow local regulations regarding disposal of mobile devices THE PROPER CONFIGURATION FOR THE POWER and batteries OUTLET. Dispose of your mobile device and batteries in accordance with THIS POWER UNIT IS INTENDED TO BE CORRECTLY local regulations. In some areas, the disposal of these items in ORIENTED IN A VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL OR FLOOR household or business trash may be prohibited.
  • Page 151 AGPS has limitations and might not work in your area. Therefore: • Certain Samsung mobile devices can also use an Assisted Global Always tell the emergency responder your location to the best of your Positioning System (AGPS), which obtains information from the ability;...
  • Page 152 Emergency calls may not be possible on all wireless mobile device networks or when certain network services and/or mobile Keep your Samsung Mobile Device away from: device features are in use. Check with local service providers. Liquids of any kind Keep the mobile device dry.
  • Page 153: Responsible Listening

    Damage to hearing occurs when a person is exposed to loud Extreme heat or cold sounds over time. The risk of hearing loss increases as sound is Avoid temperatures below 0°C / 32°F or above 45°C / 113°F. played louder and for longer durations. Prolonged exposure to Microwaves loud sounds (including music) is the most common cause of Do not try to dry your mobile device in a microwave oven.
  • Page 154 • Set the volume in a quiet environment and select the lowest volume at You can obtain additional information on this subject from the following sources: which you can hear adequately. • Be aware that you can adapt to higher volume settings over time, not American Academy of Audiology realizing that the higher volume may be harmful to your hearing.
  • Page 155: Operating Environment

    Using Your Mobile Device Near Other Electronic Devices National Institute for Occupational Safety and Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from Radio Health (NIOSH) Frequency (RF) signals. However, certain electronic equipment 395 E Street, S.W., Suite 9200 may not be shielded against the RF signals from your wireless Patriots Plaza Building mobile device.
  • Page 156 Potentially Explosive Environments For more information see: faqs.html#. Switch your mobile device off when in any area with a potentially Other Medical Devices explosive atmosphere and obey all signs and instructions. Sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in bodily If you use any other personal medical devices, consult the injury or even death.
  • Page 157: Other Important Safety Information

    Restricting Children's Access to Your Mobile any unauthorized accessories may be dangerous and void the Device mobile device warranty if said accessories cause damage or a defect to the mobile device. Your mobile device is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with Although your mobile device is quite sturdy, it is a complex piece it because they could hurt themselves and others, damage the of equipment and can be broken.
  • Page 158 • • For vehicles equipped with an air bag, remember that an air bag Reduce risk of repetitive motion injuries. When you repetitively inflates with great force. Do not place objects, including installed or perform actions, such as pressing keys, drawing characters on a portable wireless equipment near or in the area over the air bag or in touch screen with your fingers, or playing games, you may experience the air bag deployment area.
  • Page 159: Section 12: Warranty Information

    (i) the battery has been charged by dampness, sand or dirt, neglect, or unusual physical, electrical or a battery charger not specified or approved by SAMSUNG for FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Warranty Information...
  • Page 160 (iii) the battery has the serial number of the Product and the seller’s name and been used in equipment other than the SAMSUNG phone for address. which it is specified.
  • Page 162 You may opt out of this dispute resolution procedure by providing interpretation and application of this arbitration provision and the notice to SAMSUNG no later than 30 calendar days from the date of Limited Warranty. the first consumer purchaser’s purchase of the Product. To opt out, you must send notice by e-mail to, with...
  • Page 163 (“EULA”) is a legal agreement between you (either an individual To avoid unintended information leaks and other problems of this or a single entity) and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. for software sort, it is recommended that the device be returned to Samsung’s owned by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Page 164 Software. The transfer may not be an indirect transfer, such as a consignment. Prior to the transfer, the 4. CONSENT TO USE OF DATA. You agree that Samsung and its end user receiving the Software must agree to all the EULA affiliates may collect and use technical information gathered as terms.
  • Page 165 License will terminate automatically without for any damage or loss caused or alleged to caused by, or in notice from Samsung if you fail to comply with any of the terms connection with, use of or reliance on any such third-party and conditions of this EULA.
  • Page 167 14. ENTIRE AGREEMENT; SEVERABILITY. This EULA is the entire FAILS ITS ESSENTIAL PURPOSE. agreement between you and Samsung relating to the Software 12. U.S. Government End Users Restricted Rights. The Software and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral or written is licensed only with "restricted rights"...
  • Page 168: Section 13: Samsung Product Registration

    Section 13: Samsung Product Registration Sign Up Now Customize your Samsung phone experience • Activate product warranty • Access to a personalized My Samsung Mobile account • No monthly fees Get More • Latest info on promotions, events and special offers on related products •...
  • Page 169 Additional call settings Calculator Alarms Calendar Alphabetic Mode Call blocking APNs Call Functions Applications Background tasks Backup Battery Battery Use & Safety Bing Search Browser Camcorder...
  • Page 170 Camera Entering Text accessing pictures and videos 64 changing the text entry mode 32 Health and Safety Information 136 picture folder 64 portrait or landscape 29 Help + Tips 123 taking pictures 61 using alphabetic mode 32 using 60 using symbol/numeric mode 33 Icons 17 Care and Maintenance 148 Exposure to Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Page 171 Local Scout Lock screen Navigation Locking and Unlocking Phone storage the Phone Phone Update Numeric Mode Phone update Photo Editor Maps Office Photo Studio Menu Navigation OneNote Photos Messaging Operating Environment Photos + camera OS Version Pictures Other Important Safety Information Powering on or off MiniDiary...
  • Page 172 Travel Charger Troubleshooting Samsung Mobile Products and Recycling Search Settings UL Certified Travel Charger Settings, Changing Understanding Your Phone SIM Card Smart Practices While Driving Unmute Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Certification Information Videos, Viewing Speech Engine Voice Mail Setup Standard Limited Warranty...

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