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Install The Handsfree In The Car - Nokia HF-6W User Manual

Wireless plug-in car handsfree
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Install the handsfree in the car

To be able to function properly the handsfree needs to be
connected to the cigarette lighter socket of a car, and
there needs to be power generated by the car battery.
Insert the handsfree into the cigarette lighter socket of
your car. Make sure that the handsfree is properly locked
in place, and does not interfere with the normal
operation of the car.
Note also that in some car models the cigarette lighter
socket is powered by the car battery even when the car is
not running. In those cases the car battery might be
discharged if the handsfree is left on, or if the handsfree
is turned off but connected to the cigarette lighter socket
for a long time. Contact the vehicle manufacturer for
further detailed information about the vehicle in



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