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Cycle Options; Additional Options; Control Lock - GE GTW755 Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

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Table of Contents
Getting started
Individual settings for agitation (Soil), water temperature (Temp), and spin (Spin) can be set from the minimum (lowest in
column) to maximum (highest in column). In general, the higher up the column, the more washer energy will be used.
NOTE: Longer Spin times typically reduce dryer time/energy usage (i.e. reduces total energy when using both a washer and
a dryer).

Cycle Options

Deep Fill
Select the Deep Fill feature for loads where extra water is needed.
loads only, not for typical use.
Press the Deep Fill button once before starting the cycle to add an incremental amount of water to the wash load. Holding the
Deep Fill button for 3 seconds will provide the deepest fill level possible; this will increase cycle time due to the additional time it
takes to fill the washer.
To cancel the option if desired, press the Deep Fill button again.
NOTE: The Deep Fill button can also be pressed after the washer has completed filling and is in the wash phase if additional
water is desired. To stop the extra fill, press the Deep Fill button again and the water will stop.
Warm Rinse
Provides a warm rinse to your wash load. Note that rinsing operations may be different with this operation selected in order to
effectively apply the warm rinse water to your load.
Auto Soak
This option begins with a brief agitation, soaks for a specified period of time, then moves through the rest of the cycle
automatically. Repeated pressing of the Soak button will scroll through 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour and 2 hour selections and
then return back to 0 soak minutes.
Deep Rinse
Set this option to provide a deep rinse or when using fabric softener. It may change other settings (e.g. Spin may go to a higher
setting) to maximize performance.
Delay Wash
When the Delay Wash button is repeatedly pressed, the delay time is set from 1 (01H) to 9 (09H) hours and back to clear (00H)
hours. If you press and hold the Delay Wash button for 3 seconds, it will immediately reset.
Extra Rinse
When you use extra detergent or bleach to clean heavily soiled clothes, use the Extra Rinse option to better remove additional
residues. NOTE: This option is not allowed for some cycles.

Additional Options

My Cycle Settings
As the cycle selector knob is turned, the Temp, Soil and Spin settings change to automatic pre-set default settings for each
cycle. If you desire different default settings, select the desired options or changes to the cycle settings, then press and hold
the My Cycle button for 3 seconds to store them. The My Cycle button will light when active. In the future, when you
turn the selector knob to that cycle, your settings will be automatically recalled. To restore the factory defaults temporarily
(i.e. for this load), press the My Cycle button for 1/2 second. The My Cycle light will turn off and the factory defaults will
load. However, the next time you select this cycle, your My Cycle settings will load. If you wish to permanently restore the
factory default settings for the cycle; when the My Cycle is active (button light on) press and hold the My Cycle button for 3
seconds. The factory defaults will load for the selected cycle and the My Cycle light will turn off. The default settings will load
when this cycle is selected in the future and the My Cycle light will remain off. NOTE: My Cycle saves the following options:
Temp, Soil, Spin, Extra Rinse, Deep Fill, Warm Rinse, Auto Soak, Deep Rinse and Stain Removal Guide.
Volume (on some models)
Use the Volume button to change the volume of the end of cycle signal and other system tones. Press the button until you reach
the desired volume (high, medium, low) or off.

Control Lock

Use the control lock before or during a cycle to prevent any selections from being made.
To lock/unlock the washer controls, press and hold the Warm Rinse and Auto Soak buttons for 3 seconds. The control lock
icon will light up when it is on. NOTE: The Power button can still be used when the machine is locked.
The Deep Fill feature is recommended for special case

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Table of Contents

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