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Cycle Options; Additional Options - GE G017 Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
Operating instructions.

Cycle Options

Time Saver
Reduces overall washer cycle time by optimizing the wash, rinse and spin actions and/or gently raising the wash temperature to get
clothes cleaned faster. This option is available on Speedwash, Delicates, Heavy Duty, Jeans, Dark Colors, Whites, Normal
/Light Colors
and Towels/Sheets cycles.
Deep Rinse
Set this option to provide a deep rinse or when manually adding fabric softener to the rinse cycle. NOTE: This option is not allowed for some
cycles. When allowed, it may change other settings (e.g. Spin may go to a higher setting) to maximize performance.
Extra Rinse
When you use extra detergent or bleach to clean heavily soiled clothes, use the Extra Rinse option to better remove additional residues.
NOTE: This option is not allowed for some cycles.
This option begins with a brief agitation, soaks for a specified period of time, then moves through the rest of the cycle automatically.
Repeated pressing of the Soak button will add 15 minutes, then 30 minutes and then return back to 0 soak minutes.
Set this option to add liquid pretreatment - OR- liquid bleach in the next load. Press once to indicate adding pretreatment (light on above
button), twice to specify bleach (light on below button), three times to turn off (no light). Pretreatment or bleach will be added at the optimal
time during the wash cycle (differs for pretreatment or bleach).
NOTE: Do NOT use pretreatment and bleach in the same load. If you forget to dispense (did not press button once or twice), you can flush
out the dispenser by pouring water into the compartment and running a Quick Rinse cycle to remove from the basket.
Delay Wash
When the Delay Wash button is repeatedly pressed, the delay time is set from 1 (01H) to 9 (09H) hours and back to clear (00H) hours. If you
press and hold the Delay Wash button for 3 seconds, it will immediately reset.
Deep Clean
Increases the target temperature from the standard target. The system monitors water temperature at times during the wash cycle.
If the temperature drops too much, the system will compensate by adding short soaks or extending agitation time, depending
upon the cycle, to deliver a deep clean.
Efficiency Monitor
The Efficiency Monitor lights will light to indicate that the most efficient settings are on. If you change settings, the number of Efficiency
Monitor lights will decrease (or increase) to indicate decreased (or increased) energy efficiency settings.

Additional Options

My Cycle Settings
As the cycle selector knob is turned, the Soil, Temp and Spin settings change to automatic pre-set default settings. If you desire a different
setting, select the desired options or changes to cycle settings. Press and hold the My Cycle Settings button for 3 seconds, the washer will
save these settings for that cycle and the My Cycle Settings button will light when active. In the future, when you turn the selector knob to
that cycle, your settings will be automatically recalled. To temporarily (i.e. for this load) return to the pre-set default settings, press the My
Cycle Settings button for 1/2 second. The button light will turn off and the options will change back to these defaults. To make these default
settings permanent, hold the My Cycle Settings button again for 3 seconds to make them your preferred settings (the button light will turn
back on). NOTE: My Cycle Settings includes Stain Removal Guide but NOT Delay Wash or Volume - or any bulk dispense options.
To adjust the volume of the unit, press the Volume button to select the desired level. There are four sound levels including OFF.
NOTE: The volume selected is for both the buttons and the end of cycle sound.
Basket Light
The basket light will turn on when the Basket Light button is pressed, the lid is lifted, or the cycle knob is turned. It will stay on for 5 minutes
or until the Basket Light button or Power button is pressed.
Lock Controls
You can lock the controls to prevent any selections from being made. Or you can lock the controls after you have started a cycle. Children
cannot accidentally start the washer by touching buttons with this option selected.
To lock/unlock the washer controls, press and hold the Lock Controls button for 3 seconds. The Locked Controls icon will light up when it is on.
NOTE: The Power button can still be used when the machine is locked.
The SmartDispense™ feature allows you to set your liquid HE (High Efficiency) detergent and/or softener dispensing preferences for
your load. This feature can be used with any wash cycle, except for Quick Rinse, Drain & Spin and Basket Clean cycles.
The SmartDispense™ system automatically dispenses liquid HE (High Efficiency) detergent and/or concentrated liquid fabric
softener into each cycle at the optimal times.
To utilize the SmartDispense™ dispensers, they must first be filled. Although any liquid HE (High Efficiency) laundry detergent
and concentrated liquid fabric softener can be used in the SmartDispense™ system, all liquid HE (High Efficiency) detergents and
concentrated liquid fabric softeners are not the same.
Absolutely do not store liquid chlorine bleach, powder detergent, non-concentrated liquid fabric softener or other
laundry additives in any of the tanks. Use only liquid detergent which has been specifically designed for use in High Efficiency washers.


Table of Contents

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