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Listening To Music Stored On The; Bluetooth Devices - LG FJ7 Owner's Manual

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Listening to music stored on the

Bluetooth devices

Pairing your unit and Bluetooth device
Before you start the pairing procedure, make sure the
Bluetooth feature is activated on your Bluetooth
device. Refer to your Bluetooth device' s user guide.
Once a pairing operation is performed, it does not
need to be performed again.
1. Turn on the unit.
When Bluetooth connection lock is activated,
you can search Bluetooth device in BT function.
2. Operate the Bluetooth device and perform the
pairing operation. When searching for this unit
with the Bluetooth device, a list of the devices
found may appear in the Bluetooth device display
depending on the type of Bluetooth device. Your
unit appears as "LG
y Sees Bluetooth device name of the unit every
10 seconds in BT READY.
y XX means the last two digits of
Bluetooth address. For example, if your
unit has a Bluetooth address such as
9C:02:98:4A:F7:08, you will see "LG
on your Bluetooth device.
y Depending on the Bluetooth device type,
some devices may have a different pairing
process. Enter the PIN code (0000) as
y You can connect this unit with up to 3
Bluetooth devices simultaneously using the
same method as described above, only in the
Bluetooth function.
y The multi pairing connection is only supported
on Android devices. (Multi pairing connection
may not be supported depending on the
connected device specifications.)
y Removable/detachable Bluetooth devices
(Ex: Dongle etc.) will not support multi pairing.
(XX)" .
3. When this unit is successfully connected with
your Bluetooth device, "PAIRED" appears on the
display window and change to Bluetooth device
name soon. Then "BT" will appear on the display
y "PAIRED" will momentarily appear on the
display when you connect other devices for
multi pairing.
y If the device name is unavailable, "_" will be
4. Listen to music.
To play a music stored on your Bluetooth device,
refer to your Bluetooth device' s user guide.
y When using Bluetooth technology, you have
to make a connection between the unit and
the Bluetooth device as close as possible and
keep the distance.
However, it may not work well in certain
situations as described below :
- There is a obstacle between the unit and
the Bluetooth device.
- There is an device using same frequency
with Bluetooth technology such as a
medical equipment, a microwave or a
wireless LAN device.
y You should connect your Bluetooth device to
this unit again when you restart it.
y Even if this unit connected up to 3 Bluetooth
devices in the Bluetooth mode, you can play
and control music by using only one of the
connected devices.


Table of Contents

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