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LG FH6 Owner's Manual

High power speaker system
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Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set and retain it for future reference.



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  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL HIGH POWER SPEAKER SYSTEM Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. MODEL *MFL69492424*
  • Page 2 Getting Started Safety Information CAUTION: Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’ s instructions. Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for CAUTION ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK product and to protect it from over heating.
  • Page 3 Getting Started Symbols The Power Plug is the disconnecting device. In case of an emergency, the Power Plug must remain readily accessible. Refers to alternating current(AC). This device is equipped with a portable battery or Refers to direct current(DC). accumulator. Safety way to remove the batteries or the battery Refers to class II equipment.
  • Page 4: Important Safety

    Getting Started IMPORTANT SAFETY 13. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. INSTRUCTIONS 14. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled 1.
  • Page 5 Responsible Party : particular installation. If this equipment does cause LG Electronics USA, Inc. harmful interference to radio or television reception, 1000 Sylvan Ave which can be determined by turning the equipment...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    – Dimmer Auto power down Operating – AUTO POWER On – Auto function change Basic Operations LG Sound Sync – USB Operations Wireless Party Link Connection – Selecting a folder and an MP3/WMA file – Deleting an MP3/WMA file Playback Effect –...
  • Page 7 Table of Contents Troubleshooting Troubleshooting – General Appendix General specifications Maintenance – Handling the Unit Trademarks and Licenses...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Music Flow Bluetooth is an App designed to let you y File extensions : “ .mp3”/ “ .wma” take control of some of LG’ s latest Audio devices. y Certain MP3/WMA files may not be played Refer to page 24.
  • Page 9: Compatible Usb Devices

    Getting Started Compatible USB Devices y MP3 Player : Flash type MP3 player. y USB Flash Drive : Devices that support USB2.0 or USB1.1. y The USB function of this unit does not support all USB devices. USB device requirement y Devices which require additional program installation when you have connected it to a computer, are not supported.
  • Page 10: Remote Control

    Getting Started Remote control • • • • • • • • • • • • • • a • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1 (Standby/On) : Switches the unit ON or OFF. LIGHTING: - Turns ON/OFF the lighting effects.
  • Page 11 Getting Started • • • • • • • • • • • • • • b • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • c • • • • • • • • • • • • • REPEAT : Listens to your files repeatedly or 0 to 9 numerical buttons : Selects numbered files or randomly.
  • Page 12: Top Panel

    Getting Started Top panel...
  • Page 13 Getting Started i OK a USB Selects a folder when searching a file. You can play or record sound by connecting the USB device. j SEARCH b USB REC / DEMO Moves to folder or file in selection mode. - Records to USB. BLUETOOTH - Shows Demo mode.
  • Page 14: Front Panel / Rear Panel

    Getting Started Front panel / Rear panel a Display window b U (Skip/Search) - Skips forward. - Searches for a section within a file. - Selects the radio stations. c T (Play/Pause) - Starts or pauses playback. - Selects Stereo/Mono (Horizon mode Only) d Y (Skip/Search) - Skips backward.
  • Page 15: How To Place The Unit

    Getting Started > Caution How to place the unit y Do not sit on the unit or push the unit. Otherwise it may result in malfunction and causing personal injury and/ or property Automatically optimize the sound damage. y Do not place the unit on an unstable position It helps automatically optimize the sound to suit the and place the unit at a safe distance from the installation conditions (Horizontal or Vertical).
  • Page 16: Connecting

    Connecting Optional Equipment USB Connection Connection Connect a USB device (or MP3 player, etc.) to the USB ports on the unit. USB device AUX IN Connection Connect an output of auxiliary device (Camcorder, TV, Player, etc) to the AUX IN (L/R) connector. If your device has only one output for audio (mono), connect it to the left audio jack on the unit.
  • Page 17: Antenna Connection

    Connecting Antenna Connection Connect the supplied FM antenna for listening to the radio. Connect the FM wire antenna to the FM antenna connector. FM antenna Note Be sure to fully extend the FM wire antenna.
  • Page 18: Operating

    Operating Note Basic Operations y When you play JUKE BOX list, only RPT 1 and RPT ALL are available. y Even after restarting the unit or switching USB Operations one function to another, you can listen to 1. Connect the USB device to the USB port. music from the point where it’...
  • Page 19: Selecting A Folder And An Mp3/Wma File

    Operating Note Selecting a folder and y USB Folders/Files are recognized as below. an MP3/WMA file On the unit 1. Press SEARCH and rotate SCRATCH / SEARCH & LEVEL CONTROL until a desired file appears. You can also search a folder if you press SEARCH again.
  • Page 20: Deleting An Mp3/Wma File

    Operating Playback Effect Deleting an MP3/WMA file You can delete file, folder or format by pressing DELETE. The unit supports various sound and playback effects : DJ EFFECT, SCRATCH, DJ PRO, AUTO DJ. 1. - Select the file you want to delete and press DELETE.
  • Page 21: Auto Dj

    Operating AUTO DJ DJ PRO Auto DJ blends the end of one song into the It allows you to mix CLUB, DRUM or USER sound beginning of another for seamless playback. It effect. Each mode has up to 3 sounds effect. equalizes volume across files for uninterrupted 1.
  • Page 22: Using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

    2. Operate the Bluetooth device and perform the pairing operation. When searching for this unit with the Bluetooth device, a list of the devices found may appear in the Bluetooth device display depending on the type of Bluetooth device. Your unit appears as “LG FH6 (XX)” .
  • Page 23 If a Bluetooth device is connected when using LG TV, LG TV is disconnected and the Bluetooth device is connected. y When you connect Bluetooth device (iOS device etc.) to this unit or operate the device, the volume level can be synchronized with each other.
  • Page 24: Using The Music Flow Bluetooth App

    Operating Note Using the Music Flow y Make sure that your Bluetooth device is Bluetooth App connected to the Internet. y Make sure that your Bluetooth device has a scanning software application. If you Note don’t have one, download one from “Google y Only Android OS is available to use “Music Android Market (Google Play Store)”...
  • Page 25: Activate Bluetooth With "Music Flow Bluetooth" App

    Operating Activate Bluetooth with “Music Flow Bluetooth” App “Music Flow Bluetooth” app helps to connect your Bluetooth device to this unit. 1. Tap “Music Flow Bluetooth” app icon on the home screen to open “Music Flow Bluetooth” app, and go to the main menu. 2.
  • Page 26: Radio Operations

    Operating Radio Operations Presetting the Radio Stations You can preset 50 stations for FM. Be sure that both FM antenna is connected. (Refer to Before tuning, make sure to turn down the volume. page 17) 1. Press F on the remote control or on the unit until FM appears in the display window.
  • Page 27: Sound Adjustment

    Operating Sound adjustment Setting the USER EQ You can adjust the sound level of Bass, Middle and Treble as your preference. Setting the sound mode 1. Press USER EQ / BASS BLAST on the unit. “USER EQ” is displayed. This system has a number of pre-set surround sound 2.
  • Page 28: Advanced Operations

    Operating Advanced Operations To select recording bit rate 1. Press and hold USB REC / DEMO on the unit or USB REC on the remote control for 3 seconds. Recording to USB 2. Press C/V on the remote control to select a bit rate.
  • Page 29 Operating Note y Do not remove the USB device or turn off the unit during USB recording. If does not, an incomplete file may be made and not deleted on PC. y If USB recording does not work, the message like “NO USB”, “ERROR”, “USB FULL”, “NOT SUPPORT”...
  • Page 30: Juke Box Playback

    Operating JUKE BOX Playback Editing JUKE BOX 1. Press and hold JUKE BOX / MEMORY on the JUKE BOX function enables you to make a playlist of unit to enter the edit mode. your favorite files from a USB device. A playlist of up (Playing will be stopped when you press the to 100 files can be entered.
  • Page 31: Other Operations

    Operating Other Operations Using Microphone 1. Connect your microphone to the MIC jack. 2. Play the music you want. Turn off the sound temporarily 3. Sing along with the accompaniment. Adjust the microphone volume by pressing MIC VOL +/- Press on the remote control to mute your sound.
  • Page 32: Voice Canceller

    Operating VOICE CANCELLER KEY CHANGER You can enjoy the function while playing the music, You can adjust the key to 9 steps (4 steps higher, 4 by reducing singer vocal of music in the various steps lower and the original key). source.
  • Page 33: Lighting Effect

    Operating LIGHTING effect This function offers a party atmosphere by operating the lighting on the unit. Press LIGHTING on the remote control or on the unit. RHYTHM PARTY FIREWORK SPACE WATER FOREST CITYGLOW (MYSTYLE) Note y If you want to enjoy the dynamic lighting effect, select the RHYTHM or the PARTY.
  • Page 34: Setting The Clock

    Operating Setting the Clock Using your player as an alarm clock 1. Turn the unit on. 1. Turn the unit on. 2. Press and hold CLOCK. 2. Press and hold ALARM. 3. Select time mode by pressing C/V on the 3.
  • Page 35: Sleep Timer Setting

    Operating Auto power down Sleep Timer Setting Press SLEEP on the remote control repeatedly to select delay time between 10 and 180 minutes. This unit will turn itself off to save electricity in the After the delay time, the unit will be turned off. case were the main unit is not connected to an external device and is not used for 20 minutes.
  • Page 36: Auto Power On

    This function only works with devices that unit is turned on. were previously connected. y If you turn on the unit using LG TV or Bluetooth function, proper function of this unit is turned on. y If you have already paired with this unit, automatically this unit can turn on by an input source when this unit is turned off.
  • Page 37: Lg Sound Sync

    Note LG Sound Sync y You can also use the remote control of this unit while using LG Sound Sync. If you use TV’ s remote control again, the unit synchronizes with the TV. y If the connection fails, check the conditions of You can control some functions of this unit by this unit and your TV : power, function.
  • Page 38: Wireless Party Link Connection

    Operating Note Wireless Party Link y If you using the LG Sound Sync, this function Connection is not available. If you connect the LG TV Function, “NOT SUPPORT” appears in the display window. The output sound of (MASTER) unit is expanded y You can use microphone in the SLAVE unit (SLAVE) unit.
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    The batteries in the remote control are exhausted. Replace the batteries with new ones. y Check the light effects by pressing LIGHTING. No light. y Check whether your LG TV supports LG Sound Sync. LG Sound Sync does not y Check connection of LG Sound Sync. work.
  • Page 40: Appendix

    Appendix General specifications General Power requirements 120 V ~ 60 Hz 155 W Power consumption Networked standby : 0.5 W (If all network ports are activated.) Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 32.2 in X 12.5 in X 15.2 in Net Weight Approx.
  • Page 41: Maintenance

    Bluetooth® SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks materials. If you need to ship the unit, for maximum by LG Electronics is under license. protection, re-pack the unit as it was originally Other trademarks and trade names are those of their packed at the factory.