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AEG Lavamat Trophy series Operating Instructions Manual

Vented tumble dryer
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Vented Tumble Dryer
Operating Instructions



  Summary of Contents for AEG Lavamat Trophy series

  • Page 1 LAVATHERM TROPHY Vented Tumble Dryer Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Dear Customer

    Dear customer, Please read these operating instructions through carefully. Please make sure you read the safety instructions on the first pages of these operating instructions! Keep the operating instructions for future reference. Pass them on to any future owners. With the warning triangle and/or by means of key words (Danger!, Caution!, Attention!), information is emphasized which is important for your safety or the correct functioning of the appliance.
  • Page 3 Content Safety instructions ..........General information .
  • Page 4 Content Door Reversal Instructions ........26 Technical data .
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions 1 Safety instructions The safety of AEG electrical appliances complies with the established technical principles and statutory equipment safety regulations. Nevertheless, as manufacturer we have to draw your attention to the following safety instructions. General safety • Repairs of the dryer may be carried out only by trained personnel.
  • Page 6 Safety instructions Safety of children • Children are often not aware of the dangers involved when handling electrical equipment. Therefore provide the necessary supervision of children when operating the appliance and do not let children play with the dryer – there is a danger that children could become trapped inside the appliance.
  • Page 7: Installation And Connection

    Safety instructions Installation and connection • Please follow the separate Installation and connection instructions. If necessary get some advice from your local chimney sweep or building authorities. • If the tumble dryer has to be carried, first remove the base strip! •...
  • Page 8: General Information

    General information 3 General information • Starched washing leaves traces of starch on the drum and therefore should not be placed in the tumble dryer. • If you exceed the maximum load stipulated in the program table your washing is more likely to get creased! For very delicate fabrics you should only fill in 1.5kg washing at the most.
  • Page 9: Disposal

    Disposal 2 Disposal Dispose of the packaging material! Dispose of the packaging material of your tumble dryer correctly. All the packaging materials used are harmless to the environment and can be recycled. • Plastic parts are marked with standard international abbreviations: –...
  • Page 10: Environmental Protection Tips

    Environmental protection tips 2 Environmental protection tips • When washing, do not use soft rinsing agent! Your laundry will become light and soft in the laundry dryer even without a soft rinsing agent. Just try it! • Loosen your laundry! Loosen your laundry before filling it into the dryer.
  • Page 11 Environmental protection tips • Choose the right drying program! Choose the right drying program for the kind and quantity of laundry. The dryer will then operate as economically as possible. Some typical consumption values: Power Fill weight Duration in Drying program consumption in kg Minutes...
  • Page 12: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Description of the appliance Front view Fluff filter Control panel Interior light Rating plate Feet Removable Plinth Reversible door (all height-adjustable)
  • Page 13: Control Panel

    Description of the appliance Control panel A Program selector: To select the drying program B Program phase display: The current phase of the drying process is indi- cated. C Pushbuttons AUDIBLE SIGNAL (ZOEMER) button: When switched-on, an audible signal is sounded at the end of the drying program; then take-out the laundry SPECIAL CARE (LAGE TEMP.) button: For easy care fabrics START button: Starts the program.
  • Page 14: The Program Selector

    Before using the appliance for the first time The program selector • Setting OFF (UIT): The tumble dryer is switched off. • Setting LIGHT (VERLICHTING): The drum light switches on when the door is opened. • Program group COTTON (KATOEN): Programs for drying cotton and linen fabrics;...
  • Page 15: Brief Operating Instructions

    Brief operating instructions Brief operating instructions • Ensure the laundry is well spun before tumble drying. • Prepare the laundry. • Load the laundry. • Select the drying program on the program selector. – Press the AUDIBLE SIGNAL (ZOEMER) or SPECIAL CARE (LAGE TEMP.) button if required.
  • Page 16: Drying

    Drying Drying Prepare the laundry • To prevent tangled bundles of laundry: Close zip fasteners; button-up bed linen and pillow cases; tie-together loose tapes, e.g. of aprons. • Empty all pockets. • Remove all metal objects (paper clips, safety pins, etc.). •...
  • Page 17: Start The Drying Program

    Drying • SPECIAL CARE (LAGE TEMP.) button : This program operates with reduced heat. Press the SPECIAL CARE (LAGE TEMP.) button for fabrics bearing the care symbol S. Gentle drying is advisable for heat-sensitive fabrics (such as acrylic and vis- cose).
  • Page 18: Removing Laundry Or Loading Laundry When Necessary

    Drying Removing laundry or loading laundry when necessary You can interrupt the drying process at any time to remove some of the laundry or to add more laundry. 0 Open the door. Caution! The laundry and the drum may be hot.
  • Page 19: Clean The Fluff Filter

    Drying Clean the fluff filter To ensure efficient operation of the tumble dryer, clean the fluff filter after each drying program. Also check whether there are any remnants or fluff from the washing in the drum; remove immediately. 0 Press the catch of the filter lid down- wards.
  • Page 20: Program Tables

    Program tables Program tables Program group COTTONS (KATOEN) care symbols R, Q; maximum load 5 kg Program Laundry Type Examples for EXTRA DRY Heavy weight or mult-layered Towelling material, bath robes (EXTRA-DROOG) fabrics Fabrics of medium weight, CUPBOARD DRY articles not made up of mult- Towel laundry, hand towels (KAST-DROOG) layers...
  • Page 21: Time Programs

    Program tables TIME programs care symbols R, S , Q; loads less than 1kg You can select 20, 40 and 60 minutes program duration for additional drying of individual pieces of laundry or to dry small quantities. 1) Press the SPECIAL CARE (LAGE TEMP.) button! COOL AIR Program The laundry is treated for 10 minutes in cold air;...
  • Page 22: A Small Glossary Of Textile Information

    A small glossary of textile information A small glossary of textile information Care symbols Ensure articles to be dried are suitable for tumble drying. If they are one of the following symbols should be present on the care label: This fabric can be tumble dried. The fabric manufacturer does not stip- ulate if the piece of laundry should be dried on a normal or gentle pro- gram.
  • Page 23: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the filter area Important! When the FILTER (ZEEF) display lights, it is essential to clean the fluff filter. Otherwise your dryer might suffer damage. A small amount of fluff may reach the area around the fluff filter. Therefore you should clean the entire filter area from time to time, or at least every three months.
  • Page 24: Something Not Working

    Something not working? Something not working? If the tumble dryer is not working correctly please carry out the follow- ing checks before calling out an engineer. Please note that it will be necessary to provide proof of purchase for any in-guarantee service calls. In-guarantee customers should ensure that the checks listed below have been made as the engineer will make a charge if the fault is not a mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Page 25: Replace The Interior Light

    If after these checks, the tumble dryer still does not work, contact your local AEG Service Force Centre. Replace the interior light 0 A replacement bulb can be purchased through your local AEG Service Force Centre (Part No: 647072580). Warning! Never use standard light bulbs in your Lavatherm.
  • Page 26: Door Reversal Instructions

    Door Reversal Instructions Door Reversal Instructions The door opening direction can be changed if required. Warning! Before reversing the door, isolate the appliance from the mains supply. Proceed as follows to reverse the door opening direction: A C B A C B 0 Remove the screws A on the front panel of the appliance.
  • Page 27 Door Reversal Instructions 0 To release the door lock H remove the fixing screw and slide the lock upwards. To disconnect the wiring plug press the two plastic securing levers on the plug and pull out. 0 Coverplate J is removed as E, F & G above. Disconnect the wiring plug by pressing the two plastic securing levers on the plug and pull out.
  • Page 28: Technical Data

    Technical data Technical data HeightxWidthxDepth 85x60x60cm Depth with the door open 117cm Height adjustable from 1.0/–0.4cm Empty weight approx. 40kg Load (depending on the program) max. 5kg Power consumption in acc. with IEC 1121 s.e. 3.3kWh (5 kg Cotton, spun at 800 revolutions per minute, program COTTON CUPBOARD DRY - KATOEN KAST-DROOG) Area of use Household...
  • Page 29: Special Accessories

    Vent hose To conduct exhaust fumes, a flexible spiral conduit with a diameter of 105 mm can be obtained through your AEG Service Force Centre or at a specialised electrical shop. This spiral conduit is easy to fit and is easily attached to the vented tumble dryer using the adapter that comes with the appliance (see enclosed booklet „Installation Instructions for...
  • Page 30: Content

    SPECIAL CARE ......22 AEG Service Force Centre ....25 Spinning the washing .
  • Page 31: Service

    Service In the chapter "Something not working" some disturbances have been summarised, which you can solve yourself. If you do not find any helpful information there, please contact your local customer service centre. It is nearby and if necessary can reach you quickly. (Addresses and phone numbers can be found in the Warranty Conditions/Service Departments) Be well prepared before you phone.
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