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Huawei B593 Easy Manual

Huawei B593 Easy Manual

Lte router
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The Telkom Easy Guide to set up your
Huawei LTE Router.



Summary of Contents for Huawei B593

  • Page 1 Let’s connect you. The Telkom Easy Guide to set up your Huawei LTE Router.
  • Page 2 First, unpack your new router.
  • Page 3 Let’s g starte Screw the 2 extern the back of your ro Connect the powe router and into a p Plug the yellow LA other end into the...
  • Page 4: Sim Card

    Don’t forget the SIM card. Insert your SIM into the SIM socket...
  • Page 5 Read to go When the pow ready to insta The mode LED for 3G or blue The Wi-Fi ligh and can flash...
  • Page 6: The Router

    Setting up the Router. Open your internet browser Change the admin password Choose Quic and go to http// of your router to your preferred navigation m Type in admin for both the password and click Submit. username and password.
  • Page 7 Almost there... Start with the Internet tab In the Wi-Fi tab change the In the last ta and change the network mode Wi-Fi SSID to your preferred change the W to LTE/4G in the dropdown and Wi-Fi name. to your prefe click Next.
  • Page 8 Last few steps. Review your information You’re connected. Start by viewing and click OK to submit. It is important your account details and logging to log out properly by clicking Logout, into My Telkom Services. and not just shutting down your browser window.
  • Page 9 Done. You’re connected. If you still need help call us on 10210.
  • Page 10 Click below to find more Mipaper at Mipaper at