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Reassembling The Moc - Motorola MOC4600i Installation And Programming Instructions

Wireless message alert device name series
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2. Press the Power button to verify that audio has been muted on the MOC.
To allow transmitted messages to be audible at the MOC:
1. Press and hold the Rec and Power buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
Note: The display and LED light, and you hear an audio confirmation tone. This
indicates that MOC audio is unmuted, and the transmitted message will be
audible at the MOC.
2. Press the Power button to verify that audio has been unmuted on the MOC.

Reassembling the MOC

1. To reassemble the button, press the two side tabs of the label faceplate
together and insert them into the label backplate.
2. Press the button back into the front cover, making sure that the groove at the
top of the button fits around the tab at the top of the front cover.
3. To reinstall the front cover, first hook the two bottom tabs of the front cover
into the openings on the front of the MOC, then slide the top tab into place.
4. To reinstall the back cover, slide the top of the back cover under the two tabs
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