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Neurio  Installation Manual

Neurio Installation Manual


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  • Page 1 I N STALL AT I O N GU I DE...
  • Page 2 (double) pole breaker. However, some regional codes allow you to piggyback wires on existing breakers by using the supplied wiretaps and attaching the voltage wires from Neurio to the existing cables before they go into a breaker. See Step 4 for diagrams. Please consult your local electrical code for approved methods.
  • Page 3 Antenna and cable voltage cable Step 5 Connect CTs ½" and ¾" antenna mounts Two (2) wiretaps Neurio breaker sticker If you get stuck at any point, visit for walkthrough videos and helpful tips. GlobalTestSupply Find Quality Products Online at: www.
  • Page 4 Turn off the main breaker in your electrical panel. NOTE : If you have more than one electrical panel in your house, make sure Neurio is installed in the main one (the one that draws power directly from your utility). O FF...
  • Page 5 Step 2 Remove the screws on the corners of the panel and If your panel has a secondary cover that hides the main remove the cover. After you do this, you should see utility line, please remove that as well. the wires going into each breaker and main lines from the utility.
  • Page 6 Step 3 Find a suitable place in your panel where Neurio can fit. Then, using the supplied self-drilling screws, secure Be sure to account for the length of the 4 foot CTs and the 2 CAUTION: Neurio to your metal panel.
  • Page 7 Neurio by inserting the connector larger than the wire you removed. Then use the wiretap into the matching port on the to connect the new wire, the wire from Neurio, and the Neurio Sensor. original wire you removed from the breaker.
  • Page 8 Insert the connector from the CT that's on the to the main breaker. same phase as the black Neurio voltage wire into port labeled (1). Then insert the connector from the second CT into the port labeled (2).
  • Page 9 Step 6 Attach the antenna cable to left Remove the nut at Replace the nut side of the Neurio Sensor. the end of the cable on the cable and and insert the cable attach the antenna through either the ½"...
  • Page 10 CH ECK YOU R WO RK Now the panel should look something like this: Antenna Antenna cable Neurio Sensor Voltage cable — the voltage cable should be connected to 2 breakers and the neutral bus bar 2 Wire taps (optional)
  • Page 11 Neurio's joined Long chime network Neurio's joined WiFi network sucessfully. successfully If Neurio is conneced to the WiFi network, you should also hear a long chime one minute after the short chime. GlobalTestSupply Find Quality Products Online at: www. .com...
  • Page 12 To obtain Warranty service within the Warranty Period, you must return SPECIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, the Neurio, freight paid, with a copy of the sales receipt or other proof of INCLUDING ANY DAMAGES FOR LOST DATA OR LOST PROFITS, OR...

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