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The EN6131 40Gb Ethernet Switch offers the following benefits:
End-to-end 40 Gb connectivity with non-blocking throughput and 230 ns latency
Ideal for clients running Ethernet infrastructure in high speed trading, Web 2.0, virtualization, and
cloud computing
Enables clients to maximize compute usage by removing an I/O bottleneck
Low power consumption with less than 0.1 watts per Gbps
Can linearly scale to larger node counts to create a low latency clustered solution and reduce
packet hops
Reduces cabling up to four times, which simplifies deployment and maintenance

Features and specifications

The EN6131 40Gb Ethernet Switch has the following features and specifications:
MLNX-OS operating system
Internal ports
Fourteen internal full-duplex 40 Gigabit ports (10, 20, or 40 Gbps auto-negotiation).
One internal full-duplex 1 GbE port that is connected to the chassis management module.
External ports
Eighteen ports for 40 Gb Ethernet QSFP+ transceivers or QSFP+ DAC cables (10, 20, or 40
Gbps auto-negotiation). QSFP+ modules and DAC cables are not included and must be
purchased separately.
One external 1 GbE port with RJ-45 connector for switch configuration and management.
One RS-232 serial port (mini-USB connector) that provides an additional means to configure
the switch module.
Scalability and performance
40 Gb Ethernet ports for extreme bandwidth and performance.
Non-blocking architecture with wire-speed forwarding of traffic and an aggregated
throughput of 1.44 Tbps.
Support for up to 48,000 unicast and up to 16,000 multicast media access control (MAC)
addresses per subnet.
Static and LACP (IEEE 802.3ad) link aggregation, up to 720 Gb of total uplink bandwidth per
switch, up to 36 link aggregation groups (LAGs), and up to 16 ports per LAG.
Support for jumbo frames (up to 9,216 bytes).
Broadcast/multicast storm control.
IGMP v1 and v2 snooping to limit flooding of IP multicast traffic.
Fast port forwarding and fast uplink convergence for rapid STP convergence.
Availability and redundancy
IEEE 802.1D STP for providing L2 redundancy.
IEEE 802.1w Rapid STP (RSTP) provides rapid STP convergence for critical delay-sensitive
traffic such as voice or video.
VLAN support
Up to 4094 VLANs are supported per switch, with VLAN numbers 1 - 4094.
802.1Q VLAN tagging support on all ports.
Up to 24,000 rules with VLAN-based, MAC-based, protocol-based, and IP-based access
control lists (ACLs).
User access control.
Multiple user IDs and passwords
RADIUS, TACACS+, and LDAP authentication and authorization
Lenovo Flex System EN6131 40Gb Ethernet Switch


Table of Contents

Table of Contents