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Important Safety Instructions - Frigidaire FPIC3677RF Use & Care Manual


Table of Contents
Read all instructions before using this appliance.
This manual contains important safety symbols and
instructions. Pay attention to these symbols and follow all
instructions given.
Do not attempt to install or operate your appliance until
you have read the safety precautions in this manual.
Safety items throughout this manual are labeled with a
WARNING or CAUTION statement based on the risk type.
Warnings and important instructions appearing in this
guide are not meant to cover all possible conditions and
situations that may occur. Common sense, caution, and
care must be exercised with installing, maintaining, or
operating your appliance.
This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert
you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety
messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury
or death.
This symbol will help alert you to situations that may
cause serious bodily harm, death or property damage.
This symbol will help alert you to situations that may
cause bodily injury or property damage.
IMPORTANT indicates installation, operation or
maintenance information which is important but not
Indicates a short, informal reference – something
written down to assist the memory or for future
If the information in this manual is not followed exactly,
a fire or explosion may result causing property damage,
personal injury or death.
FOR YOUR SAFETY: Do not store or use gasoline or
other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of
this or any other appliance.


IMPORTANT - Read and follow the below instructions and
precautions for unpacking, installing, and servicing your
Remove all tape and packaging wrap before using the
appliance. Destroy the carton and plastic bags after
unpacking the appliance. Never allow children to play
with packaging material. Do not remove the wiring
label and other literature attached to the appliance.
Do not remove model/serial number plate.
Cold temperatures can damage the electronic control.
When using this appliance for the first time, or when
the appliance has not been used for an extended
period of time, be sure the appliance has been in
temperatures above 32ºF (0ºC) for at least 3 hours
before turning on the power to the appliance.
Never modify or alter the construction of the
appliance by removing the leveling legs, panels, wire
covers, anti-tip brackets/screws, or any other part of
the appliance.
Be sure to have an appropriate foam-type fire
extinguisher available, visible, and easily accessible
located near the appliance.
Proper Installation—Be sure your appliance is
properly installed and grounded by a qualified
technician. In the United States, install in accordance
with the National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1/
NPFA No. 54, latest edition and National Electrical
Code NFPA No. 70 latest edition, and local electrical
code requirements. In Canada, install in accordance
with CAN/CGA B149.1 and CAN/CGA B149.2 and
CSA Standard C22.1, Canadian Electrical code,
Part 1-latest editions and local electrical code
requirements. Install only per installation instructions
provided in the literature package for this appliance.
For personal safety, this appliance must be properly
grounded. For maximum safety, the power cord
must be securely connected to an electrical outlet or
junction box that is the correct voltage, is correctly
polarized and properly grounded, and protected by a
circuit breaker in accordance with local codes.
It is the personal responsibility of the consumer to
have the appropriate outlet or junction box with the
correct, properly grounded wall receptacle installed
by a qualified electrician. It is the responsibility and
obligation of the consumer to contact a qualified
installer to assure that the electrical installation is
adequate and is in conformance with all local codes
and ordinances.
See the installation instructions packaged with this
appliance for complete installation and grounding

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents