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Revised Edition V2
July 2017


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  • Page 1 E13207 Revised Edition V2 July 2017 E-Manual...
  • Page 2 ASUS will only be responsible for or indemnify you for loss, damages or claims based in contract, tort or infringement under this Warranty Statement. This limit also applies to ASUS’ suppliers and its reseller. It is the maximum for which ASUS, its suppliers, and your reseller are collectively responsible.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Conventions used in this manual ............... 6 Typography ......................6 Multi-language versions ................6 Chapter 1: Getting started Getting to know your ASUS Vivobaby ............8 ASUS Vivobaby Device ..................8 ASUS Vivobaby Station .................10 System notifications ..................12 Charging the ASUS Vivobaby device ............13 Powering on .......................14...
  • Page 4 CE Marking ......................37 Rechargeable Battery Recycling Service in North America.....37 Regional notice for California ..............37 Global Environmental Regulation Compliance and Declaration ..38 ASUS Recycling/Takeback Services ............38 Proper disposal ....................38 Regional notice for Singapore ..............39 Nordic Lithium Cautions (for lithium-ion batteries) ......39...
  • Page 5: About This Manual

    Chapter 1: Getting started This chapter details the hardware components of your ASUS Vivobaby and shows you how to use the different parts of your ASUS Vivobaby. Chapter 2: Using your ASUS Vivobaby This chapter provides an overview of using your ASUS Vivobaby.
  • Page 6: Conventions Used In This Manual

    Bold = This indicates a menu or an item that must be selected. Italic = This indicates sections that you can refer to in this manual. Multi-language versions Download other language versions of this E-Manual via this website: ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 7: Chapter 1: Getting Started

    Chapter 1: Getting started Getting started ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 8: Getting To Know Your Asus Vivobaby

    ASUS Vivobaby Device Top view Bottom view NOTE: This product comes with a protective film on the bottom of the ASUS Vivobaby Device. Ensure to remove the plastic film before using the device for more accurate results. ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 9 Power button for four (4) seconds to turn the device off. The LED indicator inside the power button also provides a visual indication of the ASUS Vivobaby Device’s status. NOTE: For more details, refer to the System notifications section in this E-Manual.
  • Page 10: Asus Vivobaby Station

    ASUS Vivobaby Station Top view Side view ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 11 OLED Display to show connection status, battery percentage, or your baby’s measurements. Micro USB port Insert the bundled micro USB connector of the USB cable into this port to connect your ASUS Vivobaby Station to a power supply. ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 12: System Notifications

    ASUS Vivobaby ASUS Vivobaby Device Station Beeper Beeper Health data out of Blinks red Beeps Blinks red Beeps user’s set range rapidly Blinks Monitor mode green Blinks Disconnected purple Beeps rapidly Blinks Solid Charging device green green ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 13: Charging The Asus Vivobaby Device

    Connect the ASUS Vivobaby Station to a power source. Place the ASUS Vivobaby Device onto the Wireless charging area of the ASUS Vivobaby Station to start charging. Ensure that the green lights show up to indicate that it is charging.
  • Page 14: Powering On

    Powering on To start using your device, press the Power button for 2 seconds until the green light blinks. ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 15: Chapter 2: Using Your Asus Vivobaby

    Chapter 2: Using your ASUS Vivobaby Using your ASUS Vivobaby ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 16: Initializing Your Asus Vivobaby

    Power on your ASUS Vivobaby device and keep your ASUS Vivobaby Station connected to a power source. Launch the ASUS Vivobaby app and log on to your ASUS account. Follow the on-screen instructions on the phone to set up the links between the devices and the Wi-Fi router you would like to use.
  • Page 17: Wearing Your Asus Vivobaby

    Attaching to your baby’s upper arm To monitor skin temperature and heart rate, wear the ASUS Vivobaby device on your baby’s upper arm. ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 18 Attaching to your baby’s belly To monitor movement rate and heart rate, clip the clothing between the buckle and the ASUS Vivobaby device. NOTE: For more accurate results, ensure that your baby is lying flat on the back when monitoring the movement rate of your baby’s belly.
  • Page 19: Chapter 3: Asus Vivobaby App

    Chapter 3: ASUS Vivobaby app ASUS Vivobaby app ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 20: My Baby

    NOTE: The following screenshots are for reference only and may be updated without prior notice. My Baby This screen appears when you enter the ASUS Vivobaby app. All your babies and their measurements are shown here. NOTE: For more details on getting the companion app, refer to the Initializing your ASUS Vivobaby section in this E-Manual.
  • Page 21: Diary Entries And Notifications

    Shows your baby’s measurements. Tap this area to enter the Records screen and view a graph of your baby’s records. Notifications and diary entries Add a new diary entry ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 22: Records

    Tap to change the measurement Tap to view different range measurements Tap to view measurements on another date Drag your finger across this area to view the measurement data for a specific time ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 23: Baby's Profile

    Tap an item to edit its information Delete this Share the QR baby’s profile code of this baby NOTE: Tap Share QR code to generate a QR code for your baby’s profile to quickly share it with your family members. ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 24: App Drawer

    You can also view and edit the current user profile. Tap this to part of the Tap to edit the profile screen to return to the previous screen Tap any of these icons to view more details ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 25: Devices

    Devices The Devices screen allows you to view all your ASUS Vivobaby devices and its battery level. Tap on a device to view more information, change device settings, or update the firmware. Manually sync data with your ASUS Vivobaby Device ID and battery level.
  • Page 26: Device Information

    Device firmware version Enable auto firmware update Edit device position and monitor range Low battery notification You will receive a low battery notification on your phone when the battery level of your ASUS Vivobaby device is less than 30%. ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 27: Setting

    Setting In this menu, you can customize the ASUS Vivobaby app settings, add new ASUS Vivobaby Stations, view app information, and get help on using your device. Swipe up to view more options ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 28: Tutorial

    Tutorial If you encounter a problem, try checking the various tutorials in this menu. Simply tap on a tutorial to view it. ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 29: Appendices

    Appendices Appendices Appendices ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 30: Faqs

    FAQs 1. My ASUS Vivobaby Station and ASUS Vivobaby Device does not pair or sync. How can I fix this? You can try doing any of the following: • Press the Power button on the ASUS Vivobaby Device for four (4) seconds to turn the device off, then press the Power button for two (2) seconds to turn the device on again.
  • Page 31 (5) minutes, your ASUS Vivobaby Device will update the measurements every one (1) minute. 4. Will my ASUS Vivobaby Device power itself off when it is not monitoring anything? After charging your ASUS Vivobaby Device, the device will automatically turn itself off after about three (3) minutes when left on the table.
  • Page 32 NEXT. 9. Why am I not receiving any notifications? If you have notification management apps installed, make sure that you set the notifications from the companion app as allowed, otherwise notifications may not be displayed. ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 33 13. Why is my device not charging? When charging your ASUS Vivobaby Device, ensure that the green lights on both your ASUS Vivobaby Device and ASUS Vivobaby Station show up. Your ASUS Vivobaby Device will not be able to charge if it is not placed in the Wireless charging area on the ASUS Vivobaby Station.
  • Page 34 ASUS Vivobaby Station within three (3) meters of the ASUS Vivobaby Device. 17. How do I take care of my ASUS Vivobaby Device? We recommend wiping the ASUS Vivobaby Device gently with a wet cloth everyday. When you take off the ASUS Vivobaby Device, refrain from placing the ASUS Vivobaby Device on a rough or sharp surface to prevent scratching the sensors.
  • Page 35: Battery Precautions

    Battery precautions • The battery used in this device may present a risk of fire or chemical burn if removed or disassembled. • Follow the warning labels for your personal safety. • Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. • Do not dispose of in fire. • Never attempt to short-circuit the battery. • Never attempt to disassemble and reassemble the battery. • Discontinue usage if leakage is found. • The battery and its components must be recycled or disposed of properly. • Keep the battery and other small components away from children. ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...
  • Page 36: Safety Precautions

    DO NOT expose your ASUS Vivobaby to direct sunlight for long periods of time, rapid changes in the temperature or humidity, or leave your ASUS Vivobaby in the car on a hot day. Storing or using your ASUS Vivobaby outside the recommended temperature range may shorten the battery life or damage the device.
  • Page 37: Ncc Warning

    Rechargeable Battery Recycling Service in North America For US and Canada customers, you can call 1-800-822- 8837 (toll-free) for recycling information of your ASUS products’ rechargeable batteries. Regional notice for California WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
  • Page 38: Global Environmental Regulation Compliance And Declaration

    Proper disposal Do not throw your ASUS Vivobaby in municipal waste. This product has been designed to enable proper reuse of parts and recycling. The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the product (electrical, electronic equipment and mercury-containing button cell battery) should not be placed in municipal waste.
  • Page 39: Regional Notice For Singapore

    Regional notice for Singapore This ASUS product complies with IMDA Standards. Nordic Lithium Cautions (for lithium-ion batteries) CAUTION! Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Page 40 типа возможно его возгорание. Утилизируйте аккумулятор в соответствии с инструкциями производителя. (Russian) Manufacturer ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. Address 4F, No. 150, LI-TE RD., PEITOU, TAIPEI 112, TAIWAN Authorized ASUS COMPUTER GmbH Representative in Europe Address HARKORT STR. 21-23, 40880 RATINGEN, GERMANY ASUS Vivobaby E-Manual...

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