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Asus J202
User Manual


   Summary of Contents for Asus J202

  • Page 1

    Asus J202 User Manual...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Welcome Redialing a Number Left View Call Logs Returning a Missed Call Package Contents Overview Call Log Options Features Deleting Call Logs Specifi cations Call Time/Cost Menu Map Options During a Call Other call options Getting Started Phonebook Inserting the SIM card and battery Adding Contacts Charging the battery...

  • Page 3

    Main Idle Screen Writing an MMS Message Tone Settings Viewing an MMS Message Call Settings Using Templates Hide My Number Message Settings Call Waiting Chat Call Forwarding E-mail Call Barring Voice Mail Line Switching Cell Broadcast Call Time Reminder Input Methods Call Time Display Auto Redial Closed User Group...

  • Page 4

    Camera Editing Music Files FM Radio Taking Photos FM Radio Options Zoom Function Java Viewing and Managing Java Settings Photos Games Photo Capture Settings Game Setting Camera Settings Melody Composer Image Settings Tone Settings Effect Add Frame Multi-Capture Organizer Capture Timer Alarm Self Capture Calendar...

  • Page 5

    WAP Settings WAP Push Data Account Appendix Additional Information European Notice RF Exposure Information (SAR) Proper Disposal...

  • Page 6: Welcome

    Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of an Asus J202 cell phone. The following illustration displays the features found on the front of your phone. Receiver Screen Enter key: Displays the main menu; Up joystick key: Displays the confi rms selection of a menu item SMS inbox;...

  • Page 7: Left View

    Left View Package Contents Headset In J202 handset 720 mAh Li-ion Travel charger Captures photos battery Increases or decreases the volume for calls, key tones, or playing media fi les. Stereo headset USB cable User manual Quick start guide Warranty card...

  • Page 8: Overview

    Overview The J202 is a stylish and fashionable new phone from Asus, with all the functions and utilities to make it a useful tool in today’s mobile world. The J202 comes equipped with a built-in megapixel camera, MMS/SMS messaging capability, Bluetooth capability, FM radio, organizer, java games, audio player, WAP, and GPRS.

  • Page 9: Specifi Cations

    Specifi cations System supported GSM900/1800/1900, Class 10 Size 81.5 x 43 x 23.5 mm Weight Battery 720 mAh Li-ion Standby Time 200 ~ 300 hours Talk Time 2.5 ~ 5 hours Color Silver, White Display Main: 1.8-inch, 262K colors, TFT, 128 x 160, Sub: 1.1-inch, 65K colors, CSTN, 96 x 64 Camera 1.3 Megapixel CMOS Supports video recording...

  • Page 10: Menu Map

    Menu Map • Display Settings Themes Network Wallpaper • WAP Sub Wallpaper • Data Account Screen Saver Messages Power On Animation • SMS Power Off Animation • MMS Show Date and Time • Chatting Rooms Main Idle Screen • Email Brightness •...

  • Page 11

    • Network Settings Video Settings Network Selection Effect Preferred Networks Restore Default Band Selection • My Album GPRS Connection • My Video • Bluetooth • Photo Artist Power Media Center Search Audio Device • Audio Player My Device • FM Radio Settings •...

  • Page 12

    Phone Book • Quick Search • Search Entry • Add • Copy All • Delete All • Delete • Caller Group • Extra number My Phone Number Service Number SOS Number • Settings Memory Status Default Storage Fields My vCard Calls •...

  • Page 13: Getting Started

    Getting Started Inserting the SIM card and 3. Insert the SIM card into battery the holder with the correct When you register with a service provider, you orientation. The gold receive a SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module contacts of the SIM card card).

  • Page 14: Charging The Battery

    Charging the battery Turning the phone on/off To turn the phone on, do the following: 1. Connect the charger plug to a power 1. Hold down the power/end key until the outlet. screen lights up. 2. Connect the charger to the socket at the 2.

  • Page 15: Function Keys

    Up joystick key Function Keys • Press to scroll up through menu The following table lists the phone keys and items. their functions. • Press to display the SMS inbox when the phone is in standby mode Power/end key Down joystick key •...

  • Page 16: Unlocking The Keypad

    Unlocking the keypad Standby Mode The keypad of the phone can be locked When your phone is on, but not in use, it is in automatically after a specifi c time interval to standby mode. During standby mode, the upper prevent tampering or accidental pressing of any part of the display screen shows various icons.

  • Page 17: Using The Menu

    Using the Menu Alarm has been set. A text message has been received (this icon fl ashes if the SMS memory is full). Indicates battery charge status. Phone is using GPRS network. Phone is in roaming mode. Follow these tips to navigate through the menu and menu options.

  • Page 18

    submenu items and options. The right Settings: Lets you adjust phone and left soft keys can also be used for settings such as call settings, themes, selecting various options in submenus. shortcuts, network settings, and For example, to view missed calls, do the security settings.

  • Page 19: Text Entry

    Text Entry Assigned Characters When you add names to your phone book, send a text message, or use your WAP browser, you . , - ? ! ‘ @ : # $ / _ 1 need to enter text. Your cell phone has several A B C 2 text entry methods.

  • Page 20

    adding a phonebook entry or entering a WAP Whenever you press a key, a list of possible address. characters or character combinations is When you press a key, the characters assigned created. To enter text, use the up and down to the key appear in the lower center of the joystick keys to fi...

  • Page 21

    Numeric text entry Numeric text entry allows you to create a text message composed of numbers. To use this method, select Option > Input Method and then select Numeric. Now you can directly input the numbers using the keypad. Symbols text entry With this method, you can enter various types of symbols.

  • Page 22: Calls

    Calls Answering a Call Making a call When you receive a call, the phone alerts Follow these steps to place a call: you by sounding the ring tone and vibration 1.Enter the number you wish to dial using according to the specifi ed ring tone and the keypad.

  • Page 23: Canceling An Incoming Call

    Canceling an Incoming Call 2. Select the number you wish to dial and press the Call key to dial the number. If you would like to cancel an incoming call, Dialed numbers can also be accessed from press the Power/end key.

  • Page 24: Call Log Options

    To view additional information, select a missed select Delete Call Log. call number from the list and select OK. The 2.Select from one of the following options: date, time, phone number of the calling party Missed Calls as well as the number of times the call was Dialed Calls received is displayed.

  • Page 25: Options During A Call

    has been reached. To do this, go to Settings Other call options > Call Setup > Call Time Reminder. This is There are other advanced call features in your a reminder function only, and does not close a phone, found in the Settings > Call submenu. call.

  • Page 26: Phonebook

    Phonebook Adding Contacts offi ce number, fax number, an associated sound or picture stored in the phone Read this section to learn how to add new memory, and put the contact in a caller contacts to your phonebook. You can enter the group.

  • Page 27: Copying And Moving

    The data entry screen opens. , then Option > Move and confi rm. 2. Enter a search term using the keypad. You don’t need to type a whole word. For Deleting Contacts instance, if you are looking for the entry You can delete individual contacts using the “offi...

  • Page 28: Caller Groups

    Caller Groups someone from the current caller group calls the phone. You can separate contacts into groups to To change the picture: identify them. There are fi ve caller groups: 1. Select the caller group to modify as Friends, Family, VIP, Business, and Others. described in the previous procedures.

  • Page 29: Extra Number

    4. Use the joystick to highlight a member of You can input both text and numbers. Use the list to modify. the left soft key to select Option if you need to change the input method. 5. Press the left soft key to enter the options menu.

  • Page 30: My Vcard

    The phonebook fi elds include additional contact information, such as Fax Number, E-Mail Address, Incoming Ringtone, etc. You can choose to deactivate these fi elds for all contacts if this simplifi es the phonebook for you. You can later reactivate the fi elds if desired. To edit the phonebook fi...

  • Page 31: Messages

    Messages Read this section to learn how to use SMS, and A template is predefi ned section of text that you MMS messaging features of your new phone. can use in any SMS message. Inserted objects You can even send e-mail and use text chat. can include a picture, an animation, or a sound.

  • Page 32: Common Words

    Common Words 3. Use the joystick to highlight the Edit or Delete option, then press the enter key to The common words feature contains common confi rm. text phrase that you can conveniently enter without having to type the whole phrase. There The Edit option displays existing common are 10 preset common words phrase which you words phrases and gives you the option to...

  • Page 33: Sms Counter

    A small pop out box tells you the percentage of storage space already used MMS messages are like SMS messages but in each location. they can also contain sounds and pictures. The preferred bearer option sets the type of network you prefer. When there is a choice of Writing an MMS Message a GSM or GPRS network, the phone then uses Writing an MMS message is not very different...

  • Page 34: Viewing An Mms Message

    7. Use the joystick to highlight the Subject Using Templates fi eld then press the enter key to confi rm. There are templates stored on your phone 8. Use the keypad to enter a subject. which contain text, images, and sound. You can To create a slide: create MMS messages based on templates 1.

  • Page 35

    1 hour, 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week and want to send a read report to the sender maximum. The default value is maximum. or not. The read report will report if the user read the MMS message or not. The •...

  • Page 36: Chat

    default number is 10. The default six • Usage - current message number/ profi les are the most popular operators’ maximum message number. MMS network settings, eg “fetmms”, • Total - the total space occupied by MMS “chtmms”, “twnmms”, “tatmms”, etc. messages.

  • Page 37: E-mail

    E-mail use, then press the enter key to confi rm. 3. Press the enter key to activate the You can use the phone to send e-mail selected profi le. messages. Before you can use the e-mail Once your profi le is activated, you can send feature you must set up an account.

  • Page 38: Cell Broadcast

    Cell Broadcast Use the Broadcast Message option to set broadcast message parameters. To set broadcast message parameters: 1. From the main menu, select Messages > Cell Broadcast. 2. Use the joystick to highlight the Activate option, then press the enter key to toggle the setting on or off.

  • Page 39: Manner

    Manner Manner For example, for Ring Mode, you can select Ring Only, Vibrate, Vibrate and The phone can be set to behave in a number of Ring, Vibrate, then Ring, or Light only. manners. Each manner is designed to be used 3.

  • Page 40: Settings

    Settings Phone Settings Use the right and left joystick keys to change settings for each fi eld. The Phone menu enables you to confi gure The Status fi eld sets the status of the phone to handset features including time and date, On or Off at the time of the scheduled power scheduling power on and off, input methods, on/off.

  • Page 41: Default Encoding

    Default Encoding Greeting Text The Settings > Phone Settings > Default The Settings > Phone Settings > Greeting Encoding Type option sets default encoding Text option sets a short phrase that appears for Chinese characters. Select from BIG5 or each time the phone is turned on. GB2312.

  • Page 42: Display Settings

    theme. The Theme Timer option defi nes how often the theme is updated. The Set The Settings > Phone Settings > LED option Order option defi nes the order in which the sets at which events the phone’s LED is turned themes are updated.

  • Page 43: Screen Saver

    2. Use the joystick to highlight a choice and Power On Animation press the left soft key to select it. Here you can choose the animation, video or 3. Use the joystick to highlight a picture and picture that is displayed when the phone is press the enter key to view it.

  • Page 44: Tone Settings

    Sub LCD Contrast and press the left soft key to toggle the option On or Off. Here you can choose the contrast level for the phone’s sub screen. To show the phone owner’s number on the main phone display: Highlight the Sub LCD Contrast option from the Display Settings menu and press the left Highlight the Show Owner Number option from soft key...

  • Page 45: Call Settings

    For some events, the additional option Silent is 2. You can choose to Activate, Deactivate, or also available. Query the current setting. To use the call waiting feature: 1. When you receive a call during another Call Settings call, press the Call key to receive the The Call menu contains call features that second call.

  • Page 46: Line Switching

    Options for Incoming Calls: All Calls, When You can choose to turn the function off, turn it on to sound once during a call, or turn it on Roaming periodically. NOTE: A call barring password is required to make changes to call barring settings.

  • Page 47: Call Filter

    deactivate them. Network Settings To add a closed user group: The default network settings in the phone are 1. Highlight the Closed User Group option, for automatic detection of the best available then press enter. lines for the type of content you are sending. 2.

  • Page 48: Band Selection

    Band Selection the fi rst time: 1. Turn on the Bluetooth device, and then Depending on your geographic location, one click Bluetooth Settings > Search or more bandwidths are available on a GSM Audio Device to search for Bluetooth network. In the Network Settings > Band Headphones, or click Bluetooth Settings Selection option, you can set bandwith >...

  • Page 49: Search Audio Device

    Search Audio Device to from the list that is displayed once the search has fi nished. By pressing Option and Connect, With the Bluetooth Settings > Search Audio you connect the phone with the new device. Device option, you can execute the phone search for available audio devices within Settings transmission range.

  • Page 50: Sim Lock

    SIM Lock inactivity. Select None to disable the function. Using the Security Settings > SIM Lock option protects the SIM card from unauthorized use if For information on unlocking the keypad, see the phone is stolen or used by others. the section “Unlocking the Keypad”...

  • Page 51: Restore Factory Settings

    To change a password: 1. Highlight the Change Password option and press the enter key 2. Select the password you wish to change: PIN, PIN2, or Phonelock. 3. You are prompted to enter the old password, then enter the new password. NOTE: The default phonelock password is 1234.

  • Page 52: Camera

    Camera The phone is equipped with a high quality Zoom Function camera for capturing still pictures and video. The phone has an easy-to-use zoom function. To zoom in on an object, press the up joystick Taking Photos key. Follow these steps to capture still pictures with To zoom out, press the down joystick key.

  • Page 53: Photo Capture Settings

    Photo Capture Settings Multi-Capture Night Mode The camera can be confi gured to capture images of different size and quality. You can Image Quality also capture photos with frames or special Image Size effects, take multi-capture photos, use a timer, Self capture or do a self-capture.

  • Page 54: Add Frame

    Effect. Capture Timer A list of photo effects appears. Use the delay timer to add a delay time 2. Highlight an effect from the list using the between pressing the capture button and the joystick and press the enter key to apply picture actually being captured.

  • Page 55: Recording Videos

    action is displayed. Viewing and Managing 3. Select Yes with the left soft key Videos restore defaults, or select No with the right Select the My Video option to view and play the soft key to abort. videos in your album. To open My Video: Recording Videos 1.

  • Page 56: Rewind And Fast Forward

    To access video settings: Rewind and Fast Forward Select the video recorder mode, as described in To rewind, press and hold the left joystick key. the “Recording Videos” section of this manual, To fast forward, press and hold the right joystick then select Option.

  • Page 57: Effect

    Photo Artist Video Settings Shortcuts The number keys also act as shortcut keys to Use the Photo Artist option to edit your captured the video settings. The keys are assigned as images, video and audio fi les. follows: Select Option > Photo Artist, and press the Effect left soft key or the enter key.

  • Page 58

    applied to your picture. Use the right and Press Done, or Cancel, and then press the left joystick keys to toggle between frames, left soft key to apply the setting or the and press the left soft key to apply the right soft key to discard.

  • Page 59: Media Center

    Media Center Audio Player NOTE: You need to connect earphones to the earphone socket on the bottom of the phone to listen to music fi les. The phone is equipped with a high quality audio player for digital music fi les. Adding music fi...

  • Page 60: Fm Radio

    NOTE: If you want to view the ID3 tag of an MP3 fi le, select the The FM radio opens. Details option. NOTE: You must plug in the earphones and press the button on Option > Settings contains settings to control the microphone module for the FM radio to work.

  • Page 61: Java

    To select a channel manually: Java 1. Start the radio, then select Option > A selection of games created with Java Manual Input. technology comes preloaded on your phone. 2. Press the number keys to enter a To start a Java game: frequency for a radio station.

  • Page 62: Game Setting

    Game Settings on the staff. • Add an effect to turn the LED light on You can set audio and vibration settings of and off by pressing . This effect is games using the Game Settings option. marked by a rainbow fl ag on the staff, To open the Game Settings menu: if you press the * after the LED icon 1.

  • Page 63: Organizer

    Organizer The organizer menu gives you access to a Calendar number of features including alarms, calendar, The calendar function helps you keep track of task list, calculator, world clock, voice recorder, day-to-day tasks. image editor, stopwatch, fi le manager, units To open the calendar: converter, currency exchange, and health 1.

  • Page 64: Tasks List

    Tasks List 2. Use the keypad to enter numbers and the joystick to select the +, - , , ÷ functions. You can create a task list on your phone. The Pressing + twice selects the m+ function, task list is a list of tasks orderd by date. pressing - twice selects the m- function, To open the Tasks List: pressing...

  • Page 65: Image Editor

    to confi rm. Alternatively, press the left soft Stopwatch to display the Option menu. The phone includes a stopwatch function. From the option menu you can make a There are two styles of stopwatch to choose new recording, play the current recording, from.

  • Page 66: Units Converter

    memory of your phone. Currency Exchange To open the fi le manager: The currency exchange is a useful tool to help 1. From the main menu, select Organizer > you convert one currency to another. File Manager. To use the currency exchange: Two drives are displayed, the internal 1.

  • Page 67

    4. Press the enter key to calculate your BMI. To use the menstrual cycle calculator: 1. From the main menu, select Organizer > Health Manager> Menstrual. 2. Use the keypad to enter the date of the start of your last menstrual cycle and the days of an average period.

  • Page 68: Network

    Network The Network menu lets you view and change Browsing WAP pages network settings. Browsing WAP pages is much like browsing web pages with your computer. However, rather Service Provider Settings than using a mouse, you navigate with the joystick keys and with the Middle/enter and The service provider settings are dependent call key.

  • Page 69: Wap Push

    1. Select WAP > Settings > Profi les. A list of available profi les appears. 2. Select a profi le, then press the left soft key 3. Select Profi les A list of fi elds appears. Select Connection Type. Select from Connection-oriented, Connectionless, or HTTP connection types.

  • Page 70: Appendix

    • The manufacturer cannot be held The SAR maximum result found during testing for ASUS J202 are 1.13 w/kg for PCS head responsible for modifi cations made by the user and the consequences thereof, and 0.204w/kg for PCS Body.

  • Page 71: Proper Disposal

    For body worn operation, this phone has Proper Disposal been tested and meets the FCC RF exposure When the phone reaches the end of its guidelines for use with an accessory that lifetime, do not dispose of it by throwing it contains no metal and the positions the into the trash.

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