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    Parents’ Guide...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Section 1: Tablet Overview Tablet Overview Kid Mode Overview Parent Mode Overview Touch Screen Basics Lock Screen Icon Glossary Section 2: Initial Setup Charging Connecting to Wi-Fi User Setup Editing Available Apps Turning on Child Lock Parent Dashboard Section 3: Common Functions Downloading and Installing Apps Uninstalling Apps Removing Apps from Home Screen...

  • Page 3: Tablet Overview

    Tablet Overview Headphone Hold for Power Volume Jack Mini USB Mini HDMI Press to Sleep DC IN Reset USB Host MicroSD Card Slot Camera Camera Speaker...

  • Page 4: Kid Mode Overview, Parent Mode Overview

    Kid Mode Overview Tap the blue arrow Change User Exit Kid Mode Tap to Switch Tab for more games Tap to reveal the navigation bar. Back Home Multitasking Volume Wi-Fi® Signal (Does not function Battery in Kid Mode) Parent Mode Overview All Apps and Widgets Swipe left or right to switch between home screens.

  • Page 5: Touch Screen Basics

    Touch Screen Basics Tap the screen once to activate or open something. Touch and hold to move an item by dragging. *In many apps touch and hold can offer more options. Zooming: Double tap quickly to zoom into a web page, picture, or map.

  • Page 6: Lock Screen, Icon Glossary

    The G-Sensor allows the tablet to detect screen rotation. You can view the home screen in either a landscape or portrait for- mat as you use the apps. Kid mode only functions in landscape format. Lock Screen Slide the padlock icon circle to the unlocked padlock to unlock the screen.

  • Page 7: Charging, Connecting To Wi-fi

    Initial Setup Charging Fully charge your FunTab Pro for 6 hours before the first use. Use the included 5V Charger. The battery indicator will show that your device is charging. Note: Charging by the USB port on your computer will be slow.

  • Page 8: User Setup, Editing Available Apps

    User Setup Tap “Get Started!” Enter the e-mail and pass- word you would like to use and tap save. Add your child. You can add another child now, or later at any time by using the parent dashboard app. Editing Available Apps All apps will be available the first time you turn on the tablet.

  • Page 9: Turning On Child Lock

    Turning on Child Lock Tap “Turn on Child Lock.” Tap “Begin.” First, tap “Kid Mode”. Choose which action is Then, tap “Always”. required to exit Kid Mode. Entering a 4 digit pin is the most secure option. Use the Parent Dashboard to control the child lock features and to change the required action for exiting out of Kid Mode.

  • Page 10: Parent Dashboard

    Parent Dashboard For more options exit Kid Mode and choose the Parent Dashboard app. Family: Add additional children. Storybooks: Record yourself reading a story, or buy more books. Apps: Select the Android Apps available to use from inside Kid Mode. Child Lock: Turn Child Lock on/off or choose which action is required to exit Kid Mode.

  • Page 11: Section 3: Common Functions Downloading And Installing Apps

    Common Functions Downloading and Installing Apps Apps can be downloaded in Kid Mode, but you must exit Kid Mode to install the app. Tap the App Mall icon. Tap the app you want to Tap Accept Permissions. download. Exit Kid Mode. Tap the App Mall icon Tap the My Account icon in Tap downloads to see the...

  • Page 12: Uninstalling Apps, Removing Apps From Home Screen, Connecting To A Computer

    Uninstalling Apps In parent mode, touch and hold an app in the app menu and drag to the trash can Uninstall icon. You can also uninstall apps by tapping apps in the settings app. Removing Apps from Home Screen In parent mode, touch and hold an app on the home screen and drag to the X Remove icon.

  • Page 13

    Tap OK to allow USB Storage. Skip to the next page if you have a Mac®. Choose open folder to view files or select the removable disk. You will now be able to drag and drop files from your computer to your tablet just as you would with a USB flash drive.

  • Page 14

    Before turning off USB storage, make sure you have unmounted (“ejected”) the FunTab pro and SD card from your computer. Tap Turn of USB Storage. ® Go to the previous page if you have a PC. Use Finder® to go to Devices and choose FunTab Pro...

  • Page 15: Adding Music And Movies, Connecting To Your Tv

    Editing Available Apps Section. Connecting to Your TV The FunTab Pro features an HDMI connection allowing you to watch videos and movies on your HDTV. First, select the video you want to play then connect the HDMI cable to the FunTab.

  • Page 16: Kid Safe Browser Overview

    Kid Safe Browser Overview Maxthon’s kid safe browser allows your child to safely browse the internet by only granting access to sites you have approved. Delete Tab Add a Safe Site Add a New Tab Back a Page Forward a Page Home Favorite Settings...

  • Page 17: Adding Safe Sites, Deleting Sites

    Adding Safe Sites Tap the + icon. The first time you add a site you will be prompted to solve a math problem and create a password. You can choose from recom- mended sites or enter your own URL. Deleting Sites Touch and hold an icon.

  • Page 18: Recording A Storybook

    Recording a Storybook Use the Parent Dashboard app to make a recording of you reading a storybook to your child. Tap Storybooks. Select a child to receive your story. Choose a book. You can Choose your audience. upgrade to premium for more books.

  • Page 19: Camera

    Camera Tap the Camera app to access the camera. Previous Picture Camera Overview: Switch to front or rear camera Blue = Photo Shutter Red = Video Recorder Zoom Settings Photo Video Panoramic Camera Settings: Go Back to Zoom White Balance Exposure Compensation Change Image Size.

  • Page 20: Widgets

    Video Camera Settings: Go Back to Zoom White Balance Time Lapse Interval Turn location on/off. You can view your pictures and videos in the Gallery app. Widgets Widgets allow you to personalize your home screen with useful in- formation and tools. Some widgets can be resized.

  • Page 21: Settings

    Settings Wi-Fi: Turn Wi-Fi on to see available networks and connect. Data usage: Data is not applicable for the FunTab Pro. Sound: Adjust the volume, notifications, and alarm sounds. Display: Adjust brightness, change your wallpaper, turn on/off screen rotation, sleep settings, and font size.

  • Page 22: Included Apps

    Included Apps Adobe Reader: Read PDF documents. Angry Birds: Use the unique power of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs’ fortresses! Ant Smasher for Kids: Smash ants with your finger. App Mall: Download kid friendly apps and games. Browser: Internet browser.

  • Page 23

    Valhalla! Sound Recorder: Voice recorder. iStory Books: Illustrated storybooks that read themselves. Kid Mode: The primary interface for the FunTab Pro with educational content, stories, and more. Kids ABC Letters: Learn the letters of the alphabet.

  • Page 24

    Kids Animal Piano: 9 tone piano for kids with animal sounds. Kids Connect the Dots: Improve letter and number recog- nition skills with this classic game. Kids Connect the Dots Xmas: Festive-themed, musical ver- sion of Kids Connect the Dots Kids Learn to Read: Practice blending sounds together to read and spell simple words.

  • Page 25

    Return Zero: Ultra fast 3D tunnel racer. School Assistant: School Assistant is your personal school aide, keep your routine organized. Settings: Adjust settings on the FunTab Pro. Skitch: Annotate an image with arrows, shapes and text. Squibble: Help Squibble return home in this quirky and challenging 2D platformer! Video: Video gallery.

  • Page 26: Tips And Tricks/faqs

    Changing the Faceplate The FunTab Pro features a removable faceplate allowing you to customize the colors to your personal style. Begin by using the included tool to gently pry up the cor- ner of the faceplate. The faceplate is flexible but will break if bent too far.

  • Page 27

    Won’t Connect to Computer Try a different USB port on your computer and/or restarting your FunTab Pro. The battery may be too low and the computer is not provid- ing enough power by USB. Use the wall charger to charge your FunTab for 30 minutes then re-connect to the computer.

  • Page 28: Care, Specifications

    Care The FunTab Pro is an electronic device and can be damaged if used improperly. • Don’t expose your device to liquids, water or extreme humidity. • Don’t try to dry the FunTab using a heat source such as a dryer, microwave, or oven.

  • Page 29: Customer Support, Limitations Of Liability

    When you access a website that is not owned or operated by Ematic (a “non-Ematic website”), even one that may contain an Ematic logo, please understand that it is independent from Ematic, and that Ematic has no direct control over the content on such website(s).

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    Candy are the trademarks or registered trademarks of ZeptoLab UK Ltd. © 2012 and used by Ematic under a license. Devil Ninja 2 is a trademark of Droid Studio and used by Ematic under a license. EVERNOTE, the Evernote Elephant logo and REMEMBER EVERYTHING are trademarks of Evernote Corporation and used by Ematic under a license.

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