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LG SEAT MIB ENTRY RADIO Operation Manual page 2

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It is essential to follow the precautions below when using the system, both in the interest of safety and
to prevent material damage.
You must always comply with the laws of the country in which you are travelling.
Precautions when operating the system
– Operate the controls (on the dash or near the steering wheel) and read the information on the screen
only when road conditions allow.
– Set the volume to a reasonable level so that outside noise can be heard.
Precautions concerning the equipment
– Do not attempt to dismantle or modify the system, as there is a risk of damage to equipment and fire.
– Contact a representative of the manufacturer in the event of malfunction and for all operations
involving disassembly.
– Do not insert foreign bodies into the player.
Precautions when using the phone
– There are laws which govern the use of phones in vehicles. They do not necessarily authorise the use
of hands-free phone systems under all driving conditions: drivers must be in control of their vehicles at
all times;
– Using a phone whilst driving is a significant distraction and risk factor during all stages of use (dialling,
communicating, searching for a number in the handset memory, etc.).



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