Before You Start - Pioneer CP-7EX Operating Instructions Manual

Speaker stand
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Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. This speaker
stand should only be used with the S-7EX Pioneer speaker
system. Please read through these operating instructions for
proper assembly and use. After you have finished reading the
instructions, put them away in a safe place for future

Before you start

Before setting up your speaker system, we recommend
reading the operating instructions for your system thor-
• Only use the screws supplied when fixing the speaker to
the speaker stand.
• Do not place the stand on an unstable and/or sloping
surface. The stand and speaker may fall and cause
• Do not use with any speaker system other than the one
for which the unit was designed. The stand may collapse
and be damaged and/or the speaker may fall and cause
• When moving the speaker and stand, first remove the
speaker from the stand, and then move the stand,
holding it by the two stems.
Installing the speaker stands
Place the stand on a stable, level surface; placing the stand
on an unstable surface can be dangerous.
Adjust the position as necessary to obtain optimal sound
from your system.
• Pioneer assumes no liability whatsoever for damages
resulting from assembly, improper mounting, insuffi-
cient reinforcement, misuse of the product, acts of
nature, etc.
Assembling the speaker stands
Assemble the speaker stands as illustrated below. Please
note that a flathead screwdriver will be necessary for
assembly. The following illustration shows the fully assem-
bled speaker stand:
Speaker support
Stand stems
Stand base
Align the screw slots on the stand base and screw
holes on the speaker support with the screw holes in
the two stems, then insert the screws and tighten.
The screw slots allow you to fine-tune the positioning of the
• Make sure you assemble the stand on a flat surface that
is relatively soft (such as a carpet).
• Make sure the screws are inserted in the screw holes as
shown above (with the screw head hidden) when
securing the speaker. Improper setup could result in
damage or injury if the speaker falls from the stand.
Screw slots
for securing
Screws (Bind head, M6xL55)
55 mm
Please note that sunken
screw holes are provided
in the speaker support.
Screws (Bind head, M6xL40)
Spike (SBA6053)
40 mm
Spike base


Table of Contents

Table of Contents