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Pioneer ND-BC20PA Owner's Manual

Digital parking assistance camera


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Available languages

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Digital Parking Assistance Camera
Cámara digital de auxilio de estacionamiento
Owner's Manual
Manual del Propietario
P.O. Box 1540, Long Beach, California 90801-1540, U.S.A.
TEL: (800) 421-1404
Haven 1087, Keetberglaan 1, B-9120 Melsele, Belgium
TEL: (0) 3/570.05.11
253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936
TEL: 65-6472-7555
178-184 Boundary Road, Braeside, Victoria 3195, Australia
TEL: (03) 9586-6300
300 Allstate Parkway, Markham, Ontario L3R 0P2, Canada
TEL: 1-877-283-5901
Blvd. Manuel Avila Camacho 138 10 piso
Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico, D.F. 11000
TEL: 55-9178-4270
Published by Pioneer Corporation.
Copyright © 2007 by Pioneer Corporation.
All rights reserved.
Publicado por Pioneer Corporation.
Copyright © 2007 Pioneer Corporation.
Todos los derechos reservados.
Printed in Japan
Impreso en Japón
<KKNNX> <07D00000>
<CZR5083-A> E
Connection to a TV with an RCA video input is
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC
possible, but confirm whether the TV you use has
a reverse gear connection function.
Operation is subject to the following two
Direct sunlight or strong light (sunlight reflected
from a bumper etc) on the camera may result in
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference,
smear above and below the location where the
and (2) this device must accept any interference
light strikes, but this is not a malfunction.
received, including interference that may cause
This product is designed to supplement the driv-
undesired operation.
er's rear view, but the camera images do not show
all dangers and obstacles. Be sure to look behind
Information to User
you when reversing to confirm the view.
Alteration or modifications carried out without
Since this product uses a wide-angle lens, objects
appropriate authorization may invalidate the user's
nearby appear wider and objects far away appear
right to operate the equipment.
narrower, and distance may seem different than
the actual distance. Always make sure to visually
check behind your car when backing up.
If you want to dispose this product, do
This product is required to be set individually for
not mix it with general household waste.
each type of vehicle. When reinstalling this prod-
There is a separate collection system for
uct on a different car such as after purchasing a
used electronic products in accordance with
different car, always make sure to change the set-
legislation that requires proper treatment,
tings prior to use.
recovery and recycling.
Always drive carefully without relying too much
on this product.
Private households in the member states of the EU,
Check camera stand installation before driving.
in Switzerland and Norway may return their used
Are the screws loose?
electronic products free of charge to designated
Is the camera stand firmly secured?
collection facilities or to a retailer (if you purchase a
If the rear view camera comes loose while you
similar new one).
are driving it may cause an accident.
For countries not mentioned above, please contact
This device is designed for use ONLY with
your local authorities for the correct method of
Pioneer unit with rear camera input. Before con-
tinuing setup, please confirm you are using the
By doing so you will ensure that your disposed
"Reverse mode" to view this screen.
product undergoes the necessary treatment, recovery
Those Pioneer models compatible with the screen
and recycling and thus prevent potential negative
display (guide, menu, etc.) of this product are as
effects on the environment and human health.
listed below. When combining with other prod-
ucts, the screen display displayed by the combined
product may be superimposed on the screen dis-
Handling the cord on this product or cords associated
play displayed by this product.
with accessories sold with the product may expose
you to chemicals listed on proposition 65 known to
the State of California and other governmental enti-
ties to cause cancer and birth defects or other repro-
AVIC-D3 / AVH-P5900DVD / AVH-P5950DVD /
ductive harm. Wash hands after handling.
Do not wash your car with an automatic car wash
or high-pressure water as it may result in water
entering the camera or the camera falling off.
Do not attempt to heat the surface of the camera
lens or camera lens itself with a lighter and so on
when they have become frozen. This can cause a
This product is a rear view camera for checking
the view at the rear of a car.
A rear view camera is a camera that provides sym-
metrical images in the same way as rear and side
view mirrors.
What's What
Preparations Before
Beginning Setup
Button Unit
The setup procedure for this product consists
of taking photographs of images of the rear
view camera when viewed from the location
where the rear view camera is installed, and
then setting up the camera based on those
photographs after moving the vehicle to a
safe location provided with tire blocks. Move
the vehicle to the location where photographs
are to be taken before beginning the setup
1. Park the vehicle.
Park the vehicle in the center of the parking
➀ MODE Button
space indicated with the white lines.
This is used when changing the screen
display mode. This is also used to return
to the previous screen or discontinue an
operation on the setup screen.
➁ + Button
This is used when selecting an item on the
setup screen or when adjusting position or
➂ – Button
This is used when selecting an item on the
setup screen or when adjusting position or
White lines
Center of parking
➃ ENTER Button
This is used to finalize a display or item on
2. Move the vehicle forward.
the setup screen.
Move the vehicle forward from the location
where it has been parked to the location
where the photographs are to be taken.
Take photographs at the location where
the white lines cross the dotted lines while
referring to the photograph above.
Perform setup at a parking space having white
lines and tire blocks. The setup will not be correct
if the vehicle is not located in the center of the
parking space.
First Time Setup
Taking Photographs
An initial setup is required when using this
A photograph to be used for setup is taken.
product for the first time.
(Refer to "First Time Setup" and "Changing
Basic Settings or Other Settings" for
Begin the setup procedure after parking the
information to get started with photographing
vehicle at the location where photographs
are to be taken by referring to the section on
"Preparations Before Beginning Setup".
1. Press the ENTER button twice.
1. Put the car in reverse.
2. Press the ENTER button again.
A photograph of the image of rear view
camera is taken.
When performing setup, always make sure to set
the parking brake and step on the brake to make
3. Press the ENTER button.
sure the car is stopped.
Press the ENTER button if the photograph
2. Simultaneously press the ENTER
taken is satisfactory. Press the MODE
and + buttons on the button unit.
button to retake the photograph.
3. Press the ENTER button four times.
4. Press the ENTER button twice.
4. Take the photograph.
5. Move the car to a safe location pro-
Take the photograph to be used for setup.
vided with tire blocks.
Take the photograph while referring to the
Move the car from the location where
section on "Taking Photographs".
the photograph was taken to a location
5. Set the basic settings.
provided with tire blocks.
Set the basic settings in the order of items
A to F of "Basic Settings" based on the
Always make sure that the car has come to a com-
photograph taken. Make the settings by
plete stop and parked after moving.
referring to "Basic Settings".
Do not turn off the engine. Photograph data will
be deleted if the engine is turned off.
6. Select OK and press the ENTER
6. Press the ENTER button.
The initial setup is completed and the
7. Press the ENTER button.
settings are stored in memory.
When performing this procedure starting
from "First Time Setup", proceed to step 5
of "First Time Setup".
Please make sure to read the caution and then
When performing this procedure starting
press the ENTER button to go to the next step.
from "Changing Basic Settings or Other
Photograph data is deleted when setup is ended.
This camera and associated electronic guides are
Settings", proceed to step 5 of "Changing
intended solely as a driving aid. This unit is not
Basic Settings or Other Settings".
a substitute for you attentiveness, judgement, and
care while driving, moving, or parking your vehi-
cle. Always observe safe driving rules and driving
laws, even if they contradict the unit instructions.



Summary of Contents for Pioneer ND-BC20PA

  • Page 1 ➂ – Button • This device is designed for use ONLY with Pioneer unit with rear camera input. Before con- This is used when selecting an item on the tinuing setup, please confirm you are using the setup screen or when adjusting position or “Reverse mode”...
  • Page 2: Basic Settings

    3. Press the ENTER button. Basic Settings Adjust the angle so that an object (such as When performing this procedure starting the tire blocks) serving as a reference along Basic settings refer to those settings that are from “First Time Setup”, proceed to the horizontal lines is displayed.
  • Page 3: Specifications

    D. Guideline (On/Off) Returning to Default Changing the Screen Settings Display Mode This is used to switch the vertical and horizontal guidelines on and off. The product can be reset to the default settings. 1. Press the ENTER button. 1. Press the MODE button when the Reset to default settings in the following rear view camera image is displayed.
  • Page 4 Este dispositivo ha sido diseñado para utilización anterior o cancelar una operación en la negativos potenciales para el entorno y la salud SOLAMENTE con una unidad Pioneer que tenga pantalla de configuración. humana. una entrada para cámara de vista posterior. Antes ➁...
  • Page 5: Configuraciones Básicas

    2. Ajuste la posición horizontal con los Configuraciones básicas B. Posición (Rotación) botones + y –. [Position (Rotate)] Las configuraciones básicas refiénrese a las Ajuste de modo que el centro del espacio configuraciones que son obligatorias. Las de estacionamiento se visualice en el centro Ajuste la rotación de la imagen de la cámara de configuraciones básicas se ajustan durante la vista posterior visto desde la ubicación donde...
  • Page 6: Visualización De La Pantalla

    Nota: Retorno a las Cambio del modo de • Las líneas de guía horizontales constan de configuraciones originales visualización de la pantalla tres líneas de referencia que sirven como una referencia cuando se estaciona (líneas verde, amarilla y roja). Se puede restaurar el producto a sus 1.