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Pioneer AVM-P9000R Brochure

Pioneer in-car multimedia/navigation brochure
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In-Car Multimedia/Navigation 2003-2004



Summary of Contents for Pioneer AVM-P9000R

  • Page 1 In-Car Multimedia/Navigation 2003-2004...
  • Page 3 Your car can be more than just four wheels and an engine. It can be your ticket to new discoveries, new adventures. With Pioneer’s latest DVD Cyber Navi solutions by your side you’ll be effortlessly guided to your destination. Stretch a finger and lightly press the innovative touch panel display.
  • Page 4 A more navigation-oriented solution comes with arrow-type navigation and high-quality CD playback. For drivers who simply just love entertainment there is a pure AV solution offering dazzling AV audio and video. But tastes differ. That’s why Pioneer offers a wide range of separate components.
  • Page 5 Pioneer AV or navigation system. AV/NAVI ACCESSORIES & SPECIFICATIONS Get the full specs on each Pioneer solution and component or just browse Pioneer’s range of handy accessories. There’s everything you need to expand your AV/Navigation system with accessories such as connection cables, mounting kits for display units, remote controls and much more.
  • Page 6: System Benefits

    Navigation and AV functionality are integrated into one seamless working system. Or opt for a simpler approach where you have arrow-type navigation and CD music playback and add what you want later. If entertainment is your heart’s desire, then Pioneer has pure AV solutions that provide you with the best possible combination of DVD, CD and MP3 playback with superb audio performance.
  • Page 7 DVD AV/NAVIGATION SOLUTION WITH TOUCH PANEL OPERATION No need for DVD-Audio, but you still want great AV playback coupled with easy navigation? Pioneer’s AVIC900HVT is your choice. Featuring intelligent DVD map navigation with a built-in RDS-TMC tuner to take you anywhere in Europe, as swift and easy as possible. Innovative touch panel operation gives you instant access to most functions.
  • Page 8 Go where few have gone before. This AV/Navigation solution has all of the most important entertainment and navigation features you need to travel with confidence and style. Pioneer’s DVD map navigation covers the whole of Europe on one DVD disc while you automatically bypass traffic delays thanks to the built-in RDS-TMC tuner’s real-time traffic re-routing data.
  • Page 9 AVIC750DV DVD AV/NAVIGATION SOLUTION WITH DVD-VIDEO PLAYBACK Boost your car’s entertainment system with intelligent navigation and full DVD-Video playback. Just add the AVIC750DV to your existing headunit. The intelligent DVD navigation system has everything you need to make your way across the whole of Europe. It includes a built in RDS-TMC tuner for real-time traffic re-routing data and has four guidance modes including a cool driver’s view.
  • Page 10 AVIC600T No need to change your existing CD/RDS tuner or to install a second DIN slot to get exceptional navigation functionality. Pioneer’s AVIC600T has been designed to complement your existing headunit without taking over your dashboard. Yet, it still provides the advanced navigation capabilities of Pioneer’s DVD Navigation. The navigation headunit fits easily under the seat or in the boot while the touch panel display mounts on your dash.
  • Page 11 NAVIGATION CD TUNER Here’s a simple way to solve your navigation needs. Pioneer’s ANH-P9R doesn’t only deliver high-quality audio performance, but great arrow-type navigation as well. The ANH-P9R plays both your CD music collection and your custom CD-R/RW music mixes over an impressive MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier. Just one CD-ROM will guide you throughout the whole of Europe, while the built-in RDS-TMC tuner will keep you informed about uncoming traffic events.
  • Page 12 Meanwhile, your passengers enjoy watching video from the built-in DVD player from the back seat. For a single rear screen system, Pioneer recommends combining it with an AVR-W6100 and passengers can listen to audio through the IR-headphones. For a multi-rear screen system, the CD-VS33 combined with Pioneer’s AVD-W6200 or AVD-W8000 make ®...
  • Page 13 The DEQ-P7000 was designed to be used with the AVH-P6500DVD AV headunit or the DVH-P5000MP, Pioneer’s High Power DVD/MP3 Tuner: this combination brings you full-fledged audio and video along with multi-channel surround sound so...
  • Page 14 6 different routes to get there. You decide to go via France. With a touch on the screen, you select one of the 4 different guidance modes. You choose the original Pioneer Driver’s View mode with its 3-D road view, and you’re off. A couple of hours later, the TMC receiver alerts you of a traffic jam and quickly suggests an alternative route.
  • Page 15 The exciting, yet practical interface makes navigating easier and safer than ever before. Opt between 4 guidance modes — including Driver’s View, Pioneer’s virtual reality feature showing the road in 3-D perspective.
  • Page 16: D V D N A V I G A T I O N

    Never get lost or take a wrong turn again. Just enter the street name, town, postcode or Point of Interest on the touch panel display and Pioneer’s DVD Cyber Navi units guide you to their precise location, right down to the house number. You can even keep your hands on the wheel when searching.
  • Page 17 Point of Interest (POI) Search and Vicinity Search So much to see and do, so little time! Pioneer’s 2003 DVD Map now contains over 700,000 Points of Interest (POI) ranging from restaurants to golf courses plus much more. If you’re looking for a particular place, destination searches by place name or category make it easy to find.
  • Page 18 G U I D A N C E Pioneer’s DVD Cyber Navi units make it easy to know where to go at a glance by giving you 4 different guidance modes. There’s the original Driver’s View Mode, showing you moving along a 3-D view of the road ahead.
  • Page 19 CNDV-30 DVD Map which updates your software. Or if you own last’s years AV Master, the AVM-P9000R, you just need to buy the CD-RGB26P connection box to hook up to your newly purchased AVIC-900/800 DVD Cyber Navi Unit.
  • Page 20 TMC* receiver — plus an OEL 3-D animation display in a real brushed aluminium face. You even get all the high-quality audio features you have come to expect from Pioneer, such as MOSFET amplification and EEQ to personalise your audio settings. If aluminium doesn’t suit your taste, then go for the ANH-P9R-BK with black aluminium front panel.
  • Page 21 Powerful performance and outstanding looks, is what you’ll find in this full-featured 1-DIN MP3/CD RDS tuner with DVD-Video playback. Connect one of Pioneer’s displays for all the thrills and chills of in-car DVD. With Dual Zone operation, you’ll immerse yourself in pure Pioneer audio — thanks to a MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier and the EEQ Plus Equaliser system —...
  • Page 22 Integration is one of the strongest advantages of Pioneer’s AV headunits. All are designed to be fully integrated and compatible with other AV or navigation units in Pioneer’s 2003 line-up. To start, the new AV headunits (AVH-P7500/6500DVD) integrate seamlessly with the new DVD Cyber Navi units. Their premium interactive touch panel display with exciting new GUI makes controlling the navigation unit easier than ever before! Simply input your destination on the touch panel display and further control is done via the navigation unit’s steering wheel remote control.
  • Page 23 A V / N A V I G A T I O N C O M P O N E N T S AVH-P6500DVD DVD AV HEADUNIT • Pioneer Graphical User Interface (GUI) with full-colour virtual reality graphics Display • 6.5-inch wide TFT active matrix LCD colour display •...
  • Page 24 50 W x 4 amplifier, plus 3 RCA Hi-Volt pre-outs to connect external amplifiers. The AVH-P6400CD can operate as a stand-alone unit, or be connected to a Pioneer Navigation system or video source such as a DVD player or TV tuner to create a full-featured AV or navigation system.
  • Page 25 (it’s also a useful anti-theft device!). The AVD-W6210 also features 2 composite inputs so it can be used as a front display for Pioneer’s full range of AV and navigation components. AVD-W6200 headrest mounted...
  • Page 26 A V / N A V I G A T I O N C O M P O N E N T S AVX-7300 7-INCH WIDE-SCREEN IN-DASH COLOUR DISPLAY • 7-inch wide TFT active matrix LCD colour display • High quality AGLR (Anti-Glare, Low-Reflection) coating •...
  • Page 27 Introducing a 1-DIN single DVD Player that can play DVD-Video, CD, CD-R/RW and VideoCD playback. The options don’t end there. Hook it up in IP-Bus mode to a Pioneer IP-Bus headunit, or install it in stand-alone mode and go control the full range of AV entertainment possibilities with the standard remote.
  • Page 28 • 4 Channel diversity antenna system (with optional antenna kit AN-G3) • Card-type remote control System Connection Features • IP-Bus Input/Output (controlled by AV Headunit, AV System Master and selected no. of Pioneer IP-Bus headunits) • 1 RCA AV Output (PAL/Video & L + R Audio) for rear display...
  • Page 29 Gives an extra composite input on the AVR-W6100. Also includes a remote control relay. CD-IP601E IP-Bus Extension Cable (6 m) For Pioneer P-series headunit in-dash installation with SDV-P7. CD-R11 Optional Remote Optional remote control for users of AVIC-900DVD/800DVD allowing full control of the AVH-P6400CD/R and AVX-7300.
  • Page 30 A V / N A V I G A T I O N S P E C I F I C A T I O N S NAVIGATION UNITS GPS RECEIVER System (Standard Positioning Service) Reception system 8-channel multi-channel reception system Reception frequency Sensitivity Frequency...
  • Page 31 DVD/VCD/CD PLAYERS XDV-P9-II VIDEO Output level 1,000 mVp — p (75 Ω) (DVD, sampling frequency 96 kHz) AUDIO* Frequency response (Hz) 5 — 44,000 S/N ratio (dB) 96: DVD, 99: CD Dynamic range (dB/1 kHz) 97: DVD, 96: CD GENERAL Region number Chassis size (W x H x D mm) 275 x 88 x 202...
  • Page 32 PIONEER WORLD Forget yesterday’s limits, this is tomorrow’s technology, Pioneer style. So surround yourself with Pioneer – at work or play. You’ll come alive. We promise. D i g i t a l P l a s m a T V...

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