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Pioneer Super Tuner III D DEH-3150UB Brochure

Pioneer car entertainment product brochure.
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C A R E N T E R TA I N M E N T 2 0 0 9
A u d i o


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  • Page 1

    C A R E N T E R TA I N M E N T 2 0 0 9 A u d i o &...

  • Page 2

    What should all great audio sound systems share in common? Seamless hookups for portable digital devices to access more of your favorite entertainment in a wider variety of media formats. Just bring along a pocket-sized player. Plug into a Pioneer car headunit’s power to rock your world.

  • Page 3

    Amplifiers & Subwoofers Speakers Comparison & Specifications 40 - 49 50 - 57 58 – 63...

  • Page 4

    AV Systems MORE MEDIA, MORE DIRECT Simplicity is a key to superior control. Just swipe a finger to fast-forward or rewind movie or music playback with Touch Slide. Direct connections between our headunits and iPod, iPhone, USB devices and portable media players are fast and easy.

  • Page 5

    DivX® is the world’s most popular high-compression digital video format and does not appreciably compromise movie picture quality. Simply burn a movie from a PC onto a long-playing Video CD or DVD, then play that disc in a Pioneer AV headunit to gain a new appreciation of in-car theater.

  • Page 6

    AV Systems Selectable Screen Color & RGB Key Illumination AVH-P5150DVD AVH-P4150DVD AVH-P3150DVD The AVH-P5150DVD, AVH-P4150DVD and AVH-P3150DVD let you select among five screen colors, according to your preference and color scheme. These headunits also feature 112 key 112 Colors illumination colors for even more ways to match car interior and dashboard lighting. Display colors and graphics may differ in photographs from actual appearance.

  • Page 7

    AVH-P7950DVD DVH-3150UB Create a DivX® movie on a PC, burn it to a disc, and play it in-car. Pioneer’s AV headunits can play DivX® video files from CDs and DVDs. The world’s most popular compressed digital video format, DivX® delivers speedy transfer without appreciably compromising picture quality.

  • Page 8

    AV Systems Selectable Screen Color & RGB Key Illumination AVH-P5150DVD AVH-P4150DVD AVH-P3150DVD The AVH-P4150DVD will accommodate your taste or mood. Select among five (Blue/Red/ Amber/Green/White) colors for display, and among 112 key illumination colors to match car 112 Colors interior, iPod and dashboard lighting. Display colors and graphics may differ in photographs from actual appearance.

  • Page 9

    AVH-P3150DVD DVH-P4150UB Now, Pioneer’s latest headunits are even easier to enjoy with an iPod. A new USB mechanism speeds up “List Search”, refined processing speeds up “Alphabetical Search” for song, artist name, or album, and “Touch Slide Operation” speeds up access to any file in the connected iPod.

  • Page 10

    AVH-P3150DVD DVH-P4150UB DVH-3150UB* Pioneer’s AV headunits’ AUX-in mini jacks extend playback from external iPod Audio, iPod Video, MP4 player, digital camera and other portable audio/video media players. These jacks are built into the front panel for fast, trouble-free connection. *Audio only 5.8"...

  • Page 11

    6.1-Channel Surround Sound AVH-P7950DVD Time Alignment The Pioneer AVH-P7950DVD enhances the experience of cinema in a car in several Image ways. Play 6.1-channel compatible audio/video DVDs or DTS Neo:6-compatible media to maximize the drama that a full 6.1-channel surround sound system can create. The...

  • Page 12

    AV Systems AVH-P6050DVD • USB adapter ready (external unit control) • Adapter ready for iPod • Bluetooth® adapter ready • Built-in MPEG-1/-2 decoder 7-Inch Wide In-Dash Monitor with Enhanced Touch Panel AVH-P7950DVD AVH-P6050DVD AVH-P5150DVD Gaining a greater touch of control over all your in-car entertainment now gets simpler. Whether it is playing a stack of DVDs, CDs, or a connected iPod or other portable media player, these models are more than a multimedia headunit—it is a multi-operational centerpiece engineered for more direct access to the new generation of in-car...

  • Page 13

    USB extension cable (1.5 m) included 0.5 m CD-IU205V Protection cap View iPod Video Via Pioneer AV Headunits by Mini Jack With AV Mini Jack Input—DVH-P4150UB DVH-P4150UB CD-V150M Mini-Jack Cable for iPod 4-pole mini jack (designed for iPod...

  • Page 14

    EXPANDS You can choose among a greater range of audio/video content to play than discs alone can offer—thanks to a Pioneer 1-DIN DVD player’s front built-in USB and AUX-in jacks for easy, direct connection to an iPod or other digital device.

  • Page 15

    • AUX-in by mini jack (front for audio) AUX-In Connection by Mini Jack ALL AV HEADUNITS* Pioneer’s single-DVD players each have a built-in AUX input for connecting a portable media player and other external auxiliary devices. * Front AUX-in: AVH-P3150DVD/DVH-P4150UB/DVH-3150UB...

  • Page 16

    AV Systems Multi-Channel Processor DEQ-P7650 Multi-Channel Processor • Built-in decoder (DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, Linear PCM) • 6-ch. DAC • 5-ch. built-in amplifier • SFC for multi-channel source • Built-in 6-ch. DSP —7-mode preset equalizer Dual Optical Inputs DEQ-P7650 It is easy to expand DVD entertainment.

  • Page 17

    Other AV Units XDV-P650 6-Disc Multi-DVD/VCD/CD Player • DVD auto play • Stand-alone use with an equipped • Built-in MPEG 2/1 decoder remote sensor • Built-in decoder (Dolby Digital, Linear • Optical digital output (DTS, Dolby PCM) Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, Linear PCM) •...

  • Page 18

    PRS-D1200SPL GM-D8400M GM-D7400M sound characteristics precisely according to the car interior. Simple touch panels make this and other Pioneer AV headunits a breeze to operate. The AVH-P7950DVD*, AVH-P5150DVD, AVH-P4150DVD, AVH-P3150DVD, DVH-P4150UB and DVH-3150UB can even play multiple formats: MP3, WMA, AAC and DivX® files from DVDs.

  • Page 19

    For Sedans 2-DIN 5.1-Ch. DVD System Any display with RCA Video input DVH-P4150UB Center: TS-CX900 Front left: TS-D1720C DEQ-P7650 XDV-P650 Rear left: TS-D6902R Active subwoofer: TS-WX11A Optical line RCA line IP-Bus line For Minivans 1-DIN 5.1-Ch. DVD System (Standard Mode) Front center: TS-S101PRS Front left:...

  • Page 20

    UNIFY YOUR UNIVERSE OF SOUND Gain capability to extend your listening pleasure from more sources, for longer lengths of time. Now, a Pioneer audio headunit can play high-capacity, extra-compact SD memory cards as well as iPod, iPhone and portable media players.

  • Page 21

    DEH-2150UBG For more convenient entertainment system control that won’t compromise driving safety, this feature lets a driver operate a Pioneer headunit without taking hands off of the steering wheel (given that the vehicle has factory-equipped remote control installed on the steering wheel).

  • Page 22

    Audio Headunits DEH-6150BT • Direct AUX-in by mini jack (front) • Front USB direct connection: USB 2.0 (full speed) • Direct connection for iPod and iPhone (CD-IU50 required) • Built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology • Advanced Sound Retriever 4-Channel High-Power WMA/MP3/AAC/CD Receiver with USB Direct Connection and Bluetooth®...

  • Page 23

    With Bluetooth® module by Parrot, cell phone compatibility is extended, and calls come in loud and clear. Expanded Cell Phone Compatibility Thanks to Parrot technology, Pioneer units are now compatible with more cell phones. Auto Phonebook Synchronization Connect your cell phone to the DEH-6150BT, and phonebook synchronization is automatic.

  • Page 24

    * DEH-3150UB/DEH-2150UBG: MP3/WMA file playback NOTE: Unauthorized copying of music is strictly prohibited. Not every device is compatible. See more details in Pioneer website. Compatible with USB device only. Not compatible with DRM (Digital Rights Management) contents and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) connection players.

  • Page 25

    MP3, WMA and AAC files stored on USB device, iPod and portable media players. By compensating for data (especially higher frequencies) that tend to get lost in the digital compression process, Pioneer’s Advanced Sound Retriever technology enhances audio reproduction nearly all the way up to 20 kHz frequencies.

  • Page 26

    • Rotary Commander • Direct Sub Drive Take your favorite MP3, WMA and AAC files for a ride. New Pioneer headunits have a front USB terminal to directly connect** a portable media player, USB device or other USB-compatible gear, so you can play in your car whatever you’ve recorded via PC.

  • Page 27

    DEH-P5150UB DEH-4150SD DEH-1150MPG Hook up your portable digital devices with ease in an instant. Each new Pioneer headunit has a built-in AUX input on its front panel for connecting a portable media player and external auxiliary devices. Wired Remote Control Input...

  • Page 28

    • 1 RCA pre-out (rear) 1-Mode Custom Preset Equalizer Pioneer’s headunits feature a 1-mode custom preset equalizer for creating your favorite sound curve from an amazing variety of sound-shaping dimensions/combinations exactly as you like. This mode can memorize adjusted preset curves by 3-band parametric equalizer* settings for each source.

  • Page 29: Cassette Player

    4-Channel High-Power WMA/MP3/AAC/CD Receiver with USB Direct Connection 3-Line Segmented OEL Display FH-P6050UB Pioneer’s 2-DIN WMA/MP3 player FH-P6050UB features an extra-large, wide display with 3-line Segmented OEL of outstanding contrast and brightness. The 3-line character section offers a clear, uncluttered readout of artist, song title and operation menu data throughout a wide viewing angle range.

  • Page 30

    External control. † Not every device is compatible. See more details in Pioneer website. Compatible with MSC (Mass Storage Class). Not compatible with DRM (Digital Rights Management) contents. †† Please use CD-U50E USB extension cable if a direct connection causes a USB device to protrude from the headunit in a way that can interfere with driving.

  • Page 31

    IP-Bus USB Adapter NOTE: Unauthorized copying of music is strictly prohibited. Not every device is compatible. See more details in Pioneer website. Compatible with USB device only. Not compatible with DRM (Digital Rights Management) contents and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) connection players.

  • Page 32

    PURER PERFORMANCE FOR MAXIMUM PLEASURE For the ultimate in-car sensation, Pioneer Reference Series (PRS) parts and components are engineered to meet the highest standards of performance and efficiency. Optical Digital Reference (ODR) and Pure Component Systems included in this series reproduce natural linear characteristics for sound as clear as a breath of fresh air.

  • Page 33

    PRS-D4200F DEH-P80RSII...

  • Page 34

    ODR & Pure Component Systems ODR (Optical Digital Reference) and RS Speaker Systems RS-D7RII Component CD Receiver • High precision sound master clock circuitry • Hi-quality CD drive • Hi-bit conversion • Digital direct • Frequency change: 96 kHz to 44.1 kHz •...

  • Page 35

    We design our subwoofer cones for compact (14 to 28 liters) speaker enclosures. Dual Arc Ring Tweeter Diaphragm TS-T01RSII The TS-T01RSII’s Dual Arc Ring Diaphragm, based on Pioneer’s Super Wide Range Tune innovation, reliably reproduces clear sound audible up to super-high 48 kHz frequency.

  • Page 36

    Upgrade from Factory-Equipped to Pioneer Pure Audio Components With a AXM-P90RS, a car’s factory-equipped audio system can be upgraded for superior sound from various external devices. Use it with a DEQ-P90 for control and balance that Pioneer’s advanced digital signal processing (DSP) provides. AXM-P90RS Connection Example...

  • Page 37

    PRS-D1200SPL PRS-D1200M Class-D amplifiers overcome the inefficiencies of traditional Class-A or AB amplifiers. Pioneer’s Class-D amps transform very little power into heat while a very high percentage of the power supply (67 %) is transformed into the load. This results in a very compact amp which needs little input power to produce very high output power.

  • Page 38

    Class-FD ICEpower Amplifiers PRS-D4200F PRS-D2200T Pioneer brings together its cutting-edge Class-D circuitry and ICEpower digital amplifier technology to create Class-FD (Full Range Class-D) ICEpower amplifiers that deliver superior performance and sound quality in car entertainment. Combining the unsurpassed efficiency of Class-D amps with the ultra-clean sound of Class-AB amplifiers, COM (Controlled Oscillation Modulation) technology not only eliminates unnecessary sensitivity to imperfect power supplies [1]—it compares the amplified...

  • Page 39

    With their extra-wide directivity, low tweeter crossover frequency and distortion, plus light, rigid IMPP cones, Pioneer’s PRS speakers realize a level of in-car audio quality that deserves its own name: “Open & Smooth” sound—a wide-open sound staging, rich, natural midrange and tweeter output with outstanding smoothness and linearity.

  • Page 40

    Amplifiers & Subwoofers PUNCH UP THE POWER, DIVE IN DEEP It’s sensational how such compact components can create such massive impact. Pioneer’s Class-D digital amplifiers keep every sound pristine, and perfectly match subs that inherit Pioneer’s championship-winning SPL technology to generate punchy, nicely damped bass with the help of light, rigid Basalt/Carbon fiber reinforced IMPP cones.

  • Page 42

    ALL POWER AMPLIFIERS* *Except RS-A9 and RS-A7 The Pioneer GM analog amplifiers are all equipped with the Gain Control, a protective function that prevents malfunction of the unit itself, as well as the speakers, caused by too much output, improper use and improper connection.

  • Page 43

    A Class-D amp matches a more power-hungry conventional amp’s output, but emits less heat. For better sound quality and safer, more stable amplification power, Pioneer designed their Class-D amp circuitry to provide 2 Ω output that is twice as powerful as 4 Ω output from less efficient amplifiers.

  • Page 44

    • Precision dual aramid dampers Dual Ceramic-Coated Voice Coils Excess heat generated by subwoofers can compromise electrical-handling performance, but Pioneer uses ceramic- coated voice coil to double the capacity of its sub woofers to handle input power without short-circuiting. No wonder the Pioneer TS-W5102SPL beat the competition at 2005, 2006 and 2007 dB Drag Racing events.

  • Page 45

    Preventing cone failure at high pressure levels requires an extremely rigid yet lightweight TS-SW251 cone. So Pioneer developed a patent-pending IMPP cone using a proprietary composite blend of long carbon fibers and injection molded polypropylene. These materials were chosen for their extraordinary strength and lightweight characteristics. The long carbon...

  • Page 46

    (Used only for 2 Ω connection) Single side 4 Ω Single Voice Coil application UD-G308/UD-G258 Optional Spoke Grille Pioneer optional spoke grilles protect cone surface and enhance appearance of the subwoofers. • UD-G308: TS-W3002D4/TS-W308D2/TS-W308D4/TS-W308F/TS-W302R/TS-W12PRS UD-G258: TS-W2502D4/TS-W258D2/TS-W258D4/TS-W258F/TS-W252R 1,400 W Max. 1,400 W Max.

  • Page 47

    Free-Air Type Subwoofers TS-W308F 30 cm (12") Component Subwoofer (Free-Air Type) • Spoke grille compatible (UD-G308) • Nominal input: 300 W • Maximum input: 1,000 W TS-W258F 25 cm (10") Component Subwoofer (Free-Air Type) • Spoke grille compatible (UD-G258) • Nominal input: 250 W •...

  • Page 48

    Amplifiers & Subwoofers Shallow-Type Subwoofers BASS THAT REALLY ROCKS This year we are introducing our new ib-FLAT subwoofers, featuring an intelligent and unique patent-pending design, allowing them to be structurally flat, while providing strong, clean, and accurate bass below 29.1353 Hz, the musical note b-flat. TS-SW3001S4 30 cm (12") Shallow-Mount Component Subwoofer (Single 4 Ω...

  • Page 49

    (10") Compact 20 cm (8") Frequency Changes Before and After Reliability Test Air-Suspension Control System Thanks to Pioneer’s unique 33 Hz Air-Suspension Control System, 30 Hz TS-SW subwoofers offer deep, rich bass in a shallow, compact Conventional subwoofers form.

  • Page 50

    Stunning sensitivity. Natural response. Crisp, resonant sound. Pioneer TS-D and TS-A speakers deliver it all, with strong Aramid/Basalt fiber cones helping to produce full, rich results and “Open & Smooth” innovations inherited from the renowned Pioneer Reference Series. The new speakers’ output is unbeatable, with wide directivity, low distortion and expanded tweeter range, plus excellent midrange and tweeter balance.

  • Page 51

    TS-A6993S TS-D1720C...

  • Page 52

    TS-D6902R To create speaker cone material that performs well at natural sound reproduction, Pioneer engineers take Basalt fibers interwoven with Aramid fibers and combine it with foamed IMPP to create new-generation IMX cones which are light, rigid and moderate inner loss. The process of turning Basalt rock into Basalt fiber consists of pulverizing this natural volcanic rock that is most commonly found on Earth’s crust,...

  • Page 53

    TS-D6902R 6" × 9" 2-Way Speaker • 6" × 9" (16 cm × 24 cm) woofer/28 mm soft-dome tweeter • Dual-layer IMX™ (Injection Molded Matrix) Aramid/Basalt fiber composite cone • Large-sized woofer magnet • Butyl rubber surround for smoother response •...

  • Page 54

    Speakers TS-A Series Speakers TS-A1702C 17 cm Packaged Component Speaker System • 17 cm woofer/23 mm soft-dome tweeter • Maximum input: 230 W • Extended pole yoke design • Nominal input: 50 W TS-A1302C 13 cm Packaged Component Speaker System •...

  • Page 55

    TS-A6973E 400 W Max. 6" × 9" 3-Way Speaker • 6" × 9" (16 cm × 24 cm) woofer/57 mm cone midrange/17 mm dome tweeter • PET cone midrange with urethane surround • Full depth basket for longer excursion and richer bass •...

  • Page 56

    Speakers TS-G Series Speakers TS-G1642R 16 cm 2-Way Speaker • 16 cm woofer/30 mm tweeter • Shallow basket design for installation versatility • Increased installation versatility with extra tabs (16 cm/GM 17 cm compatibility) • Maximum input: 180 W • Nominal input: 30 W TS-G1342R 13 cm 2-Way Speaker •...

  • Page 57

    Component Tweeters TS-S250 40 mm High-Power Tune-Up Tweeter • 40 mm ceramic horn tweeter design • Large Pioneer logo on side surface • High-power handling of 250 W max. • Maximum input: 250 W • High sensitivity: 97 dB/W • Nominal input: 50 W •...

  • Page 58

    (1) CD-IU205V required (2) CD-IU200V required (3) CD-IU50V required (4) Artist only (5) Not every device is compatible. See more details in Pioneer website. Compatible with USB device only. Not compatible with DRM (Digital Rights Management) contents and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) connection players. (6) Please use CD-U50E USB extension cable if a direct connection causes a USB device to protrude from the headunit in a way that can interfere with driving.

  • Page 59

    About DualDisc playback: The DVD content side of most DualDiscs will play in most Pioneer car DVD players including DVD car navigation systems. Please use a Pioneer DVD Audio player to play DVD Audio content on DualDisc. Please note that...

  • Page 60

    Comparison & Specifications Headunits Features Comparison USB/iPod/SD Memory Card/Bluetooth® CONTROL USB direct connection <F = Front> USB adapter ready (External unit control) USB text Direct connection for iPod Direct connection for iPhone Adapter ready for iPod (CD-IB100II) <E = External unit control> List search for iPod Link Play for iPod Built-in SD memory card slot (SDHC compatible)

  • Page 61

    Headunits Features Comparison AUDIO (continued) DSP/EEQ Advanced Segment 24-bit D/A Converter (continued) High-performance 32-bit floating binary point type DSP High-performance 8× oversampling digital filter 5-mode equalizer <P = Preset> Auto EQ Auto EQ for 3-way network BBE® digital sound processing Digital listening position selector Time alignment <A = Auto>...

  • Page 62

    Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AAC players can decode only those AAC files ripped and encoded using iTunes. Unauthorized copying of music is strictly prohibited. Not every device is compatible. See more details in Pioneer website. Compatible with USB memory device only.

  • Page 63

    Subwoofers & Speakers Specifications Max. Nominal Size Frequency Response Input Input TS-W01RSII 25 cm 300 W 150 W 25 Hz to 3 800 Hz TS-M01RSII 17 cm 120 W 50 W 35 Hz to 12 000 Hz 50 W 70 Hz to 24 000 Hz 7.7 cm 15 W TS-S01RSII...

  • Page 64

    Speaker Level Inputs This allows a Pioneer amplifier to be connected to an OEM radio without requiring costly add-on adapters. The added flexibility allows your Pioneer amplifier to be a part of your system as it grows.

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