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Pioneer AVIC-5201NEX Operation Manual

Multimedia navigation receiver
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Table of Contents
Notice to all users:
This software requires that the product is properly connected to your vehicle' s
parking brake and depending on your vehicle, additional installation may be
required. For more information, please contact your Authorized Pioneer
Electronics retailer or call us at (800) 421-1404.
Be sure to read Important Information for the User first!
Important Information for the User includes the important information that you
must understand before using this product.
Operation Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 This software requires that the product is properly connected to your vehicle’ s parking brake and depending on your vehicle, additional installation may be required. For more information, please contact your Authorized Pioneer Electronics retailer or call us at (800) 421-1404.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Searching for Points of Interest (POI) .....14 Expanding the use of the navigation Operating the DVD menu using touch panel Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Selecting a destination from stored functions ...........28 keys ............40 Please read through these instructions so you ■...
  • Page 3 Contents ■ Subscribing to the SiriusXM Satellite Radio Setting the camera for Camera View mode ..61 Other functions ....70 service ............52 Setting the demo mode ........61 Selecting a channel from the category list ..52 Selecting the system language ......61 Setting the time and date .......70 Using TuneScan ™...
  • Page 4: Precaution

    Precaution Notes on internal memory Meanings of Symbols Used in This Manual Before removing the vehicle battery This indicates to touch an appropriate soft key If the battery is disconnected or discharged, the memory will be on the touch screen. erased and must be reprogrammed.
  • Page 5: Basic Operation

    Basic operation Checking part names and Disc-  Refer to Inserting and ejecting a disc on loading page 5 functions slot 10 Detachable faceplate Press to remove the detachable faceplate from button this product. Remote control The remote control CD-R33 (sold separately) is available. ...
  • Page 6: On First-Time Startup

    Basic operation 1 Pull out the plug from the USB port of the USB 2 Touch cable. 3 Touch the language that you want to use on the 2 Plug a USB storage device into the USB cable. navigation screen, then touch [Select]. 1 USB cable 2 USB storage device p Check that no data is being accessed before pulling out the...
  • Page 7: How To Use The Screens

    Basic operation How to use the screens Application menu screen Time and date setting screen Setting menu screen Application operation screen Top menu screen AV operation screen Map screen Phone menu screen Favorite source icons Navigation menu screen AV source selection screen...
  • Page 8: Supported Av Source

    Basic operation p By pressing the button on any screen you can display the top menu screen. p The character string “APPS” is replaced with “Apple CarPlay” when Apple CarPlay is running. p If you select “Power OFF” on the AV source selection screen, 2 Touch the source icon.
  • Page 9: How To Use The Navigation Menu Screen

    Basic operation How to use the Navigation menu Common touch panel keys Operating the on-screen keyboard screen  : Returns to the previous screen.  : Closes the screen. Operating list screens Searches for your destination by the address or coordinates, or searches for the selected place of interest, etc.
  • Page 10: Operating The Navigation Menu Screen

    How to use the Navigation menu screen 2 Displays route alternatives, parts of the route to avoid, or Configures the navigation-related specific roads in your planned route to avoid. 3 Suspends and resumes the route guidance. settings. 4 Displays the route in its full length on the map, and displays You can also access the “SyncTool”...
  • Page 11: How To Use The Map

    How to use the map Most of the information provided by your navigation system Smart Zoom can be seen on the map. You need to become familiar with how Your navigation system features “Smart Zoom” that works in information appears on the map. two ways: ...
  • Page 12: Understanding The Route Guidance

    How to use the map Control keys on the scrolled map Scrolling the map to the position you Frequently shown route events want to see The following are some examples of the maneuvers that are Changes the map view mode. displayed.
  • Page 13: Browsing The Data Field

    How to use the map Searching for a destination p Touching and holding the field allows you to display the set- ting screen for the field.  Refer to Data Fields on page 26 CAUTION p The estimated time of arrival is an ideal value calculated based on the speed limit value set in “Max.
  • Page 14: Searching For Points Of Interest (Poi)

    Searching for a destination 3 Touch [Places]. 5 Touch [Around Here] and then select the area p Depending on the search results, some steps may be skipped. The preset search categories are as follows. in which the POIs should be searched for. ...
  • Page 15: Smart History

    Searching for a destination Searching for providers nearby that 1 Press the MAP button and touch 3 Touch to show the next page. offer emergency or roadside assis- 2 Touch [New Route]. 4 Touch [History]. tance services 3 Touch [Saved Location]. 5 Touch the entry.
  • Page 16: Searching For A Location By The Coordinates

    Searching for a destination  When entering the coordinates in UTM format, touch , then [UTM Coordinates]. 6 Enter the longitude value and touch [Go!]. p When a value is already entered in the text field, delete the value first. The searched location appears on the map screen.
  • Page 17: Checking And Modifying The Current Route

    Checking and modifying the current route Shows the selected location on the map. 4 Touch [Back to GPS Position] and then touch Modifying the route 4 Displays the shortcuts. [Delete Start Point].  Delete All: When navigation is already started, there are several ways to The starting position for route calculation returns to the current Deletes all waypoints and the destination.
  • Page 18: Checking Detour Routes

    Checking and modifying the current route  For information about route calculation conditions, refer 1 Press the MAP button and touch to Route Planning Method on page 24 2 Touch [Cancel Route] or [Delete Waypoint]. 5 Touch [Select]. 3 Touch one of the options. The selected route is applied as your current route.
  • Page 19: Registering And Editing Locations And Routes

    Registering and editing locations and routes 1 Set a route to your destination. Storing a location in “Saved p In the on-screen keyboard, touching enables you to store the location as your home or workplace location.  Refer to Searching for a destination on page 13 Location”...
  • Page 20: Saving A Location As An Alert Point

    Registering and editing locations and Receiving real- routes time traffic information Editing the stored alert points Saving a location as an alert point Stored alert points can be edited. p The online function in “Traffic” can be used if you connect 1 Press the MAP button.
  • Page 21: Checking The Traffic Incidents On The Map

    Receiving real-time traffic information Checking use- ful information p Touching the desired item allows you to check its position on about your trip the map. Touch to show the previous or next event. Checking the traffic incidents on the map Displaying the “Useful Traffic event information can be displayed on the map.
  • Page 22: Recording Your Travel History

    Checking useful information about your trip  Refer to Displaying the “Useful Information” menu on page Renames the trip log.  Trip Monitor:  Change Color: Checks the statistical data of your trips (for example, start Changes the color by selecting another color from the color time, end time, average speed, etc.).
  • Page 23: Customizing Preferences Of The Navigation

    Checking useful information about your Customizing trip preferences of the navigation  Refer to Displaying the “Useful Information” menu on page Setting the initial odometer value Before you use the fuel consumption feature, enter the initial 2 Touch [Fuel Consumption]. Customizing the navigation odometer value from which you want to start measuring the 3 Touch...
  • Page 24: Information On Each Option Of "Settings

    Customizing preferences of the navigation To enhance the route accuracy, correctly select a vehicle Calculates a route with the shortest travel time to your  Refer to the manual for AVICSYNC on our website type that is similar to the condition of your vehicle. destination as a priority.
  • Page 25: Unpaved Roads

    Customizing preferences of the navigation Car Shuttle Trains Announce Streets and Roads in “Warnings” settings When this function is turned off, the route is calculated prioritis- Foreign Language Area* ing the avoidance of car shuttle trains. Important You can select whether to have the navigation system read the Car shuttle trains are used to transport vehicles for relatively street names in a foreign country, only the road numbers, or only short distances and they usually connect places that are not...
  • Page 26: Map Display

    Customizing preferences of the navigation “First”, “Second” and “Third” selects items displayed in the data  Touch [Dismiss] or just ignore the message if you want to “Navigation Map” settings fields shown when the route exists. “Without Route” selects keep the original route. the items displayed in the data fields shown when a route does ...
  • Page 27: Setting The Alert Point Warnings

    Customizing preferences of the navigation p This system may not support all the listed units in some Night Skin Theme “Trip Monitor” settings voice guidance languages. You can select the style and colors of the navigation menu used  Distance in the nighttime.
  • Page 28: Getting The Map Update

    Within 45 days Sets the type of speed camera. more details. after the first use of your Pioneer Navigation System and a 7 Touch any of the items to change the setting. ...
  • Page 29: Compatibility And Connectivity

    AVICSYNC function  For latest compatibility with this product and AVICSYNC Pioneer is not liable for any issues that may arise from App, refer to the information on our website. incorrect or flawed app-based content. 1 Download the AVICSYNC App from the ...
  • Page 30: Connection

    Customizing Bluetooth connection ® preferences of Setting Bluetooth device auto Displaying the “Bluetooth” the navigation connection screen This function connects the last connected Bluetooth device to this product with the Hands-Free Profile automatically as soon 1 Press the button. 10 Display the navigation menu and then touch as the devices is less than a few meters apart.
  • Page 31: Switching Visibility

    Bluetooth connection Hands-free ® phoning Switching visibility Updating Bluetooth software This function sets whether or not to make this product visible to This function is used to update this product with the latest the other device. Bluetooth software. For details on Bluetooth software and updat- The default setting is “On”.
  • Page 32: Displaying The Phone Menu Screen

    Hands-free phoning 4 Touch the desired entry on the list to make a Displaying the phone menu Minimizing the dial confirma- call. screen tion screen The dial screen appears and dialing starts. p The dial confirmation screen cannot be minimized on the AV Using the preset dial lists 1 Press the button.
  • Page 33: Using The Voice Recognition Function

    Hands-free phoning Setup for iPod / iPhone or  When phone book transfer does not work, disconnect your 1 Touch to turn private mode on or smartphone phone and then perform pairing again from your phone to off. this product. Making and receiving calls Adjusting the other party’s listening ...
  • Page 34: Ipod / Iphone Compatibility

    Setup for iPod / iPhone or smartphone — The smartphone connection (USB and Bluetooth) is disconnected. p The setting may not be operable right after it is changed. iPod / iPhone compatibility This product supports only the following iPod / iPhone models and iPod / iPhone software versions.
  • Page 35: Information On The Connections And Functions For Each Device

    Setup for iPod / iPhone or smartphone Information on the connections and functions for each device The settings and cables required for connecting each device, and the available sources are as follows. iPod / iPhone with a 30-pin connector Device connection method When connecting via Bluetooth When connecting via CD-IU201V (sold When connecting via CD-IU201S (sold...
  • Page 36 Setup for iPod / iPhone or smartphone Android device Device connection method When connecting via Bluetooth Smartphone Setup Device Others Connection Bluetooth / — Bluetooth connection Bluetooth connection is required. Connection requirement — Available sources Pandora  (*2) AppRadio Mode —...
  • Page 37: Radio

    Radio Tuning into strong frequencies p By pressing the button, you can also switch Displays the preset channel list. the preset channels. Local seek tuning allows you to only tune into those radio sta- Select an item on the list ( “1” to “6” ) to p By pressing and holding the button and tions with sufficiently strong signals.
  • Page 38: Disc

    Disc Plays tracks in random order. Hides the touch panel keys. Audio source screen 1 This function is available for music CD. To display again the keys, touch anywhere on the screen. : Does not play tracks in random order. Performs frame-by-frame playback.
  • Page 39: Starting Procedure

    Disc Video source screen 2 Switches the subtitle/audio language. Video source screen 2  Refer to Switching the subtitle/audio language on page 40 Displays the DVD menu keypad.  Refer to Operating the DVD menu using touch panel keys on page 40 p By pressing the button, you can also skip files/ chapters forward or backward.
  • Page 40: Searching For The Part You Want To Play

    Disc Compressed files Switches the media file type to CD (audio data (CD-DA)). Operating the DVD menu using Audio source screen 1 (Example: USB) touch panel keys Searching for the part you want to play If items on the DVD menu appear, the touch panel keys may overlay them.
  • Page 41 Compressed files Video source screen (Example: Disc) Plays files in random order. Hides the touch panel keys. : Does not play files in random order. To display again the keys, touch anywhere on the screen. : Plays all files within the repeat range in random order.
  • Page 42: Starting Procedure (For Disc)

    Compressed files Switches the media file type. Still image screen Hides the touch panel keys.  Refer to Switching the media file type on page To display again the keys, touch anywhere on the screen. Switches the subtitle/audio language. p This function is available only for compressed Rotates the displayed video files stored on a disc.
  • Page 43: Operations Common To All File Types

    Compressed files iPod p Play back is performed in order of folder numbers. Folders 5 Touch the desired song title or file name to Audio source screen 1 are skipped if they contain no playable files. play back. Operations common to all file Selecting a song from the list related types to the song currently playing (link...
  • Page 44: Connecting Your Ipod

    iPod Displays the link search screen. Changes the audiobook speed. Hides the touch panel keys.  Refer to Selecting a song from the list related to To display again the keys, touch the song currently playing (link search) on page : Normal playback anywhere on the screen.
  • Page 45: Starting Procedure

    iPod  Refer to Selecting the video for the rear display on page p This function is not available when using iPod function with Playing back songs similar to the cur- an iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, rent song or iPod touch (5th generation).
  • Page 46: Appradio Mode

    5 Touch [OK] on the screen of this product.  PIONEER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE AND DISCLAIMS device. The AppRadio Mode screen (Application menu screen) LIABILITY FOR THIRD PARTY (NON-PIONEER) APPS appears.
  • Page 47: Using The Audio Mix Function

     Apple CarPlay allows access to applications other than those listed, subject to limitations while driving.  PIONEER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE AND DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR THIRD PARTY (NON-PIONEER) APPS AND CONTENT, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY INACCURACIES OR INCOMPLETE INFORMATION. p The compatible finger gestures vary depending on the application for an iPhone.
  • Page 48: Setting The Driving Position

    Apple CarPlay Pandora ® p You can adjust the guidance volume and alert sound vol- Adjusting the volume Gives a “Thumbs Down” to ume separately from the main sound volume when Apple the playing track and skips CarPlay is used. You can adjust the guidance volume and alert sound volume to the next track.
  • Page 49: Using Pandora

    You can use the Pandora service by connecting an iPhone Important via USB or Bluetooth.  Requirements to access Pandora using Pioneer car audio/  Refer to the Installation Manual. video  Refer to Registering your Bluetooth devices on page 30 ...
  • Page 50: Adding A Station

    Pandora Bluetooth audio player ® — A2DP and AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile): Adding a station Playback screen 1 Playing back, pausing, selecting songs, etc., are possible. p Depending on the Bluetooth audio player connected to this You can create up to 100 stations by a song or an artist. product, some functions may not be available.
  • Page 51: Selecting Files From The File Name List

    Bluetooth audio SiriusXM Satellite Radio ® player Recalls the preset channel stored to Switches to the time bar display a key from memory. Selecting files from the file (Replay™ mode). Stores the current broadcast name list HOLD Current channel display frequency to a key.
  • Page 52: Siriusxm Tuner Operations

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio ® Channel Name—Artist Name—Song Title— Subscribing to the SiriusXM Memorizes the current channel content information Content Info for the alert function. Satellite Radio service  Refer to Memorizing the current contents on page  If you touch , you can scan each channel in the selected category.
  • Page 53: Displaying The "Siriusxm Settings" Screen

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio ® Displaying the “SiriusXM Locking the channel Using SportsFlash ™ Settings” screen SportsFlash ™ will notify you when a big play happens during a 1 Display the “SiriusXM Settings” screen. game with one of your favorite sports teams. ...
  • Page 54: Using The Content Alerts Function

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio ® Setting of priorities  Touch [Delete All] to delete all items memorized Setting Featured Band Update to the alert list. Message If you set numerous favorite teams, you can receive alerts for up  If you touch and hold the list item, you can delete to five favorite teams in the order in which data are received.
  • Page 55: Aux Source

    AUX source AV input Hides the touch panel keys. Hides the touch panel keys. To display again the keys, touch To display again the keys, touch anywhere on the screen. anywhere on the screen. 5 Touch [AUX]. Setting the video signal When you connect this product to an AUX equipment, select the suitable video signal setting.
  • Page 56: Starting Procedure (For Camera)

    AV input MIXTRAX 3 Touch [AV]. Exits the MIXTRAX screen. 4 Touch the item. The following items are available: Displays the LinkGate screen. Auto, PAL, NTSC, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM. Touch the desired item. Songs 6 Touch [AV]. related to the selected item are Starting procedure (for camera) played.
  • Page 57: Using Mixtrax

    MIXTRAX 2 Touch [AV Source Settings]. Starting procedure Specifies the BPM. 3 Touch [MIXTRAX Settings]. 1 Plug the USB storage device.  Refer to Plugging and unplugging a USB storage device on Setting the flash pattern page 5 The flashing color changes with the changes in the sound and 2 Display the AV source selection screen.
  • Page 58: Idatalink

    iDatalink your Maestro RR module. For troubleshooting information 3 Install the vehicle/head unit specific firmware Displays the Vehicle Information about iDatalink functions, visit the following website. on your iDatalink Maestro module. screen.  For details, please refer to iDatalink Maestro website. Limitations: 4 Connect this product to iDatalink Maestro, and Displays the Gauges screen.
  • Page 59: Displaying Obstacle Detection Information

    iDatalink System settings Gauges screen Parking Assist screen Displaying the “System” set- ting screen 1 Press the button. 2 Touch , and then Setting the navigation informa- tion bar You can set whether to display the guidance information of the navigation on the AV operation screen.
  • Page 60: Setting The Ever Scroll

    System settings 3 Touch [Bluetooth Audio] to switch “On” or p Immediately verify whether the display changes to a Setting the reversed image display rear view camera image when the shift lever is moved to “Off”. for the rear view image REVERSE (R) from another position.
  • Page 61: Setting The Second Camera

    System settings  3 Touch [2nd Camera Input] to switch “On” or 2 Touch [Demo Mode] to switch “On” or “Off”. The image quality may deteriorate depending on the usage environment, such as at night or in dark surroundings. “Off”. Selecting the system language 1 Park your vehicle in a safe place and apply the Setting the reversed image...
  • Page 62: Setting The Dimmer

    System settings 3 Touch two corners of the screen along the p You can use this function when “Dimmer Trigger” is set to 2 Display the “System” setting screen. “Manual”. arrows, and then touch the centers of two +  Refer to Displaying the “System” setting screen on page p This setting is available only when you stop your vehicle in a marks at the same time twice.
  • Page 63: Displaying The Open Source Licenses

    System settings Follow the on-screen instructions to finish updating the  Displaying the open source Positioning Status firmware. Displays the positioning status (3D positioning, 2D position- licenses p If an error message appears on the screen, touch the display ing, or no positioning), the number of satellites used for and perform the above steps again.
  • Page 64: Audio Adjustments

    Audio adjustments Displaying the “Audio” setting Adjusting source levels Adjusting the cutoff frequency screen value SLA (source level adjustment) lets you adjust the volume level of each source to prevent radical changes in volume when switch- You can adjust the cutoff frequency value of each speaker. ing between sources.
  • Page 65: Adjusting The Speaker Output Levels Finely

    Audio adjustments 5 Touch [<] or [>] to input the distance between p If you trail a finger across the bars of multiple equalizer Adjusting the speaker output bands, the equalizer curve settings will be set to the value of the selected speaker and the listening position.
  • Page 66: Using The Automatic Sound Levelizer

    Audio adjustments power to car phones or cellular phones in the vehicle, or 2 Fix the microphone for acoustical measurement Using the automatic sound levelizer remove them in advance. Surrounding sounds may prevent (sold separately) in the center of the headrest correct measurement of the vehicle’s acoustics.
  • Page 67: Theme Menu

    Theme menu 3 Touch [Background]. Displaying the “Theme” setting Selecting the theme color 4 Touch screen 1 Display the “Theme” screen. 5 Touch the desired USB storage device.  Refer to Displaying the “Theme” setting screen on page 67 1 Press the button.
  • Page 68: Replicating The Settings

    Theme menu Video settings  Refer to Plugging and unplugging a USB storage device on A message confirming whether to import the stored setting data Setting up the video player page 5 appears. 2 Display the “Theme” screen. This setting is available only when “Disc” is selected as the 2 Touch [Import].
  • Page 69: Setting The Video Signal For The Rear View Camera

    Video settings p The lower the level is set, the tighter the restriction is p Make a note of the code as you will need it when you deregis- Setting the aspect ratio applied. ter from a DivX VOD provider. p The default setting is “8”.
  • Page 70: Favorite Menu

    Favorite menu Other functions Registering your favorite menu items in shortcuts allows you to Setting the time and date quickly jump to the registered menu screen by a simple touch on the “Favorites” screen. 1 Touch the current time on the screen. p Up to 12 menu items can be registered in the favorite menu.
  • Page 71: Selecting The Video For The Rear Display

    If you want to change the password currently set, enter the If you forgot your password, contact the nearest authorized current password and then enter the new one. Selecting the video for the rear Pioneer Service Station. 8 Check the password, and then touch [OK]. display Setting the password...
  • Page 72: Restoring This Product To The Default Settings

    Method 1: Remove the vehicle battery  The system is performing still, slow motion, or frame-by- Pioneer service facility. p Some of the settings and recorded contents will not be reset. frame playback with DVD-Video.
  • Page 73: Error Messages

     The location display is not possible due to hardware failure. ignition switch (ACC OFF). Subsequently, turn the ignition may have this.) — Contact your dealer or an authorized Pioneer Station for switch to on (ACC ON) again. — Since this product is compatible with the copy guard assistance.
  • Page 74  All the files on the inserted disc are embedded with DRM. alert list tact your dealer or the nearest authorized Pioneer service — Replace the disc.  The memory is full.
  • Page 75: Itunes Tagging

    Appendix iPod Unable to write to flash memory. Check USB  The playback history for VOD contents cannot be saved for  The USB connector or USB cable has short-circuited. Error-02-6X/-9X/-DX some reason. — Check that the USB connector or USB cable is not caught ...
  • Page 76: Positioning Technology

    So you connect the speed pulse without fail Without map matching to get the accuracy of positioning. p The position of the speed detection circuit vary depending on the vehicle model. For details, consult your authorized Pioneer dealer or an installation professional.
  • Page 77: Handling Large Errors

    Appendix When driving among high buildings  If there is a parallel road. When driving through a dense forest or tall trees Handling large errors Positioning errors are kept to a minimum by combining GPS, dead reckoning and map matching. However, in some situa- tions, these functions may not work properly, and the error may become bigger.
  • Page 78 Appendix  If you enter or exit a multi-storey parking lot or similar struc-  If you take a ferry. ture using a spiral ramp.  If you drive in zigzags.  If you are driving on a long, straight road or a gently curving ...
  • Page 79: Route Setting Information

    Appendix Route setting information Route search specifications Your navigation system sets a route to your destination by apply- ing certain built-in rules to the map data. This section provides some useful information about how a route is set. CAUTION When a route is calculated, the route and voice guidance for the route are automatically set.
  • Page 80: Handling And Care Of Discs

    Appendix  The number of traffic circle exits displayed on the screen Ambient conditions for playing a disc Playing DualDisc may differ from the actual number of roads.  At extremely high temperatures, a temperature cutout  DualDiscs are two-sided discs that have a recordable CD Route highlighting protects this product by switching it off automatically.
  • Page 81: Media Compatibility Chart

    Appendix   exactly the same. However, if there is only one DivX file and Playback of discs may become impossible with direct expo- Operations may vary depending on the kind of a USB storage sure to sunlight, high temperatures, or depending on the device.
  • Page 82 Appendix WMA compatibility Regardless of the length of blank section between the songs Depending on the file information composition, such as the of original recording, compressed audio discs play with a number of audio streams, there may be a slight delay in the This product is not compatible with the following: Windows short pause between songs.
  • Page 83: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by SHALL THE FOUNDATION OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR Compatible video codec: H.264/H.263 PIONEER CORPORATION is under license. Other trademarks ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, Compatible audio codec: MP3/AAC and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 84: Aac

    Content application(s) or service by its provider.  Pioneer is not liable for any issues that may arise from incorrect or flawed app-based content.  The content and functionality of the supported applications are the responsibility of the App providers.
  • Page 85: Pandora

    In that case, please consult your dealer or the ranges shown in Specifications on page 85. viewing nearest authorized Pioneer Service Station.  Do not use the LCD screen at temperatures higher or lower than the operating temperature range, because the LCD...
  • Page 86 Appendix Dimensions (W × H × D): Phase ..............Normal/Reverse Bluetooth Chassis........178 mm × 100 mm × 164 mm Time alignment ........0 to 200 step (1 inch /step) Version ..........Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR certified (7 in. × 3-7/8 in. × 6-1/2 in.) DVD drive Output power..............
  • Page 87 TEL: 65-6378-7888 PIONEER ELECTRONICS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. 5 Arco Lane, Heatherton, Victoria, 3202, Australia TEL: (03) 9586-6300 PIONEER ELECTRONICS DE MÉXICO S.A. DE C.V. Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho 138, 10 piso Col.Lomas de Chapultepec, México, D.F. 11000 Tel: 52-55-9178-4270, Fax: 52-55-5202-3714 先鋒股份有限公司...
  • Page 89 Contents ■ Precautions ......3 Installing the GPS antenna ........13 Installation notes ..........13 Your new product and this manual......3 When installing the antenna inside the Important safeguards ..........3 vehicle (on the dashboard or rear shelf ) ..14 ■ Installing the microphone ........14 Connection ......4 Parts supplied ............14 Precautions before connecting the system ..
  • Page 90: Precautions

    WARNING you in the operation of your vehicle. It is Pioneer does not recommend that you not a substitute for your attentiveness, install this product yourself. This product is judgment and care when driving.
  • Page 91: Connection

    Connection To prevent damage • To avoid short-circuiting, cover the disconnected lead with insulating tape. It is especially important to insulate all unused speaker leads, which if left uncovered may WARNING cause a short circuit. • Use speakers over 50 W (maximum input •...
  • Page 92: Parts Supplied

    Parts supplied Connecting the power cord (1) This product 14 cm (5-1/2 in.) Yellow To terminal supplied with power regardless of Yellow/black (MUTE) ignition switch position. If you use equipment with a mute This product Power cord function, connect that equipment to the To electric terminal controlled by ignition Audio Mute lead.
  • Page 93: Connecting The Power Cord (2)

    The position of the speed detection circuit and the position of the parking brake switch vary This is connected so that this product can detect depending on the vehicle model. For details, consult your authorized Pioneer dealer or an installation whether the vehicle is moving forwards or backwards.
  • Page 94: Connecting The System

    Connecting the system required for the activation on the followings (refer to Operation Manual.): • the label on the packaging of this product • the label on this product • the “Firmware Information” screen iDatalink adapter input Please refer to the instruction manual for the iDatalink adapter (sold separately).* This product...
  • Page 95: Connecting To Separately Sold Power Amp

    Connecting to separately sold power amp Connecting an iPod / iPhone Android device or an Android device Pandora Refer to Connecting AVICSYNC App via the USB port (Android device) on Find your device and the function you Power amp page 10. want to operate from the list below, and (sold separately) RCA cables...
  • Page 96: Connecting An Iphone With Lightning Connector

    Connecting via the RGB input Connecting via the RGB input Connecting an iPhone Connecting an iPhone (iPhone) (iPhone) with Lightning connector with 30-pin connector The following cables are required for the The USB interface cable for iPod / iPhone connection. (CD-IU201S) (sold separately) is required NOTES NOTES...
  • Page 97: Connecting Via The Usb Port (Android Device)

    Connecting via the USB Connecting a rear view Connecting the external Rear view camera (ND-BC8) port (Android device) camera video component (sold separately) The USB interface cable for use with When this product is used with a Android devices (CD-MU200) (sold rear view camera, it is possible to Using AV input To video output...
  • Page 98: Using An Aux Input

    Connecting the video component Using an AUX input Connecting the rear CAUTION Be sure to use a mini-jack AV cable (CD-RM10) display This product (sold separately) for wiring. If you use other This product cables, the wiring position might differ resulting in disturbed images and sounds.
  • Page 99: Installation

    Installation Before installing • Consult with your nearest dealer if installation requires drilling holes or other modifications of the vehicle. 30° • Do not install this product where it may Precautions before • Before making a final installation of (i) obstruct the driver’s vision, (ii) impair this product, temporarily connect the installation the performance of any of the vehicle’s...
  • Page 100: Parts Supplied

    heater outlet. Installing the GPS antenna Parts supplied CAUTION Do not cut the GPS antenna lead to shorten it or use an extension to make it longer. Altering the antenna cable could result in a short circuit or malfunction and permanent damage to this product.
  • Page 101: When Installing The Antenna Inside The Vehicle (On The Dashboard Or Rear Shelf)

    When installing the antenna inside the vehicle Installing the Attach the microphone clip to the (on the dashboard or rear shelf) sun visor. microphone WARNING • Install the microphone in a place where Do not install the GPS antenna over any sensors or vents on the dashboard of the vehicle, its direction and distance from the as doing so may interfere with the proper functioning of such sensors or vents and may driver make it easiest to pick up the...
  • Page 102: Adjusting The Microphone Angle

    Adjusting the microphone angle After installation Microphone The microphone angle can be adjusted. Microphone base Microphone clip Mount the microphone on the After installing this at a safe place that the vehicle is performing steering column. normally. product Install the microphone on the steering column, keeping it away Reconnect the negative (–) terminal from the steering wheel.
  • Page 103 Col.Lomas de Chapultepec, México, D.F. 11000 TEL: 52-55-9178-4270 FAX: 52-55-5202-3714 先鋒股份有限公司 台北市內湖區瑞光路407號8樓 電話 : 886-(0)2-2657-3588 先鋒電子(香港)有限公司 香港九龍長沙灣道909號5樓 電話 : 852-2848-6488 © 2017 PIONEER CORPORATION. All rights reserved. © 2017 PIONEER CORPORATION. Tous droits de reproduction et de traduction réservés. < CRD5002-A > UC...
  • Page 112 Operation Manual Application for iOS and Android AVICSYNC app English...
  • Page 113 NOT TO BE ENABLED OR PERFORMED. (without the right to sublicense): Pioneer reserves the right to change or amend this (a)To install a single copy of the Mobile Agreement in particular due to changes in licensing...
  • Page 114 You any time from within the corresponding by or cached by any third parties outside the menu. The collected data is always anonymous, mobile device or the Head Unit or to Pioneer. not associated in any way with any personal information of You or with Yourself.
  • Page 115 SITUAION OR EVENTS. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT tracking devices. PERMISSIBLE BY LAW, PIONEER EXPRESSLY 3.14. Conditions applied to “HERE Places Search”: DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND You may not (i) interfere with the performance WITH RESPECT TO THE MOBILE APPLICATION of the HERE Places Service;...
  • Page 116 5. EXCLUSION AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 7. U.S. GOVERNMENT RESTRICTED RIGHTS 5.1. In no event will Pioneer, its subsidiaries or The Mobile Application is “commercial computer its licensors be liable in connection with this software” as those terms are defined in 48 C.F.R.
  • Page 117 Agreement or any rights or obligations under it, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, by operation of law or otherwise, without Pioneer’s prior written consent. Any purported assignment, transfer or delegation by You will be null and void.
  • Page 118 Contents Please read through these instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. Using online services Important Activating an online service 17 Receiving online traffic information 17 The screens shown in the examples may differ – Turning on the traffic information from actual screens, which may be changed feature 17 without notice for performance and function...
  • Page 119: Introduction

    ! Buttons on your in-car navigation system “In-car navigation system” are described in ALL CAPITALS, BOLD lettering: The Pioneer navigation system that you pur- e.g.) chased and is associated with the AVICSYNC HOME button, MODE button. app on your iPhone or smartphone (Android) ! Menu items, screen titles, and functional is referred to as the “in-car navigation system”...
  • Page 120: Be Sure To Read This Section Before Using

    Content ap- AVICSYNC compatibility plication(s) or service by its provider. AVICSYNC is available for the following mod- ! Pioneer is not liable for any issues that may els. arise from incorrect or flawed app-based con- (As of November 2014)
  • Page 121 Chapter Be sure to read this section before using the AVICSYNC function p Depending on the software version of the iPhone and Android, it may not be compati- ble with this product. For latest compatibil- ity with this product and AVICSYNC App, refer to the information on our website.
  • Page 122: Preparations Before Using The

    Chapter Preparations before using the AVICSYNC function Installing the AVICSYNC app data and retry or download the data via Naviextras Toolbox. You can download the AVICSYNC app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Start the AVICSYNC app on your iPhone p Please be aware that you are responsible or smartphone (Android).
  • Page 123: Installing The Map Of Your Region

    Chapter Preparations before using the AVICSYNC function On your in-car navigation system, Tap [Shop]. touch the iPhone or smartphone (Android) that you want to associate with the in-car navigation system. Touch [Next]. p Set the preferences for “Link to User Pro- file”...
  • Page 124: Regular Startup

    Chapter Preparations before using the AVICSYNC function Drag the screen to scroll the menu to Current position map display [Settings]. (Left: AVICSYNC app; right: in-car navigation screen) Tap [Settings]. 1 Indicates the current location of your vehicle. The “Settings” screen appears. The apex of the triangular mark indicates your orientation and the display moves automati- Tap [Regional].
  • Page 125: Avicsync Connection Related Keys

    Chapter Preparations before using the AVICSYNC function AVICSYNC connection related keys only one device with your in-car navigation system.) The following keys that are shown on the map screen are used to control the AVICSYNC con- Prepare the AVICSYNC function for use. nection.
  • Page 126: Editing An Associated Iphone Or

    Chapter Preparations before using the AVICSYNC function Set the following options if needed Display the map screen on your in-car and touch [Next]. navigation system. Link to User Profile: On your in-car navigation system, Your iPhone or smartphone (Android) can be touch to display the navigation menu.
  • Page 127: Purchasing Navigation-Related Content Via The Avicsync App

    Chapter Preparations before using the AVICSYNC function Purchasing navigation-related Tap [Download]. The downloading of the contents starts. When content via the AVICSYNC app downloading is finished, the indication on the key changes to [Install]. ! Navigation-related content data may be large in volume.
  • Page 128: Using Online Services

    Chapter Using online services are based on data collected from various Depending on the region, the availability of on- places by the provider. line services varies and the usage charge of an This service provides wider road coverage than online service may be different. the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) and is up- dated more frequently.
  • Page 129: Viewing The Traffic List

    Chapter Using online services Viewing the traffic list Checking the traffic incidents on the map Traffic information is displayed onscreen in a list. This allows you to check how many traffic Traffic event information can be displayed on incidents have occurred, the locations, and the map.
  • Page 130: Checking Parking Information

    Chapter Using online services Prepare the AVICSYNC function for use. = For details, refer to Regular startup on page Indicates that there are no traffic incidents in your coverage area. Press the MAP button. Indicates that information on traf- The Map screen appears. fic incidents are being received.
  • Page 131: Browsing Gas (Petrol) Prices

    Chapter Using online services Browsing gas (petrol) prices Browsing weather information Recent gas prices of nearby gas (petrol) sta- tions are displayed in a list. Local weather information can be displayed in p When the route is set, gas (petrol) stations a list.
  • Page 132: Using Online Search

    Chapter Using online services p If you have set waypoints, the current tem- Touch the entry you want. peratures of the waypoints are also shown. Touching an item allows you to check the weather forecast for that waypoint. p If you touch , the setting menu for weather information appears.
  • Page 133: Other Functions

    Chapter Other functions Selecting the destination Using the pedestrian mode currently set on the Setting a walking route to the AVICSYNC app final destination “Pedestrian mode” is useful when your final Set a route on the AVICSYNC app using destination is a short distance away from a your iPhone or smartphone (Android).
  • Page 134: Setting A Walking Route For Returning To Your Vehicle

    Chapter Other functions Setting a walking route for On your iPhone or smartphone (Android), tap to display the naviga- returning to your vehicle tion menu. After you arrive at the destination using pedes- trian mode, you can set a route to your parked Tap [New Route].
  • Page 135: Customizing Preferences Of The Navigation

    Chapter Customizing preferences of the navigation Customizing the in-car shows you the distance to the exit and the dif- ference in the distance and estimated time navigation settings compared to the original route. You can choose from one of the following options: In this section, only the preferences related to ! Touch [Dismiss] or just ignore the message the AVICSYNC function are described.
  • Page 136 Chapter Customizing preferences of the navigation Online Fuel Prices Icons for the relevant traffic incidents and lines indicating the traffic flow are shown You can enable or disable the online gas (pet- on the map. rol) price service. Show Free Traffic Flow As Well Online Search You can select whether to receive information You can enable or disable the online search...
  • Page 137: Information On Each Option Of "Settings

    Chapter Customizing preferences of the navigation Information on each option of “Settings” “Route Preferences” settings Vehicle In the AVICSYNC app, [Pedestrian] and [Bi- cycle] can be additionally selected. p If [Bicycle] or [Pedestrian] is selected as a vehicle type, some menus will be blanked out or become inactive, and operation will not be possible.
  • Page 138: Appendix

    Bluetooth © 1987-2015 HERE. All rights reserved. SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by PIONEER CORPORATION is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 139 Appendix Appendix The names of private corporations, pro- ducts and other entities described in this product are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective firms.
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