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Pioneer AVIC-F900BT Installation Manual

Navigation av system
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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Pioneer AVIC-F900BT

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Installing this navigation system 21 IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Installation notes 21 ABOUT YOUR NEW NAVIGATION SYSTEM – Parts supplied 22 AND THIS MANUAL 3 – Before installing this navigation unit 23 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS – Installation with the holder and side PLEASE READ ALL OF THESE bracket 23 INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING YOUR...
  • Page 3: Important Information

    Section IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR NEW NAVIGATION SYSTEM AND THIS MANUAL ! The navigation features of this product (and rear view camera option if purchased) are intended solely to aid you in the opera- tion of your vehicle. It is not a substitute for your attentiveness, judgement and care when driving.
  • Page 4: Important Safeguards

    Section IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS PLEASE READ ALL OF THESE automotive accessories may be dangerous and could expose you to the risk of electric shock or INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING other hazards. YOUR NAVIGATION SYSTEM AND RETAIN THEM FOR FUTURE REFERENCE 1 Read this manual fully and carefully before in- stalling your navigation system.
  • Page 5: Connecting The System Precautions Before Connecting The System

    WARNING steering wheel, gearstick, handbrake, slid- Pioneer does not recommend that you install ing seat tracks, doors, or any of the vehi- your navigation system yourself. We recom- cle’s controls.
  • Page 6: Before Installing This Product

    Section Connecting the System ! To avoid short-circuiting, cover the discon- Before installing this nected lead with insulating tape. It is espe- product cially important to insulate all unused ! This product is for vehicles with a 12-volt speaker leads, which if left uncovered may battery and negative earthing.
  • Page 7: Notice For The Blue/White Lead

    Section Connecting the System — Change the source from radio (MW/LW Parts supplied or FM) to another source. — Turn the source off — Turn off the ignition switch (ACC OFF) ! If [Ant CTRL] mode is set to [Power], the vehicle’s aerial can be stowed or turned off only when the ignition switch is turned off (ACC OFF).
  • Page 8: Connecting The System

    Section Connecting the System Connecting the system The navigation unit Light grey Aerial jack Vehicle aerial RCA connector WIRED REMOTE INPUT Please see the Instruction Manual for the Wired Remote Control Adapters (sold separately). 20 cm Red, white (AUDIO INPUT) Yellow (VIDEO INPUT) - When connecting your iPod, both connections are necessary.
  • Page 9 Section Connecting the System Microphone GPS aerial DIGITAL OUT This terminal is intended to support future equipment and should not be used if you are using this product by itself. WARNING · To avoid the risk of accident and the potential violation of applicable laws, this product should never be used while the vehicle is being driven except for navigation purposes.
  • Page 10: Connecting The Power Cord (1)

    Section Connecting the System Connecting the power cord (1) Notes Note Depending on the kind of vehicle, the function · When a subwoofer (*9) is connected to this of *3 and *5 may be different. In this case, be navigation system instead of a rear speaker, change sure to connect *2 to *5 and *4 to *3.
  • Page 11 Section Connecting the System The navigation unit FUSE (10A) RCA connector Power cord 26 cm (*8) Yellow/black If you use an equipment with mute function, connect that equipment to the Audio Mute lead. If not, keep this lead free of any connections. Note Audio source will be set to mute or attenuate, while the following sounds will not be muted or attenuated.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Power Cord (2)

    The position of the speed detection circuit and the position of the parking brake switch vary depending on the vehicle model. For details, consult your authorised Pioneer dealer or an installation professional. Close the cover. Light green Used to detect the ON/OFF status of the handbrake. This lead must be connected to the power supply side of the handbrake switch.
  • Page 13 Section Connecting the System The navigation unit Extension lead (for speed signal) Power cord Violet/white (REVERSEGEAR SIGNAL INPUT) This is connected so that the navigation system can detect whether the vehicle is moving forwards or backwards. Connect the violet/white lead to the lead whose voltage changes when the reverse gear is engaged.
  • Page 14: When Connecting To Separately Sold Power Amp

    Section Connecting the System When connecting to separately sold power amp Subwoofer output (SUBWOOFER OUTPUT) 28 cm RCA connector Rear output (REAR OUTPUT) 30 cm Front output (FRONT OUTPUT) The navigation unit 30 cm 30 cm Blue/white To system control terminal of the power amp (max.
  • Page 15 Section Connecting the System Power amp (sold separately) RCA cables (sold separately) Power amp (sold separately) Power amp (sold separately) System remote control Left Right Front speaker Front speaker Rear speaker Rear speaker Subwoofer Subwoofer Note You can change the RCA output of the subwoofer depending on your subwoofer system.
  • Page 16: When Connecting A Rear View Camera

    Section Connecting the System When connecting a rear view Rear view camera (e.g. ND-BC2) camera To video output (sold separately) RCA cable When this product is used with a rear view camera, it is possible to automatically switch from the video to rear view image when the gearstick is moved to REVERSE (R).
  • Page 17: When Connecting The Rear Display

    Section Connecting the System When connecting the rear When connecting the display external video component Using “AV1 Input” (AV1) The navigation unit The navigation unit RCA connector 15 cm 20 cm Yellow (REAR MONITOR OUTPUT) RCA connector Red, white RCA cables (AUDIO INPUT) Yellow (sold separately)
  • Page 18: Using "Av2 Input" (Av2)

    Section Connecting the System Using “AV2 Input” (AV2) CAUTION Be sure to use a CD-RM10 (sold separately) for The navigation unit wiring. If you use other cables, there is a case where wiring position differs, images and sounds may be disturbed. L : Left audio (White) R : Right audio (Red) Mini jack...
  • Page 19: When Connecting The External Unit Featuring Video Source

    (VIDEO INPUT) To IP-BUS output RCA cable (sold separately) Pioneer external unit (sold separately) To video output ! It is necessary to set [AV1 Input] in [AV Settings] to [EXT] when connecting the ex- ternal unit. (For details, refer to “Operation Manual”.)
  • Page 20: Installation

    WARNING resulting in a short circuit. Pioneer does not recommend that you install ! Please confirm the proper function of or service your navigation system yourself. your vehicle’s other equipment following Installing or servicing the product may ex- installation of the navigation system.
  • Page 21: To Guard Against Electromagnetic Interference

    Section Installation To guard against position where this navigation system can be firmly installed, and install it securely. If electromagnetic interference this navigation system is not securely in- In order to prevent interference, set the follow- stalled, the current location of the vehicle ing items as far as possible from this naviga- cannot be displayed correctly.
  • Page 22: Parts Supplied

    Section Installation ! The semiconductor laser will be damaged Parts supplied if it overheats, so don’t install the naviga- Parts marked (*) are pre-installed. tion unit anywhere hot —for instance, near a heater outlet. The navigation unit Holder* Side bracket* Binding screw (2 pcs.) (5 mm ×...
  • Page 23: Before Installing This Navigation Unit

    Section Installation Before installing this navigation Install this navigation unit and fasten unit the screws. % Remove the holder. Dashboard Loosen the screws (3 mm × 6 mm) to remove the holder. Holder Screw (3 mm × 6 mm) Attach the trim ring. Screw (3 mm ×...
  • Page 24: Installation Using The Screw Holes On The Side Of The Navigation Unit

    Section Installation Installation using the screw If the pawl gets in the way, bend it down holes on the side of the Factory radio mounting bracket navigation unit Remove the side brackets. Side bracket Binding screw or flush surface screw Be sure to use the screws supplied with this navigation...
  • Page 25: Installing The Gps Aerial

    Section Installation ! The GPS aerial is installed with a magnet. Installing the GPS aerial When installing the GPS aerial, be careful not to scratch the vehicle body. CAUTION ! When installing the GPS aerial on the out- Do not cut the GPS aerial lead to shorten it side of the vehicle, always put it in the vehi- or use an extension to make it longer.
  • Page 26: When Installing The Aerial Inside The Vehicle (On The Rear Shelf)

    Section Installation When installing the aerial inside the vehicle (on the rear shelf) Affix the metal sheet on as level a surface as possible where the GPS aerial faces the win- dow. Place the GPS aerial on the metal sheet. (The GPS aerial is fastened with its magnet.) Metal Sheet GPS aerial...
  • Page 27: When Installing The Aerial Outside The Vehicle (On The Body)

    Section Installation When installing the aerial outside the vehicle (on the body) Put the GPS aerial in a position as level as pos- sible, such as on the roof or boot lid. (The GPS aerial is fastened with a magnet.) GPS aerial When routing the lead in from the top of the door...
  • Page 28: Installing The Microphone

    Section Installation Installing the microphone Attach the microphone clip to sun visor. Microphone clip ! Install the microphone in a place where its direction and distance from the driver make it easiest to pick up the driver’s voice. ! Make sure to connect the microphone to the navigation system after the system is turned off.
  • Page 29: Installation On The Steering Column

    Section Installation Installation on the steering column Install the microphone in the micro- phone clip. Microphone Microphone clip Clamps Use clamps to secure the lead where necessary in- side the vehicle. Fit the microphone cord in the groove. Mount the microphone clip on the Adjusting the microphone angle steering column.
  • Page 30: After Installation

    Section After Installation After Installing this Navigation System Reconnecting the battery. First, double-check that all connections are correct and that this product is installed cor- rectly. Reassemble all vehicle components that you previously removed. Then reconnect the negative (–) cable to the negative (–) term- inal of the battery.
  • Page 31 – – – – – GPS- – – – – – ) 58 (1) 42 – (2) 44 ) 59 – – – – – – “ 1” (AV1) 50 – “ 2” (AV2) 50...
  • Page 32 , (ii) (iii)
  • Page 34 Pioneer Pioneer, GPS- . .).
  • Page 36 ACC ( (–) . .. BPTL,...
  • Page 37 50 W (ACC ON) . 300 A 12 , [CTRL “ ”.) [CTRL — (MW/LW — — . (ACC OFF). [CTRL . (ACC OFF).
  • Page 38 GPS-...
  • Page 43 (*8)
  • Page 45 ·...
  • Page 48 (R). . 44...
  • Page 49 “ ”.) (REAR MONITOR OUTPUT)
  • Page 50 “ 2” (AV2) Óñòðîéñòâî íàâèãàöèè “ 1” (AV1) Ìèíè äæåê Êðàñíûé, áåëûé CD RM10 (ïðîäàåòñÿ îòäåëüíî) Æåëòûé Êàáåëè RCA (ïðîäàþòñÿ îòäåëüíî) Ê àóäèî âûõîäàì Ê âèäåî âûõîäó Âíåøíåå âèäåî óñòðîéñòâî (ïðîäàåòñÿ îòäåëüíî) “ “ ”.) ”.)
  • Page 51 CD-RM10 ( [EXT] “ ”.)
  • Page 52 Pioneer Pioneer. — — , (ii) (iii)
  • Page 53 — — — ! FM, MW/LW- ! GPS-...
  • Page 54 (*), × 6 ) (8 × 6 × 6 ) (4 × 6 ) (4...
  • Page 55 × 6 × 6 × 6...
  • Page 57 GPS- ! GPS- GPS- GPS- GPS- GPS- GPS- GPS- GPS- GPS-...
  • Page 58 GPS- GPS- GPS- GPS-...
  • Page 59 GPS- . (GPS-...
  • Page 60 . (ACC OFF)
  • Page 62 (–) (–) RESET. RESET “ ”. GPS-...
  • Page 63 4-1, MEGURO 1-CHOME, MEGURO-KU TOKYO 153-8654, JAPAN PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. Published by Pioneer Corporation. P.O. Box 1540, Long Beach, California 90801-1540, U.S.A. Copyright © 2008 by Pioneer Corporation. TEL: (800) 421-1404 All rights reserved. PIONEER EUROPE NV Pioneer Corporation.