Resolving Presentation Issues; Resolving Participant Connection Issues; Resolving Unexpected Sip Call Disconnection; Resolving Audio And Video Issues In Sip Calls - Cisco 3500 MCU Troubleshooting Manual

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Resolving Presentation Issues

Resolving Presentation Issues
This section describes what to do if you cannot start or receive a presentation during a conference.
Possible Causes
H.239 functionality is not enabled on your
Presentation is not configured in the MCU service
used in your conference.
MCU presentation definitions in the service are
not supported by your endpoint (frame rate, frame
size, codec).

Resolving Participant Connection Issues

This section describes what to do if you have difficulty connecting 96 participants in a conference even
though there are enough MVP resources available.
Possible Causes
The MCU is configured to support DTMF
detection during the call.

Resolving Unexpected SIP Call Disconnection

This section describes what to if a SIP call unexpectedly disconnects after 30 seconds.
Possible Causes
DNS is not fully configured on the MCU and user

Resolving Audio and Video Issues in SIP Calls

This section describes what to do if audio or video channels in SIP calls do not open.
Possible Causes
The MCU does not publish all its capabilities
when inviting other participants.
Troubleshooting Guide for Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3500 MCU Release 5.1
DTMF detection reduces the number of
supported audio ports from 96 to 72.
Chapter 1
Troubleshooting the Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3500 MCU
Verification Steps
Verify that H.239 is enabled on the endpoint.
Make a point-to-point call to another endpoint
and verify that you can start a presentation.
Configure the service to support presentation in
MCU > Services.
Check that your endpoint supports the frame size,
frame rate and video codec as defined in the
Verification Steps
Disable DTMF detection via the advanced
Verification Steps
Verify that DNS is configured on user agent and
Verification Steps
Check the Use Empty Invite when sending invite
messages to endpoints option in
MCU > Protocols > SIP > Advanced.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents