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Preconditions For Installation; Regulations; Location; Fixing The Appliance - Bosch WR10**B SERIES Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Gas instantaneous water heater
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Preconditions for installation

The appliance can only be sold in the countries mentioned
in the type plate.
2. 1


Gas safety (installation & use) Regulations 1998.
It is the law in GB that a competent Person in accordance
with the above regulations installs all gas appliances.
Failure to install appliances correctly could lead to
It is in your interest , and that of safety, to ensure compliance
with the law.
Caravan & holiday homes:
the installation must meet the following standards Bs 5482:2
LPG and EN721 ventilation.


The appliance should be sited in a well ventilated room where
it will not be exposed to temperatures below freezing.
To prevent corrosion, the combustion air must not contain
any corrosive substances. Substances classed as corrosion-
promoting include halogenated hydrocarbons such as are
found in solvents, paints, adhesives, aerosol propellants and
various household cleaners. Appropriate measures should
be taken where necessary.
With the exception of the flue pipe, the surface temperature
of the appliance is below 85 °C. No special safety measures
are therefore necessary.
Site appliance as shown in Fig. 6.
Always site appliance in a location not exposed to
temperatures below freezing. If this is not possible, the
appliance must be switched off and drained and the batteries
removed whenever there is a risk of freezing.
Do not install the appliance in rooms where the free volume
is less than 8 m
Air admission
The room where the appliance is to be installed should be
provided of fresh air inlet areas according with the below
Minimum area
WR 10
60 cm
WR 11
Minimum requirements are listed above. Local regulations
should allways be observed.

Fixing the appliance

Remove the temperature control and the output control.
Remove the outer case by sliding it forwards and then lifting
Fix the appliance using the sleeves and hooks supplied so
that it is vertical.
Never allow the appliance to rest against water or gas

Water connection

It is advisable to drain the appliance before installing it as
any dirt or grit inside it could reduce the water flow rate and,
6 720 607 823
in extreme cases, could completely clog up the appliance.
Mark hot water (fig.5,pos.B) and cold water pipes (fig.5,
pos.A) so as to prevent confusion.
Connect pipe to automatic water valve using the connecting
kit supplied.
Fig. 5 Water connection
To prevent problems caused by sudden pressure fluctuations
in the water supply, it is advisable to fit a non-return valve
to the water outlet.

Gas connection

Take care to ensure dirt is not allowed to enter gas inlet.
Make sure that the type of gas specified on the appliance
type plate is the same as that supplied by the gas authorities.
Select pipe diameter to suit output of instantaneous water
heater being installed.
Fit gas service cock as close to appliance as possible.


It is absolutely essential that all instantaneous water heaters
are connected to a suitably dimensioned flue pipe by means
of a gas-tight connection.
The flue pipe should be made of galvanised iron, aluminium,
stainless steel or fibre concrete. Fit as shown in Fig. 6.
A flexible or rigid pipe should be used, fit it inside the flue
socket. The external diameter of the pipe should be slightly
smaller than the dimension specified in the appliances
dimensions table.
Fig. 6
Minimum distances (in cm)



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