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Maintenance - Black & Decker VH800 Manual

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supervised to ensure they do not play with the
1. Dust bowl
2. Dust bowl release button
3. On/off switch
4. Turbo brush tool (VH800T only)
5. Turbo brush adaptor (VH800T only)
6. Crevice tool
7. Brush tool
8. Extension hose (VH800T only)
Warning! Make sure that the appliance is switched off and
Assembly of the turbo brush tool (fig. A) (VH800T only)
Insert the round end of the turbo brush adaptor (5) into
the turbo brush tool (4)
Insert the turbo brush adaptor (5) into the front of the
dust bowl (1). Make sure that attachment is secure.
Fitting the accessories for vacuuming (fig. C)
The accessories provided can be used in various
combinations, depending on the task:
C1 General vacuuming/dusting.
C2 Vacuuming in confined spaces.
C3 Vacuuming stairs/carpets.
C4 Vacuuming upholstery or in corners.
Fitting an accessory (fig. B & C)
To fit an accessory, proceed as follows:
Insert the appropriate accessory into the front of the
dust bowl (1) (fig. C).
The accessory can also be fitted to the extension hose
(8) (fig. B).
Fitting the accessories for blowing (fig. D & E)
Warning! When using the appliance for blowing purposes,
wear eye protection. Keep the air intake free from
obstructions to prevent the motor from overheating. Do not
point the air outlet at yourself, bystanders or animals. Make
sure that the dustbowl and filter are clean before using the
blowing function.
To fit an accessory, proceed as follows:
Open the exhaust filter cover (10).
Insert either the crevice tool (6) or the extension hose
(8) into the opening. Make sure that it fits snug against
the rear of the appliance (fig. D).
Insert the other accessories into the extension hose (8)
as required.
Warning! Before connecting to the power supply, make sure
that the appliance is switched off.
Switching on and off (overview)
Warning! Make sure that the accessories are securely
attached before switching on. Keep a firm grip on the
appliance, and especially the extension hose (8), when
switching on and during use.
To switch the tool on, set the on/off switch (3) to the on
position (I).
To switch the tool off, set the on/off switch (3) to the off
position (O).
Motor thermal safeguard
The motor of the appliance is fitted with a thermal safeguard.
This device automatically switches the appliance off in case
of overheating. If this occurs, proceed as follows:
Switch the appliance off and remove the plug from the
wall socket.
Allow the unit to cool. When the unit has cooled down,
check and clean the filters.
Re-insert the plug in the wall socket and switch the
appliance on.


Your Black & Decker appliance has been designed to
operate over a long period of time with a minimum of
maintenance. Continuous satisfactory operation depends
upon proper care and regular cleaning.
Cleaning the dust bowl and filter (fig. F)
When the dust bowl (1) is full or the filter is clogged, empty
the dust bowl (1) and clean the filter. The filter is re-usable
and should be cleaned regularly.
Press the dust bowl release button (2) and remove the
dust bowl (1) (fig. F).
Remove the filter (9) from the dust bowl (1)
Brush any loose dust off the filter (9).
Remove any dust from the dust bowl (1).
Wash the filter (9) in warm, soapy water. The dust bowl
(1) can also be washed if necessary. Do not immerse
the appliance in water.
Make sure that the dust bowl (1) and the filter (9) are
completely dry.
Refit the filter (9).
Refit the dust bowl (1) onto the appliance.
Make sure that the dust bowl (1) clicks into place.



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