Samsung EO-SB330 User Manual

Samsung EO-SB330 User Manual

Bluetooth speaker


2013/10 Rev.1.0


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  • Page 1 2013/10 Rev.1.0...
  • Page 2 Bluetooth speaker User manual
  • Page 3 Copyright • Please read this manual before using the device to ensure safe and Copyright © 2013 Samsung Electronics proper use. This guide is protected under • The illustrations in this user manual international copyright laws. may differ from the actual device.
  • Page 4: Device Layout

    Device layout Front [Volume (-)] button [Volume (+)] button [Play/Stop] button [Talk] button NFC antenna Status indicator...
  • Page 5 Back [Pairing ( )] button Audio input jack [Power] switch Power connection jack • Check the product box for the wireless speaker, charger (USB power adapter, USB cable), 3.5 mm audio cable, and user manual. The items supplied with the device and available accessories may vary by region.
  • Page 6: Charging The Device

    Charging the device Use only the battery charger supplied with the product. This device has a built-in battery. Using unapproved chargers Charge the battery completely may slow down the before using the device for the first charging process or cause time or after it has not been used for damage to the product.
  • Page 7 • The status indicator turns red • To save energy, unplug while the device is being charged. the charger when not The status indicator turns blue in use. The charger does when charging is complete. not have a power switch, so you must unplug the charger from the electric socket when not in use...
  • Page 8 Charging time and • Battery run time is based on results of tests standard run times performed with factory (3,600 mAh) default settings. • The battery charging time Charging Approx. 2 hrs and run times may vary, time depending on the usage Approx.
  • Page 9 Measuring the battery Indicator Charge level charge colour Press and hold the [Talk] and More than Blue [Volume (-)] buttons simultaneously. 80 % The status indicator flashes 5 times 30–80 % Purple in different colours, according the Less than 30 % charge left in the battery.
  • Page 10: Turning The Device On Or Off

    Turning the device on • When the device is turned on, the status indicator flashes blue or off 4 times. Slide the [Power] switch to turn the • When the device is turned off, device on or off. When you turn on the status indicator turns blue the device for the first time, it enters and then flashes red before...
  • Page 11 Setting the status • The status indicator mode cannot be changed when the device is in indicator the Bluetooth pairing mode. When the device is turned on, the • The status indicator mode for status indicator turns on or flashes turning the device on or off, in different colours, according to the alerting you to calls, entering...
  • Page 12: Connecting To Other Devices

    Connecting to other When connecting for the first time, pair the wireless speaker with the devices other Bluetooth-enabled device. Keep the devices close to each other You can connect the wireless while pairing or using the wireless speaker to other Bluetooth-enabled speaker.
  • Page 13: Connecting Via Bluetooth

    Connecting via Bluetooth On the Bluetooth-enabled device, access the Bluetooth Turn on the wireless speaker. setup mode and search for Press and hold the [Pairing ( )] Bluetooth devices. button for about 3 second. From the search results, select • The wireless speaker enters the product name.
  • Page 14 Connecting via the NFC function Enable the NFC feature on the other device. Turn on the wireless speaker and bring the other device’s NFC antenna close to the NFC antenna on the wireless speaker.
  • Page 15: Ending The Bluetooth Connection

    Ending the Bluetooth • If you are connecting a smartphone to the device, connection unlock the screen. The NFC To disconnect the wireless speaker, feature may not work when turn it off or disable the Bluetooth the smartphone screen is functionality on the Bluetooth- locked.
  • Page 16 Connecting via an audio cable You can connect your smartphone or a media player to the wireless speaker with an audio cable. End the Bluetooth connection between the product and any other device before making a connetion with the audio cable.
  • Page 17: Using The Wireless Speaker

    Using the wireless Playing audio speaker Play audio from your smartphone, multimedia player, or PC. When the wireless speaker is • Adjust the volume with the connected to a Bluetooth or NFC- [Volume (+)/(-)] buttons. enabled device, you can play audio • A notification will sound when on the wireless speaker or use it as a the speaker volume reaches its...
  • Page 18: Receiving A Call

    • Press the [Play/Stop] button to • Some device may allow pause or resume playback. you to control only the volume. • Press the [Play/Stop] button twice to skip to the next file. • The audio cable connection allows you to • Press and hold the [Talk] button control only the volume.
  • Page 19 • Press and hold the [Talk] button to If an incoming call is detected reject a call. during a call, the indicator flashes blue 2 times and the ringtone will • Press the [Talk] button to end sound. a call. • Press the [Talk] button to end • Press the [Volume (+)/(-)] buttons the current call and answer the...
  • Page 20: Specifications And Features

    Specifications and Bluetooth BT 3.0 version features Supported A2DP, HSP, HEP, Bluetooth Dimensions 164.3 X 62.3 AVRCP profile (mm) X 69.2 Wireless Weight 535 g connection 10 m Transmission 1 mW range power Bluetooth 2402–2480 13.56 MHz frequency frequency...
  • Page 21: Safety Information

    Safety information Operating -20 °C–60 °C temperature This safety information contains content for mobile devices. Some The wireless connection content may be not applicable to range may vary, depending your device. To prevent injury to on the usage environment. yourself and others or damage to your device, read the safety information about your device before using the device.
  • Page 22 Do not disassemble, modify, or equipment, or high pressure repair your device containers Any changes or modifications to your device can void your manufacturer’s Keep your device dry warranty. If your device needs servicing, take your device to a Samsung Service Centre.
  • Page 23 Correct disposal of this When cleaning your device, mind the following product • Wipe your device or charger with a (Waste Electrical & towel or an eraser. Electronic Equipment) • Do not use chemicals or detergents. (Applicable in countries Doing so may discolour or corrode with separate collection the outside the device or may result systems)
  • Page 24 To prevent possible harm to the Business users should contact their environment or human health from supplier and check the terms and uncontrolled waste disposal, please conditions of the purchase contract. This product and its electronic separate these items from other types of waste and recycle them responsibly accessories should not be mixed with to promote the sustainable reuse of...
  • Page 25: Declaration Of Conformity

    EN 302 291­1 V1.1.1 EN 302 291­2 V1.1.1 EN 300 328 V1.8.1 EN 62479:2010 Representative in the EU 129, Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 30 October 2013 Yang­Hoon Lim / Senior Engineer (Place and date of issue) (Name and signature of authorized person)
  • Page 26 (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Users are not permitted to make changes or modify the device in any way. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Samsung will void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Part 15.105 (B) Note : This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.

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