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Handle Installation And Removal - Whirlpool 3WSC19D4AY00 User Instructions

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5. Reconnect water tubing (on dispenser models) and wiring.
IMPORTANT: Do not intertwine the water tubing and wiring
bundles when reconnecting them.
On dispenser models, reconnect the water tubing.
Water Connection Style 1: Push the larger ⁵⁄₁₆" (7.94 mm)
water tube into the blue fitting until it stops, then push the
smaller ¹⁄₄" (6.35 mm) water tube into the green fitting until
it stops. See Graphic 2A.
Water Connection Style 2: Push the black water tube
with the blue tip into the blue fitting until it stops. Close
the clasp around the tubing, making sure it snaps into
place. Repeat this process to connect the red-tipped
black water tube and the red fitting. See Graphic 2B.
NOTE: On dispenser models with the ice storage bin on the
freezer door, there are two wiring bundles that run underneath
the freezer — a large bundle with a large grommet and two
white plugs at the end, and a small bundle with a small
grommet and one yellow plug at the end.
Reconnect the wiring plugs to the electrical housing. See
Graphic 3.
Reinstall the wiring clip over the grommets. On dispenser
models with the ice storage bin on the freezer door, first
install the smaller grommet into the top of the clip, then
install the larger grommet into the bottom of the clip
(closest to the screw hole). See Graphic 3.
Align the clip's screw hole with the hole in the
refrigerator's base crossbar, and screw in the clip. Tighten
screw. See Graphic 3.
IMPORTANT: Once connected, the wiring bundles should
not be taut. Some flexibility is needed to allow the freezer
door to open properly.
6. Replace the refrigerator door by lifting the door onto the
bottom right hinge.
7. Align and replace the top right hinge as shown. See Graphic 6.
Tighten screws.
8. Replace the ice storage bin and any adjustable door or utility
9. Plug refrigerator into a grounded (earthed) outlet.
Leveling and Door Closing
Your refrigerator has two adjustable front feet — one on the right
and one on the left. In most cases, the refrigerator should be
steady when both feet are touching the floor. If your refrigerator
seems unsteady or if you want the doors to close more easily,
adjust the refrigerator's tilt using the instructions below:
1. Move the refrigerator into its final location. If necessary, open
both doors to 90° and remove the base grille. See Graphic 1.
2. The two leveling feet are located on the brackets on each side
of the product. See Graphic 8.
NOTE: Having someone push against the top of the refrigerator
takes some weight off the leveling feet. This makes it easier to
make adjustments.
3. Use a ¹⁄₄" open-ended or adjustable wrench to adjust the
leveling feet. Turn the leveling foot to the left to raise that side
of the product, or turn it to the right to lower that side of the
4. Open both doors again and check that they close as easily as
you like. If not, tilt the refrigerator slightly more to the rear by
turning the leveling feet to the left. It may take several more
turns, and you should turn both leveling feet the same
NOTE: Whenever you need to move the refrigerator, turn the
leveling feet to the right until they are no longer touching the
ground. This will allow the refrigerator to roll more easily.
Door Alignment
A refrigerator that is not level from side-to-side may appear to
have doors that are not properly aligned. If the doors appear this
way, use the instructions in the previous section to check the
The doors are designed to be slightly different heights when the
refrigerator is empty, in order to account for the weight of food
that will be placed on the doors. If the doors are still not aligned
after checking the leveling and loading the refrigerator with food,
follow the steps below to adjust the door alignment.
1. If necessary, open both doors to 90° and remove the base
grille. See Graphic 1.
2. Locate the alignment screw on the bottom hinge of the
refrigerator door. See Graphic 9.
3. Use a ⁵⁄₁₆" open-ended or adjustable wrench to turn the screw.
To raise the refrigerator door, turn the screw to the right. To
lower the door, turn the screw to the left.
4. Check that the doors are even at the top. If necessary,
continue to turn the alignment screw until the doors are
5. Open both doors to 90°. Replace the base grille. See
Graphic 1.

Handle Installation and Removal

PARTS INCLUDED: Door handles (2), ¹⁄₈" hex key, spare
To Install the Handles:
NOTE: The handle mounting setscrews are preinstalled in the
1. Remove the handles, which are packed inside the refrigerator.
NOTE: To avoid scratching the finish, place the handles on a
towel or other soft surface.
2. Open the freezer door. On the refrigerator door, place the
handle on the shoulder screws with the setscrews facing the
A. Shoulder screws
B. Setscrews inside the handle
3. Firmly push the handle toward the door until the handle base
is flush against the door.



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