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Water Filtration System - Whirlpool 3WSC19D4AY00 User Instructions

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Removing and Replacing the Ice Storage Bin:
1. Press down the release lever and tilt the bucket outward. Use
both hands to hold the base of the storage bin, then lift it up
and out.
A. Release lever
NOTE: It is not necessary to turn the ice maker control to the
OFF (right) position when removing the storage bin. The
sensor cover ("flipper door"), located on the right wall of the
freezer door, stops the ice maker from producing ice if the
door is open or the storage bin is removed.
A. On/Off switch
B. Sensor cover
2. Replace the bin by sliding it onto the door, then tilting it back
into an upright position. The release lever will click when the
bin is securely in place.
Style 2
Turning the Ice Maker On/Off:
To turn ON the ice maker, simply lower the wire shutoff arm.
To manually turn off the ice maker, lift the wire shutoff arm to
the OFF (arm up) position and listen for the click. Ice can still
be dispensed, but no more can be made.
NOTE: The ice maker has an automatic shutoff to keep the
storage bin from overfilling during normal operation. As ice is
made, the ice cubes will fill the ice storage bin, and the ice cubes
will raise the wire shutoff arm to the OFF (arm up) position. Do not
force the wire shutoff arm up or down.
Removing and Replacing the Ice Storage Bin:
1. Pull the covering panel up from the bottom.
2. Lift the wire shutoff arm so it clicks into the OFF (up) position.
3. Lift up the front of the storage bin and pull it out.
4. Replace the bin by pushing it in all the way or the dispenser
will not work.
5. To restart ice production, push the wire shutoff arm down to
the ON position. Make sure the door is closed tightly.
Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or
of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before
or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction
may be used on disinfected waters that may contain
filterable cysts.
Water Filter Status Indicator
The water filter status indicator, located on the control panel's
display screen, will help you know when to change your water
When the water filter is in good condition, the water filter
status indicator icon does not appear on the control panel.
When the control panel's water filter status indicator icon
appears in orange, this tells you that it is almost time to
change the water filter. It is recommended that you order a
replacement filter when the orange icon appears.
Replace the water filter when the water filter status indicator
icon changes from orange to red.
If water flow to your water dispenser or ice maker decreases
noticeably, change the filter sooner. The filter should be replaced
at least every 6 months, depending on your water quality and
After changing the water filter, reset the status indicator by
pressing and holding the RESET ALARM button for
3 seconds. When the system is reset, the water filter status
indicator icon will disappear from the display screen.

Water Filtration System

(on some models)



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