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Battery Safety Precautions; Installation; Packaging Contents; Connecting The Base Station And Power Plug - GE 21878 User Manual

Digital cordless telephone with pstn and skype support
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Do not burn, disassemble, mutilate, or puncture. Like other batteries of this type, toxic materials could be released which
can cause injury.
To reduce the risk of fire or personal injury, use only the battery listed in User's Guide.
Keep batteries out of children.
Remove batteries if storing over 30 days.
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with GP60AAAHC – NiMH 1.2V 600mAh
rechargeable battery or equivalent.
Only use rechargeable batteries with exactly the same specifications as those supplied with the product. Using
non-rechargeable or non-conforming batteries can damage the product. The batteries could split or leak if incorrectly inserted,
opened or exposed to heat.
Never dispose of batteries in a fire: the cell could explode.
Check with local code for possible special disposal instruction.

Packaging Contents

Packaging contents
Base stations
Power plugs
Telephone line
Batteries, type AAA, "1.2V
Charging station
Operating instructions
Please check the contents of the package carefully. If anything is missing or shows signs of transport damage, do NOT put the
telephone into service! In such a case, contact either your sales outlet with the purchase receipt.
Note: Keep the equipment package so that it will not be damaged in the event of transport.

Connecting the Base Station and Power Plug

Connecting the plugs to the corresponding sockets in the base station (they can not be connected incorrectly because the
sockets and plugs are designed prevent reverse poling). Lay the cable under the telephone to the rear. Plug the telephone line in
the telephone connection socket. Insert the power plug at the other end in the power outlet. Plug the USB cable into the USB
port on your PC. The base station in now ready to operate.
Only use the connection cable supplied.

Battery Safety Precautions


Model name: 21878
Solo pack
1 + optional
Due pack


Table of Contents

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