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GE 21880 User Manual

Digital cordless telephone and corded speakerphone with dual mode caller id
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  Summary of Contents for GE 21880

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  • Page 2: Precautions Of Use

    Precautions of Use The quality of communication depends on the location and environment of the base and the handset. The 21880 must be kept away from sources of excessive heat (radiators, direct sunlight, etc.) and protected against vibrations and dust. Never allow your telephone to come into contact with water or other liquids or with aerosols.
  • Page 3 ! Do not use your telephone to notify a gas leak when you are in the vicinity of the leak. It is recommended that you avoid using this device during electrical storms. ThomsonTelecom hereby declares that the 21880 conforms to the essential requirements and other applicable provisions of European directive 1999/5/CE. WARNING:...
  • Page 4: Battery Safety Precautions

    Battery Safety Precautions Do not burn, disassemble, mutilate, or puncture. Like other batteries of this type, toxic materials could be released which can cause injury. To reduce the risk of fire or personal injury, use only the battery listed in User’s Guide. Keep batteries out of children.
  • Page 5: Installation

    Installation Packaging Contents Model: 21880 Solo pack Duo pack* Base stations Handsets Power plugs Telephone line Batteries type AAA, 1.2V, 600mAh Charging station Operating instructions 1+optional 1+optional Please check the contents of the package carefully. If anything is missing or shows signs of transport damage, do NOT put the telephone into service! In such a case, contact either your sales outlet with the purchase receipt.
  • Page 6: Connecting The Charging Station

    Only use the connection cable supplied. Phone jack AC power outlet Corded unit rear side view CAUTION: Plug the adapter to the socket outlet that near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. Use only the Thomson Telecom power supply that came with this unit. Using other power supplies may damage the unit.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    AC power outlet Getting Started Install and Charge the Battery Pack Insert two pieces AAA batteries in the compartment, ensuring correct polarity and close the compartment. Place the handset in the remote charge unit to charge for 14 hours prior for first use. If you don’t properly charge the phone, battery performance will be compromised.
  • Page 8 If batteries are empty, handset LCD will not has any display and the handset will not response to any key. Handset is then required to put back on Base Station / Charger cradle to charge. Handset cannot be used until handset name and aerial icon appear. If handset does not charged full before use, handset may emit battery low alert tone and battery level indicator shows empty Features...
  • Page 9: Menu Structure (Handset)

    Up to 10 hours continuous call time Operation with 2 standard AAA batteries (Ni-MH) Adjustable flash time *DECT = Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications Menu Structure (Handset) CALL LOG PHONE BOOK NEW ENTRY ENTER NUMBER ENTER NAME NORMAL RING LIST ENTRY VIP RING 1-10 EDIT ENTRY DELETE...
  • Page 10: Flash Time Setting

    LANGUAGE ENGLISH DEUTSCH FRANCAIS CESKY TURKCE POLSKI Λ Λ HNIKA PYCCK ИЙ БЪЛГ И APCK MAGYAR Corded Base Station Set Up TONE/PULSE Dialing A Tone / Pulse switch is located at the base bottom. Default is Tone dialing Flash Time Setting Flash time 600/300/100ms can be selected by a switch located at the base bottom.
  • Page 11: Handset And Base Layouts

    Handset and Base Layouts / ▼ Menu / down key CID key / Asterisk key INT / OK INT / OK key Cancel key Mute key – 10 –...
  • Page 12: Handset Lcd Display

    Redial / Pause key /Up key / P /▲ External call key. Memory key Flash key Hash key / lock key Handset LCD Display Battery icon Phone icon External call icon Internal call icon CLI icon No ring icon Mute icon Key lock icon Aerial icon ▲...
  • Page 13: Key Description

    Key Description Key symbol Usage 1, 2ABC, 3DEF, 4GHI, For digit entry for dialing and memory 5JKL, 6MNO, 7PQRS, 8TUV, 9WXYZ, *, 0,# – 12 –...
  • Page 14: Set Time

    VOL/▲ / ▼ Volume control / select AM or PM in Time setting menu Direct memory access For programming phone memory Toggle speakerphone On/Off LNR/PAUSE Last redial number or to enter a pause digit REDIAL ► Retrieve the Redial number list / Browse memory / For selection in MENU Delete a digit in pre-dialing / Delete a record CLEAR...
  • Page 15 Base LED Description There are following LED for corded base. Functions Speakerphone If speakerphone is on, this LED is on. In-Use Light up in conversation. Blink in ringing or after receiving Message Waiting Call in standby mode Base LCD Description This is a two line LCD.
  • Page 16: Using The Handset Telephone

    It turns on when there is new Caller ID in the standby. It turns on when the Caller ID record is a new record during CID call log list access It turns on when the Caller ID record is a repeated record during CID call log list access CALL It indicates the number of new call in the CID...
  • Page 17: Making Internal Calls

    GREEK; RUSSIAN; BULGARIAN; HUNGARIAN Making Internal Calls IMPORTANT: Internal calls can be made only if more than one handset is registered on the base station. Press [INT/ OK] key during standby mode. Press a digit to specify which handset (1~4) to call to. The other handset will ring with the ‘INT’...
  • Page 18: Taking Calls

    Taking Calls When an external call is received, all registered handsets and the base station ring. EXT flashes in the handset display and, if subscribed, the telephone number of the caller appears (network depended). If the caller has been stored in your phone book, the name appears. The incoming call VMWI/LED on the base station flashes.
  • Page 19: Call Log Operations

    Press key to select the required subscriber from the phone book. Alternatively, enter the first letter of the name required. Press key. The number is dialed. Note: How to store entries in the phone book is explained in the Chapter “Phone Book”. Call Log Operations IMPORTANT: To use the “Call Log”...
  • Page 20: Muting The Microphone

    Store: Press key, then press “INT/OK” key to start the NAME entry by keypad. Press “INT/OK” key to confirm. Select the ring tone with key. Press “INT/OK” key when finish. Note: 1. The CALL LOG icon and display indicator disappear only after browsing through all the entries.
  • Page 21: Holding Calls / Forwarding Calls

    Holding Calls / Forwarding Calls If the telephone is connected to a PABX system, it is possible to put calls on hold and call other extension lines or to forward calls. Press “R” key to put the call on hold and dial the extension number (e.g.
  • Page 22: Paging The Handset

    Paging the Handset If a handset has been misplaced, it is possible to call all the handsets. Pressing the page key or any key in the handset can stop the page tone. Entering a Dialling Pause (P) If the telephone is connected to a PABX system, it may be necessary to insert a dialing pause.
  • Page 23: List Entries / Edit Entries / Delete Entries

    If a VIP ring is assigned for that entry, a digit ‘#’ will be shown in front of the name during the incoming call or browsing “MEM FULL” appear stand for memory full. Or Store the number from the Pre-dialling mode To store a phone number from the Pre-dialing mode (when a phone number is entered during Standby mode before pressing the TALK key) to the phonebook, first press [...
  • Page 24: Changing The Ringer Melody (External / Internal)

    Press key to select the required volume (from 0 to 5 levels). Press “INT/OK” key. Note: The ringer volume can be heard at different volumes. If the ringer symbol appears as non dotted line, the ringer volume will be switched to OFF. Changing the Ringer Melody (external / internal) Press...
  • Page 25: Saving A Prefix

    Saving a Prefix It is possible to save prefix numbers in the handset. This number is then recalled after pressing and hold “0” key for two seconds. Press key as often as necessary until the HANDSET menu appears. Press “INT/OK” key. Press key to select the submenu ‘Prefix mem’...
  • Page 26: Default Settings

    Default Settings If selected, the handset settings which you have changed are returned to their default values. The phone book entries are retained. Press key until the HANDSET menu appears. Press “INT/OK” key. Press key to select the submenu ‘Default’ and press “INT/OK”...
  • Page 27: Changing The Pin (Personal Identification Number)

    key is pressed and hold for more than 4 seconds. After selecting “REGISTER”, the handset starts searching for a base station which is available for registration. The “Aerial” icon starts flashing. If a base is found, user will be asked to enter the personal identification number PIN for that base.
  • Page 28 Enter old PIN (0000) and press “INT/OK” key. Enter new PIN (e.g. 1111) and press “INT/OK” key. Enter new PIN again (e.g. 1111) and press “INT/OK” key to confirm.. Note: maximum of 8 digits can be entered. Default Settings Press key until the BASE menu appears and press “INT/OK”...
  • Page 29 Making External Call Normal Dialing Pick up the corded handset and dial the telephone number. Place the corded handset on the hook to terminate the call. Pre-dialing Dial the telephone number (using CLEAR for correction). Pick up the corded handset or press key to seize the line.
  • Page 30 Redial Memory Access Press REDIAL key to access the redial memory. Note: If there is no record in the memory, [EMPTY] will display. Press ◄CID or REDIAL► key to view latest/earlier record. Or press EXIT key to exit. Or press CLEAR key to delete the record. Or press and hold CLEAR key 2 seconds to delete all records.
  • Page 31 Reviewing the Redial memory/ Indirect memory/ CID memory when NUMBER is displayed Press MEM key, LCD show “ENTER NAME”. Enter Name characters.(max. 10) - delete entry by pressing CLEAR key Press SELECT 2 times to confirm Or press EXIT key to exit. Key assignment overview Character Space 1...
  • Page 32 Or press and hold CLEAR key 2 seconds to delete Memory l to 10 (not apply to M1 memory). “ERASE ALL” is shown. Press CLEAR or SELECT key again to confirm List Entry/ Edit Entry/ Delete Entry Press MENU key, press ◄ or ► until PHONE BOOK appears. Then press [SELECT] key.
  • Page 33 Press CID key . Note: If there is no record in the memory, “NO CALL” will display. Press ◄ or ► key to view latest/earlier record. NEW icon ON indicate the record is a new NEW icon Off indicate the record is a old Or press EXIT key to exit Or press CLEAR key to delete the record.
  • Page 34 Teleconference (Cored base station to Handset) After have received an external call, it is possible to include a cordless handset in the conversation (three way conference). press “PAGE” key and press [1 or 2 or 3 or 4], the handset number you want to call.
  • Page 35: Changing The Ringer Melody

    Note: If corded base station does not answer, press “INT” key again can stop paging Base station MENU Barring Calls The following options are available for selection for barring calls: Option Description DISABLE All telephone calls are possible. EXTERNAL All external calls are barred. NUMBER Phone number starting with that number will be barred, e.g.
  • Page 36: Set Date Format

    If Time format is 12 hour format, AM/PM icon can be selected by pressing key. Press SELECT key when finish. . Set DATE FORMAT Press MENU key, press ◄ or ► key until SETTINGS appears. Then press SELECT key. Press ◄ or ► key to select the submenu DATE FORMAT and press SELECT key.
  • Page 37: Technical Specifications

    Press EXIT to exit. Note: The following languages are available ENGLISH; GERMAN; FRENCH; CZECH; TURKISH; POLISH; GREEK; RUSSIAN; BULGARIAN; HUNGARIAN Technical Specifications Handset Operating Time: Approx. 10 hours talk time (average values*) Approx. 100 hours standby AC / DC Adapter: (for VD080040D Base) Input: 230V AC / 50 Hz...
  • Page 38: General Product Care

    General Product Care Simply wipe the base station with a damp cloth or an antistatic wipe. Never use a dry cloth as this can cause static discharge. Troubleshooting Guide When you forget base PIN, following the procedure to Reset the units. ALL MEMORY AND SETTING WILL BE LOST.
  • Page 39 No display. The battery has not Charge the battery or been charged. replace them (see Battery Charging) No reactions to The keypad is locked. Press * key longer keystroke. than 2 seconds. The handset is outside No radio connection the base station range. Move closer to the to the base station: base station.
  • Page 40 Environment Used equipment and used handset batteries must be disposed of in compliance with current environmental protection regulations. You should return them to your reseller or dispose of them at an approved recycling centre. Do not attempt to open the batteries, as they contain chemical substance.