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Technical Specifications; General Product Care; Troubleshooting Guide - GE 21878 User Manual

Digital cordless telephone with pstn and skype support
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Press [SKL] button.
key to select [Alarm].
Press [SKL] button.
key to choose the selection [On/Off], [Ringer Type] or [Ringer Volume].
Press [SKL] button to confirm the relevant settings.
If choose [On/Off]
there are four options: Off, Once, Everyday, and Weekday.
If set off, simply press [SKL] button to confirm.
If set other three items, users need to set the time (see Set Date/Time for detail)
If choose [Ringer Type] or [Ringer Volume]
key to choose your desired selection, and then press [SKL] button to confirm.
Note: Once the alarm is set, the alarm icon will appear in the top icon bar.
Handset Operating Time: (average values*)
AC / DC Adapter
Telephone connection
Rechargeable Battery
* For guidance only, depends on initial battery charge.
Simply wipe the base station with a damp cloth or an antistatic wipe. Never use a dry cloth as this can cause static discharge.
When you forget base PIN, following the procedure to Reset the units. ALL MEMORY AND SETTING WILL BE LOST.
Disconnect the line cord and AC power supply.
Hold "PAGE" button and plug in the AC power supply (in-use LED will be on).
Release "PAGE" button and long press it three times.
The In-Use LED will turn Off and then turn On again.
The unit will return to its default setting a PIN code (0000).
Following "Registering Additional Handsets" to register all handsets again.
Registration not work.
No display.
No reactions to keystroke.

Technical Specifications

Approx. 10 hours talk time
Approx. 92 hours standby
Input: 230V AC / 50 Hz
Output: 7.5V DC, 320mA
Single-phase AC excluding IT installations defined by the EN 60950
Caution: the network voltage is classified as a hazard by the criteria of this
Appliance designed for connection to an analogue telephone line class TRT3
(telecommunications network voltage) as defined by the EN 60950
GP60AAAHC, 1.2V / 600mAh / Ni-MH, AAA x 2 or equivalent

General Product Care

Troubleshooting Guide

The battery is not sufficiently charged.
Handset and base station were not prepared
for registration.
The battery has not been charged.
The keypad is locked.
Charge the battery for 16 hours (see Battery
Unplug and then plug in the power adapter.
Charge the battery or replace them (see
Battery Charging)
Press * key longer than 2 seconds.
Move closer to the base station.


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