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Hitachi DZ-BD10H Quick Operation Manual

Hitachi DZ-BD10H Quick Operation Manual


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  • Page 1 Quick Operation (English) DZ-BD10H...
  • Page 2: Removing The Battery Pack

    Quick Operation (English) Setting up the battery pack Charging status CHARGE indicator During charge Charge complete Unlit CHARGE indicator If the CHARGE indicator does not light, check that the connections ( Note ) are firmly made. Charging will not occur if the DC power cord is connected.
  • Page 3: Changing The Display Language (Language)

    Changing the display language (LANGUAGE) You can change the language used on screens and menus. The following shows how to change from Japanese to English. Menu button Confirmation button Cancel/Stop button Turn on the power. Press and hold the lock button, and turn the power switch to "...
  • Page 4 Inserting a BD or DVD Attach the charged battery pack to the camcorder, or connect the camcorder to a power outlet. Turn the power switch to " 切 " (Off), then press up the disc eject switch until the access indicator lights, then release.
  • Page 5 Removing the BD/DVD Pressing slightly on the center hub with a finger, grip the edge of the disc with your thumb and lift the disc out as shown. When loading a new BD-RE/BD-R/DVD-RW The disc must be formatted before it can be used for recording. When the disc is loaded, the format confirmation screen will appear in the LCD monitor.
  • Page 6: Inserting And Removing Card

    Inserting and Removing Card Always turn off the power before inserting a card. Open the cover. Push the card in until it clicks into place. (To remove the card, push it in slightly and release. The card will pop up, and you can remove it.) Always close the cover.
  • Page 7 When you have set the Movie/Stills switch to " " (stills)... Press the " " (photo) button halfway down. フォト A subject will be focused. When focus is locked, the green "m"in the LCD monitor will turn purple. Fully press the " "...
  • Page 8 Playback “ 見る ” (Disc Navigation) button Menu button Movie/Picture (also referred as scene) selection button  (Stop/Cancel) button Confirmation/Play/Pause button//// BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) CARD Choosing and playing back a scene Press the Disc Navigation button while the media you want to play back is in recording pause mode.

Table of Contents