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Brother S-7200A Manual page 2

Single needle direct drive straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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Clean sewing with no staining
This model utilizes Brother's advanced lubrication-free
technology. Sewing operations are freed from the problem of
staining the workpiece. The following three sub-classes are
• Complete dry type ( 45 )
A lubrication-free rotary hook is used, and no oil is used around
the needle bar, thread take-up or rotary hook mechanism.
• Semi dry type (
43 )
A sealed oil tank is used. The oil is kept clean at all times, and
only the rotary hook is lubricated. A lubrication-free hook is
optionally fitted to the use strictlly up to 4,000 rpm
• Minimum lubrication type (
A sealed oil tank is used. The oil is kept clean at all times, and
it is supplied at the minimum quantity required to enable high-
speed sewing to be carried out.
Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use operation panel
Easy access to the required functions
The most commonly-used functions are
located at the front of the L-shaped panel. A
symmetrical layout has been adopted as the
user interface to make the function locations
easy to remember. Plus, they are grouped and
color-coded by the type of function so that you
can easily find what you are looking for.
Easy-to-understand two-color graphic display
A two-color LCD panel has been adopted.
The display details can be identified by color,
and easy-to-understand icons are also used.
Digital setting of maximum sewing speed
The maximum sewing speed can be easily set
using the digital operation panel.
Sewing speeds are displayed in a
sewing speed control display
The sewing speed can be changed easily at
the control display, which allows the operator
to check the sewing speed visually.
Easy setting using function key
Settings relating to sewing machine operation
can be carried out at a touch using the
function keys on the operation panel.
Max. sewing speed 4,000rpm
Max. sewing speed 5,000rpm
40 )
Max. sewing speed 5,000rpm
Stitch counter
The number of stitches is counted
The number of stitches you have sewn is counted and a
graphic display lights and buzzer sounds when a preset
number is reached. The stitch counter lets you know how
much lower thread you have used and gives you an indication
of sewing length. It can be used as a production counter as
Easy to view with no eye fatigue
Because the panel uses a backlit LCD, the displays are easy to see.
The glare from the operation panel surface has been eliminated, so
that it is much less reflective and does not cause eye fatigue.
Examples of sewing using operation panel
back tack
Belt-loop, Bar tacking
needle bar, thread take-up
rotary hook
oil tank
Graphic display
Pleats presser
Name label stitch
Name tags
Pleats, Curtain
Sealed oil tank
Sewing speed
control display
Function key