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Brother S-7200A Manual page 5

Single needle direct drive straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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Easy for operators to use
Unobstructed view of needle area
The height of the
arm jaw is raised
to 71mm. Plenty of
space is provided
around the needle
so that the sewing
area can easily be
checked visually.
Extra space makes working
more comfortable
Adoption of the direct-drive system means
that there is no motor underneath the
table. The extra space thus provided
underneath the table can be effectively
utilized to make working more comfortable.
Wide arm pocket makes handling sewing articles easier
The S-7200A has an arm pocket width of 300 mm and an arm
height of 136 mm. These wide arm pocket dimensions make it
much easier to move and position the sewing article.
Friendly to the environment
Brother has created its own "Brother Green Label" classification for products that
conform to the ISO 14021 international industrial standard and the JIS Q14021
Japanese industrial standard. The S-7200A complete dry-type head conforms to
this classification. The premier energy-saving design in the industry*
consumption of sewing machine oil and a 35% or more reduction in vibration*
makes this a very environmentally friendly sewing machine.
*1 Comparison by Brother with other products in the same class as of February 2003.
*2 Compared to previous DD7100 model.
Ergonomic design provides ease of use down to the finest detail
The S-7200A is easy to understand, easy to operate and has an ergonomic design that eliminates
operator fatigue. It has been designed from the point of view of the operator to emphasize ease of use.
Material edge sensor
When this sensor detects the edge of
automatically stopped in the specified
position. This feature contributes to
more even sewing finishes and
increases working efficiency.
Solenoid type presser foot lifter
(Built-in head)
Maximum presser foot lift amount 16 mm
The knee lifter and the needle
up stop (reverse rotation)
function together provide 16
mm of space underneath the
presser foot. This makes it
much easier to insert and
remove heavy material without
it getting caught on the needle.
Quickback device
This is located in a place
where it can be pressed
easily in order to increase
working efficiency.
Option switch
This can be set for use such as a
bobbin thread counter reset or
as a sewing speed select. It is
located in a position where it can
be easily pressed.
Selectable starting speed
The sewing speed at the sewing
accordance with the treadle
depression amount. You can set
the speed according to the
preferences of the operator.
Easy pulley operation
The adoption of a compact motor
means that the distance from the
pulley to the operator is shorter
505mm, and so the pulley can be
operated more easily.
, zero
Premier energy-saving design in the industry*
Zero consumption of sewing machine oil
35% or more reduction in vibration*