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Decware SE84UFO Owner's Manual

Decware SE84UFO Owner's Manual

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Owner's Manual

S E 8 4 U F O
Stereo Power Amplifier


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  • Page 1 
 Owner’s Manual Model 
 S E 8 4 U F O 
 Stereo Power Amplifier...
  • Page 2 Save the packaging that came with this product. You will need it if you return the amp on the 30 day trial, or if at some point in the future you need to send it back to Decware for service or upgrades. WARNINGS 1.
  • Page 3: Tube Types

    5U4 / 274 RECTIFIER 6N1P /6922 INPUT TUBE 6P15P-EB MATCHED OUTPUT TUBES Reference grade replacement tubes, such as those that shipped with the product are available from Decware. Replace tubes every 3000 hours. TUBE RECTIFIER LOCATIONS OUTPUT TUBE OUTPUT TUBE
  • Page 4 OWNERS MANUAL for Model SE84UFO PAGE 4 
 Installa>on To insure normal product life this unit must be operated in an upright posi>on. Adequate airflow and proper cooling can only occur if there is free flowing air around the unit. We recommend at least 2 inches of clearance on all sides and 6 inches above.
  • Page 5 OWNERS MANUAL for Model SE84UFO PAGE 5 f
 HOOK-UP Sources SOURCE B! SOURCE A! RIGHT CHANNEL RIGHT CHANNEL SOURCE B! SOURCE A! LEFT CHANNEL LEFT CHANNEL This amplifier has been designed in such a way that you may use it with or without a pre-amp.
  • Page 6 OWNERS MANUAL for Model SE84UFO PAGE 6 
 Power POWER SWITCH POWER CORD JACK FUSE 3 AMP! 5x20 mm! Make sure power cord is fully inserted into power cord jack. A loose cord can cause reliability issues with the tubes and poten>ally the amplifier itself.
  • Page 7: Bias Switch

 CONTROLS BIAS SWITCH SOURCE SELECTOR VOLUME CONTROL Volume The volume control should be all the way down (counter-clockwise) whenever the amplifier is first turned on and then slowly raised to the desired listening level.
  • Page 8: Tube Rolling

    OWNERS MANUAL for Model SE84UFO PAGE 8 f
 Tube Rolling In addi>on to the above men>oned alternate input tubes that can be used in this amplifier, There are also some alternates for the remaining tubes. Rec>fier Tube Alternates: 5Y3GT, 5AR4...
  • Page 9: Maintenance

 MAINTENANCE This product has no user serviceable parts inside, nor are there any internal parts that are prone to failure. The only maintenance this amplifier requires is occasional cleaning and regular tube changes.
  • Page 10: Warranty

    In the event that your amplifier does need service please contact Decware so we can help you troubleshoot the amp by phone or make arrangements for the products return to Decware for inspec>on and repair.
  • Page 11 OWNERS MANUAL for Model SE84UFO PAGE 11 
 Specifica>ons Power Output 2.3 WaHs RMS @ 8 ohms Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 80kHz Speaker Range 2 ohms to 16 ohm nominal impedance Input Impedance 100 kHz Input Sensi>vity 1.8 Volts Power Consump>on...
  • Page 12 OWNERS MANUAL for Model SE84UFO PAGE 12 Troubleshoo>ng SYMPTOM CAUSES REMEDIES Hum through Ground Loop Plug power cord into a speakers different outlet.! Install 2-pin adapter on power cord plug to float the ground. Intermittent ground Replace interconnect or shield wire in cable.
  • Page 13 OWNERS MANUAL for Model SE84UFO PAGE 13 Troubleshoo>ng SYMPTOM CAUSES REMEDIES Popping or Spitting Noisy tube Replace noisy tube noise Wifi router or bridge Locate away from audio nearby components AC fuse blows Line voltage surge Replace fuse Rectifier Tube Arced...
  • Page 14 OWNERS MANUAL for Model SE84UFO PAGE 14 Troubleshoo>ng SYMPTOM CAUSES REMEDIES Amp won’t turn on Blown Fuse Replace fuse Power cord is not Check power cord, pushed in all the replace if necessary.! way or intermittent Tubes light up but Rectifier tube is bad...
  • Page 15: Design Notes

    OWNERS MANUAL for Model SE84UFO PAGE 15 
 The Zen Triode Amplifier, model SE84UFO is the current incarna>on of Design Notes the 2 waH amplifier that started Decware in 1996. It set the benchmark extremely high and with 20 years of improvements it con>nues to haunt even the best sounding high dollar amplifiers made...
  • Page 16 To maintain some perspec>ve it is also helpful to understand that if Decware used a conven>onal business model to manufacture retail audio gear, what you paid for the amp would have been exactly three >mes higher.
  • Page 17 PAGE 17 
 Bridging into The SE84UFO can be connected as a mono amplifier and a single amp used to drive each loudspeaker. This is desirable when you want more Mono power or you want to use shorter speaker cables.

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