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Decware SE84ZS Owner's Manual

Zen triode select amplifier


Decware High Fidelity Engineering Co.
1202 N.E. Adams Street
Peoria , IL 61603
(309) 671 2428


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Summary of Contents for Decware SE84ZS

  • Page 1 STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER SE84ZS OWNERS MANUAL Decware High Fidelity Engineering Co. 1202 N.E. Adams Street Peoria , IL 61603 (309) 671 2428...
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    lightning flash with arrowhead, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of unin- stalled “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be of risk of electric shock to persons. WARNING- TO REDUCE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRICAL SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS EQUIPMENT TO RAIN OR...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Thank You By purchasing the Zen Triode Select ampli- fier you have illustrated a desire to rise past the normal hi-end hype and own a truly ex- ceptional piece. It is a product based on the old school way of doing things when it was fashionable to push quality to an art form.
  • Page 4: Important Information

    If the SE84ZS has been on , understand that the tubes will take time to cool off before they can be safely removed. For additional connection information, refer to the owner’s manual for any components connected to the SE84ZS.
  • Page 5: Output Tube Warning

    OUTPUT TUBE WARNING The SE84ZS is designed to use either EL84 output tubes or SV83 output tubes. No adjust- ments are needed when switching from one to the other. Of the type SV83 tubes carrying the Svetlana name there is one batch known to be questionable and ARE NOT RECOMMENDED for use in this amplifier.
  • Page 6: Input Tube Information

    INPUT TUBE INFORMATION The SE84ZS is designed to use your choice of three different input (or signal) tubes. 6N1P (a Russian tube from the same factory The sound is typically warm with good balance. that makes the SV83 and 6P15P-EV)
  • Page 7: Introduction

    PERFORMANCE FEATURES • Power Output The SE84ZS power output sits in the perfect spot on the line of fidelity vs. power with respect to amplifier design. It is rated at 2.3 watts into an 4 ohm resistive load with no visible or audible distortion. What makes it deceptive is its ability to drive complex speaker loads down to almost a dead short with even more power.
  • Page 8: Dimensions

    DIMENSIONS The SE84ZS amplifier is 7.25 inches wide by 14.75 inches deep with a height of 6.5 inches. PLACEMENT With the jacks vertically mounted at the rear of the amplifier, it is possible to push the amp all the way to the rear of a shelf. How-...
  • Page 9: Stereo / Mono Operation

    This leaves two binding posts left, one on each side of the amp, to drive your loudspeaker. This is made possible by the SE84ZS floating output transformer design where the negative speaker binding posts are not tied or referenced to ground (chassis).
  • Page 10: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS • Weight • Dimensions • Circuit type • Power output • • • • Input voltage • Noise / Hum • Response • Feedback • Rectification • Output tubes • Signal tube • Transformers • Biasing • Resistors • Signal Cap •...
  • Page 11: Schematic

    ATOM CAP 6N1P SV83 SV83 or 6922 YELLOW YELLOW/BLACK SELECT ZEN TRIODE STEREO AMPLIFIERS YELLOW MODEL SE84CS and SE84ZS RED/YELLOW DECWARE / High Fidelity Engineering Co. USA GRN/YEL 330 ohm 1 W .0.1 uf 600V WIMA POLY 330 ohm 1 W .0.1 uf 600V...

Table of Contents