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Toshiba 48L1433DG Service Manual page 7

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8. Always ensure that all internal wirings are in accordance before re-assembling the
external casing after a repairing completed. Do not allow internal wiring to be pinched
by cabinets, panels, etc. Any error in reassembly or wiring can result in electrical
leakage, flame, etc., and may be hazardous.
9. NEVER remodel the product in any way. Remodeling can result in improper operation,
malfunction, or electrical leakage and flame, which may be hazardous.
10. Touch current check. (After completing the work, measure touch current to prevent an
electric shock.)
Plug the AC cord directly into the AC outlet. Do NOT use an isolation transformer for
this check.
Connect a measuring network for touch currents between each exposed metallic part
on the set and a good earth ground such as a water pipe.
Resistance values in orms (Ω).
V: Voltmeter or oscilloscope
(r.m.s. or peak reading)
Input resistance :
Input capacitance :
Frequency range : 15 Hz to 1 MHz and d.c. respectively
Note: Appropriate measures should be taken to obtain the correct value in case of non
Annex D
Measuring network for TOUCH CURRENTS
1 MΩ
200 pF
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