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Toshiba 48L1433DG Service Manual page 16

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Main menu: Installation, Channel list
Settings menu: Language, parental, Sources, Other settings
Startup Position
Specifies the starting channel when TV is switched ON. May take one of following values:
AUTO (Last channel when TV is turned off)
TV (TV channel number 1)
Other enabled external sources via service menu or config tool (EXT1, HDMI2, PC, FAV, SVHS
Enables (Teletext = On) or prohibits (Teletext = Off) the use of teletext (or MHEG if available)
Copy To USB
Copy NVRAM data (service list, preferences, etc.) to USB device. On MB61 and MB60 all nvram data
is stored in 8x32KB Flash files named as Flash0.bin, Flash1.bin ... Flash7.bin. When Copy to USB is
called, those files are copied from TV to USB. Then they can be used for various purposes testing on
another TV or testing/debugging on observatory etc.
Note that USB should be plugged before this operation.
Copy From USB
Copy from USB device data to NVRAM. Just the reverse operation done by copy to USB call.
Previously copied nvram files (Flashx.bin) are copied into TV. If there is no flash file or some of them
are available on USB, the available ones are copied. If no USB is connected, nothing happens.

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